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Bexar County Dem Chair Dan Ramos likens Stonewall Democrats to Nazi Party

March 11, 2011

As Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed prepares to haul the former treasurer of the Bexar County Democrats into court for a second trial setting on Tuesday on charges of embezzling more than $200,000 from the party’s bank accounts, embattled party Chair Dan Ramos has other things on his mind: specifically the homosexual “termites” that have wormed their way into power to unseat him.

While the LGBT community has long found support within the national Democratic Party in its search for equal rights for gay, lesbian, and transgendered individuals, Ramos called the gay-rights movement a “very sinister movement” that is out of touch with San Antonio’s values.

In an interview with the Current today, Ramos blamed homosexuals in the party for both undermining his authority and for the poor election results in Bexar County in 2010. “They are all connected to the gay Democratic Party, the so-called Stonewall Democrats. Just like termites they managed to get some of their people in key positions,” he said.

The party faithful has been largely divided over Ramos since he was elected to office in May, 2010, but his chief detractors are all homosexuals, Ramos said.

Ramos said he opposes homosexuality on religious grounds and doesn’t believe gay-friendly Democrats like Stonewall reflect the values of Bexar County voters. “I liken them to the Tea Party — the Tea Party and the fucking Nazi Party — because they’re 90 percent white, blue-eyed, and Anglo, and I don’t give a fuck who knows that. Just like the blacks … they’re American, but you can’t get your way just because you’re black.”

Calls to Stonewall seeking comment were not immediately returned.

Legislation introduced Wednesday in the Texas Legislature by San Antonio Representative Trey Martinez Fischer (HB 2752) appears tailor-made to get Ramos out of office, Ramos said. It would allow county chairs to be removed by their respective state parties based on issues of “incompetency or official misconduct.”

Efforts to get comment from Fischer’s office today were not successful.

Should the legislation pass, one question state party leaders may soon be mulling over is if comparing homosexual Democrats to Nazis equals “incompetency.”

While a trial for former BCDP treasurer Dwayne Adams is unlikely to get underway on Tuesday following the trial setting, First Assistant District Attorney Cliff Herberg said that despite allegations by Ramos and others that Adams is not the only one to blame for the loss of party funds, the DA’s office “doesn’t have any additional evidence” to bring charges against others in the case … “at this time.”

For an overview of the Bexar County Democratic Party’s recent travails, read “Bexarly legit: Bexar County Democrats stuck in whirlwind of controversy, bad blood.”

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  • Martino

    Eveyone knew this was coming sooner than later. Dan Ramos is the fountain head of hate, racism, and bigotry in Bexar County.

    Hate speech pure and simple!

  • Chupacabre

    Let all read the words of Chair Ramos and there is but one conclusion: Ramos is not mentally fit to represent any form of democracy.

  • guest

    Although I in no way agree with what was said, free speech is free speech period.

  • Qsanantonionews

    What a hypocrite. Dan Ramos sought the endorsement of the Stonewall Democrats when he ran for Party Chair. Guess gay votes are good but gay people are not.

  • Joser

    wow…i didn’t know mexican nazis existed

  • Dcgraney

    Such remarks by a party official are totally unbecoming the office to which he was elected.

  • Dee

    Wow!! I didn’t know gay Mexican Nazis exist in Texas!

  • CCR

    Free is free speech… but that doesn’t mean the speaker gets a “free” pass to make remarks without criticism.

    This is classic bait and switch: he’s a poor leader and in trouble, so he instead wants to point the finger towards someone else.

  • Rich-bailey

    Free speech may be free speech but that doesn’t mean there can’t be consequences to what is said. The good Democrats in Bexar County need to comb through the party’s rules and find a way to remove this destructive clown from office.

  • rks

    Free speech is free, but he is an elected official…He should be held to a higher standard. Particularly when he is a representative of the Democrativ Party, which has a pro-gay history.

  • G.W.B.

    Attending CEC meetings, does seem to me that the Pct. Chairs act like the Nazis, because they do have their own agenda. The “Clubs” in the county want to take the “power and the money” for their own personal interests. You never see the “Club President” run for Dem Chair I.E. NW DEMS.

