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10 Free Events Happening This Week

April 4, 2014

Music: John Wiese with Felix Et Fur, SSBT and Blacknail
8pm, Friday, April 4


At the top of the bill, sound artist and former member of Bastard Noise and Sunn O))) John Wiese will haunt the Dorcol Distilling Co. with his studies in feedback and digital manipulation. As Sissy Spacek, Wiese released multiple and madly varying recordings by re-splicing the same 20 minutes of material, a think-piece on sound’s mutability. Read Matt Stieb’s full write-up Beautiful Noise: John Wiese’s sound art will freak you out.

Location: Dorćol Distilling Company, 1902 S Flores

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  • Joie

    Wow! He sure knows how to use this sound instrument . Makes me wonder if those sounds are in his head, before using the instrument .