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10 Things in a Yu-gi-oh! Tournament You Need to Bring

June 5, 2014

Heroes and Fantasies will host another Yugioh! Regional Tournament June 7. Hundreds of competitors from all around South Texas will stream into San Antonio vying for a spot at the World Championship Qualifiers.

Yu-gi-oh! is a trading card game based on the popular anime series of the same name that is part poker and part chess. Like poker, players draw, discard, and redraw from a deck of cards with the intention of creating a strong hand. Players can then place their cards on a game board and, in a chess-like fashion, move, attack, and remove their adversaries’ cards. Mix in an endless number of attack combinations, a time limit, and duels can become quite taxing for even the most seasoned player.

Game mechanics aside, being at a tournament is already a stressful thing. Waking up early, traffic, and crowds of people can really wear a player thin. That is no way to go into any duel.

Here are 10 things players need to bring to the tournament that will help keep their head cool as they face some of Texas’ fiercest competitors.

1. Water – Your body needs water. Not only does it help your body function properly, it keeps the neurons in your brain well lubricated. That way you can you sustain focus and think critically in your duel. Soda and energy drinks might make you feel energized at first, but it’ll leave you feeling sluggish before you know it.

2. Hand Sanitizer – There are germs aplenty at tournaments. Who knows what cold, flu, virus, or bacteria are lurking on the tournament tables. Bring hand sanitizer. In addition, it’ll keep your cards clean. If your deck is as expensive as you say it is, then treat it right.

3. Calculator – Now is not the time to prove to your opponent that you can do basic arithmetic, now is the time to accurately keep track of your life points. Free up some head space during the match by using a calculator. If there is any dispute in your calculations, it’s very easy to prove them wrong.

4. Pen and Paper – Keep track of your opponent’s life points manually. Unfortunately, some players are not honest about their damage, or are good at tracking their own life points. Do it for yourself, and your piece of mind. No need to lose a match because of a simple math error. More importantly, don’t let someone else beat you by cheating.

5. Cell Phone – Nothing is more stressful than getting in a bit of trouble in a high-pressure situation. When you’re dueling for hours in a crowded conditions, you need to have the option to call someone you trust in an emergency. As well staffed as the tournament will be, nothing beats a trusted friend or family member you can call.

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