  • G.W.B

    What it sounds like is he was talking about Dee Villarrubia, because her and Dan have never seen eye to eye and was taken out of context. Get over it!

  • Cerebral1

    This Ramos guy is clearly a “crackpot” and has no business being Party Chair.
    I heard that State Democratic Chairman Boyd Richie has called for his resignation. The SDEC needs to convene an emergency meeting and remove this jack-ass from office immediately.

  • madewar

    What most missed is his slur against blacks also. It may not have been as totally off the wall as the LGBT Nazi statement, but it was there. And, what wasn’t brought up in this article is his hatred and complete discounting of women and repeated racist remarks about Whites and all Northsiders. This man is one of the most racist persons I have ever met. He has to go and ASAP. We have a Primary coming up and there is no way he can be trusted with the Primary funds. The prior temporary Chair, Roberto Flores, turned a Frost bank account with $1200.00 plus over to Mr. Ramos when he took the chairmanship. Mr Ramos promptly removed all the other signers from that account and as the sole signer on the account spent the money and refuses to give the CEC or the Budget and Finance Committee an accounting of those funds. This is not someone we want handling the $300,000+ funds for the upcoming Primary.

  • xistM

    RE Guest commenting free speech is still free speech, true and it may be cliche’ but that is why one has to consider the source.

  • G.W.B

    The party in this state is totally corrupt that’s why you never see DNC in Texas. Boyd Richie is no better than Dan Ramos, Dan tells it like it is, so you hate him for that. I didn’t like what was said, I think he was taken out of context. My thinking is he was talking about Dee Villarrubia, because she has been against him from the beginning. this is coming from a white half ginger, strait and we all know gingers have no soul. LOL

  • G.W.B

    Dan tells it like it is, so you hate him for that. I didn’t like what was said, I think he was taken out of context. My thinking is he was talking about Dee Villarrubia, because she has been against him from the beginning. this is coming from a white half ginger, strait and we all know gingers have no soul. LOL

  • G.W.B

    Everyone is a hypocrite, get over it!

  • G.W.B

    Can we trust Chis Archer and the NW Dems again, I think they took the U.B.C.D. money and is now laughing all the way to the bank. all of you are Nazi Lemmings. Everyone of you are so blinded by your ideology you never saw that one coming and now the party and the pathetic clubs look like real ASSES and can not be taken serious anymore.

  • G.W.B

    I agree.

  • gharman

    i will be providing more extensive quotes from the conversation to provide you with the complete context you are searching for in your defense of mr. ramos. i will say, however, that he was in fact talking about stonewall democrats and homosexuals in general … once saying something like: “it’s gotten so bad you don’t know if your own fishing buddy is gay.”

  • gharman

    there was more on that front, too.

  • Dee Villarrubia

    I am proud to be Dee Villarrubia. I have been against Dan Ramos’ TDP and BCDP Rule violations since the 1st Rule Violation i.e. NO Notice mailed at least 5 days before our 4 May 2010 County Executive Committee (CEC) Meeting. Chairman Ramos NEVER sent the required CEC Notices in his 10 month Reign. He violated too many Rules to cite here. Quorums are required.
    I am proud to have been loud for Justice. I am not the only voice.

    But I consider your statement that he must have been referring to Dee Villarrubia as a compliment. I thank you – makes me feel like Paul Revere!

  • Dee V

    You hide your identity. I do not hide, Dee Villarrubia. What is a ginger. And are you a member of the CEC?

  • madewar

    Nothing was taken out of context. These are totally vile statements no matter who or what was the intended person. By the way, Dee isn’t black and he slurred blacks also. Many of us have known for a long time that Dan Ramos is one of the worst racists in this town. He hates gays, hates blacks, hates women, hates Anglos and hates northsiders. He has displayed that repeatedly to many of us. The only difference now is that he probably lost his temper and the real Dan Ramos was revealed.

  • Ernestineguerrero

    Do your intials stand for George W. Bush???? If not your comments …..sound like his….BOO BOO on everyone being a hypocrite; does that include yourself

  • DeeV

    Re ” Pct. Chairs act like the Nazis, because they do have their own agenda.” Pct Chairs do have their own Agenda compiled by the Steering Committee as per BCDP Rules.
    Dan Ramos composes his own Agenda violating the principles of Democracy that has the Steering Committee i.e. Executive Council, the SDEC Members from Bexar County, the Club Presidents of Democratic Clubs compile the proposed Agenda. This proposed Agenda is then voted on by the entire County Executive Committee (CEC) i.e. Precinct Chairs present at the CEC meeting.
    A. The Steering Committee is composed of the Executive Council, the SDEC Members from Bexar County, the Club Presidents of Democratic Clubs with twenty-five (25) or more members, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

    Dan Violated B. The Steering Committee will compile the proposed agendas for all CEC meetings and do other advisory work.

  • Randy Bear

    It seems like G.W.B. is the only one defending Ramos in this board so I’ll address him specifically. I’m not sure who you are but it appears you are one of Ramos’ close buddies which would explain your opinions. Granted, everyone has the right to an opinion but when you defend this type of hate speech in public forums it makes me question your rationale and opinion.

    Ramos is the leader of the party and needs to speak in a manner that conveys a message but does not enlist hate speech. That undermines the effectiveness and authority of the office and the party. These actions and other actions by Ramos have set the Bexar County Democratic Party back so far in terms of effectiveness I’m not sure when we’ll regain credibility.

    It is time for Ramos to resign and, for that matter, remove himself from the party. His association can only degrade the situation even more. There are other things I think he should take action on but I believe it is important for a person and his closest friends to have those introspective conversations.

    I pray that Ramos does the right thing and also seeks help where needed.

  • 123

    A ginger is a red head

  • Dee

    I believe GWB is Placido Salazar. Why do you hide? Shame or fear?

  • Judas Peckerwood

    Whoops –– you’re projecting again!

  • Amy Manuel

    “I liken them to the Tea Party — the Tea Party and the fucking Nazi Party — because they’re 90 percent white, blue-eyed, and Anglo, and I don’t give a fuck who knows that. Just like the blacks … they’re American, but you can’t get your way just because you’re black.”

    What possible context could make this acceptable? I don’t live in Bexar County. I live in Denton County where our chair whenever possible attends the Stonewall Democrats meetings. I’m straight, but I hosted the Stonewall Holiday Party at my house.

    If Dan Ramos wants to be a narrow minded bigot, let him do it in the Republican Party. He’ll fit right in over there.

  • Sick of Overuse of Nazi

    G.W.B., you and Ramos need to learn that loose use of the word Nazi to refer to anyone other than the actual Nazis is offensive, hyberbolic, and cheapens the term.

    6 million died at the hands of Nazis. Many more were tortured. So unless someone is committing torture and/or murder, it doesn’t measure up to the term.

  • OutOfTowner

    Typical ploy… when you’re caught embezzling (sexual dalliances, child molestation, etc.), blame the gays.

  • Sad but True

    Dan Ramos is like so many other rulers over petty fiefdoms: The power goes to your head, you start saying stupid things, and all of a sudden, everybody knows you weren’t qualified for the position in the first place…And as far as what the Democrats think about gays, if he took a poll he’d find that the VAST majority support gay rights. So what was that about somebody not representing the values of Bexar County voters? Maybe Bexar County REPUBLICAN voters…Maybe he should just on over and ask THEM if they have any job openings. Bet they wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. And lest we forget, this kind of hate speech is what propelled Hitler to power.

  • Rudy Q.

    The old-guard in Bexar County who have run the county Democratic Party as their own private business to control all county politics are the ones leading and funding the war againt Dan Ramos. Face it, the local oligarchy prefes having a corrupt treasurer and a subservient county chair rather than an independent-minded leader heading the county Dems.
    Unless and until the county Democratic Party becomes a party of all county Dems instead of a few special interests with an ax to grind, the county will be ineffective.

  • G.W.B.

    Yes, you are one too.

  • G.W.B.

    If you are a reporter, you are a bad one. Look at what I said,”The party in this state is totally corrupt that’s why you never see DNC in Texas. Boyd Richie is no better than Dan Ramos, Dan tells it like it is, so you hate him for that. I didn’t like what was said, I think he was taken out of context.” I’m defending no one, whether it is one person or a group it does the same damage and effects us all. I do not defend anyone in the county or party, I just want to give you enough rope to hang yourself. I didn’t leave the Democratic Party the party left me. It’s not very democratic when you have the same four or five people “all white” controlling all the committees year in and year out, you have to question that.

  • G.W.B.

    Please, you are no Paul Revere!

  • G.W.B.

    Mr. Peckerwood, everyone is a hypocrite at some point in life. You can not understand this you are uneducated or your parent didn’t explain life to you. Sorry for your luck.

  • G.W.B.

    No I am not Placido Salazar, whoever that is. You have two guesses left.

  • G.W.B.

    No, I will keep using the word Nazis. I’m not using it loosely,
    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

  • gharman

    hate speech first; cracker coups second.

  • Truthbeknown666

    Since some people on here are on the topic of free speech let me give you guys my opinon about Dan Ramos. He’s pure trash and not fit to be in any position. If anyone on here knew anything about him and his underachieving family nobody would have voted is sorry SSI sponging carcass into office. I pity the fool that is associated with this man and his family. Mr. Ramos needs to get his bigoted remains out of office and decay in the 5 palms area where he resides. This man has NEVER done anything to better himself or his family. Correction, Mr. Ramos is not a man. He’s a lowlife loser that has never amounted to squat. He’s a hateful bigoted lowlife and we will not tolerate such ignorance.

  • S Spam7

    About time someone tells the truth about the factions. These people have physically hit Ramos’ staff, they have raised money in the name of the Democratic Party and have not turned over a dime, and most of all they make noise right before thier guy, indicted former treasurer Dwayne Adams goes to trial, in hopes that Adams does not sing thier names.

  • Anonymous

    No one has ever hit any of Ramos’ staff. Ramos and his cabal are very quick to call the police if someone even raises their voice. Our SAPD have much more important things than to mediate their silly games. As for that kind of thing ask any member of the BCDP Budget & Finance Committee about the one meeting he attended when he and his thugs sormed in late, swore and pointed fingers in peoples’ faces, called the women in attendance derogatory names and threatened everyone; or, the CEC meeting where one of those thugs told a 70+ year old man to “take it outside.” As for the Adams trial, how is it that just about everyone that Ramos wants to sue and he has accused of being complicit with Adams is among those who are testifying against Adams? That certainly isn’t a way to get Adams to keep quiet about someone.

    No matter what was or was not taken out of context, the statements are so reprehensible as to be horrific. Additionally, he has now repeated and affirmed his statements to more than one reporter so he no longer is able to say he was misquoted. I know for a fact the the original reporter called him back the next day and gave Ramos an opportunity to retract his statements. Yes, we have free speech. But the leader of a group has a responsibility to the group to uphold their values and beliefs. If he wishes to speak otherwise the honorable thing is to first resign. Yes, loyalty to friends can be a positive thing, but frankly doing more than standing by a friend who has totally “lost it,” but actually confirming that some or all of his statements are valid leave me completely flummoxed. You, S Spam7, Ramos and your whole cabal are not Democrats and I doubt the Republicans are interested either so y’all might as well go off and start a Party of your own… the Downtrodden Conspiracy Bigots (DCB).

  • Anonymous

    Another of the cabal presumably.

    There is no “funding” of any “war.” The people you are talking about are true Democratic activists from every ethnic and racial group, from upper middle class to relatively poor, young and old. All they ever asked of this man was that he follow the rules he kept saying he would do when elected.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely true. But, if you are elected to the leadership of a group and you swear in to uphold the stated beliefs and values of that group, the only honorable thing to do is to first resign if you are going to make statements that are so totally foreign to those values.

  • Evelyn Burleson

    As the Democratic Party County Chair of Calhoun County, I feel that Bexar County Democratic Chair Ramos’s shameful, inappropriate language describing certain voters, if the paper correctly quoted him, should automatically disqualify him to be the Chair of the Democratic Party of Bexar County.

  • gharman

    you can hear the audio for yourself:

  • Caron West

    Dan Ramos is an example of “When good men do nothing…evil prevails” and his words are from his soul…we must stand against such evil and cast it out at all levels of government… Caron West God Bless Stonewall and all who support them.

  • Joseph Driscoll

    Thanks for sharing bit information about Dan Ramos and this article about him is very interesting to read. Keep it up. Cheers!