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10 Things You Have to Do This Weekend

February 20, 2014

Thu 2/20
Sleepy Sun


Nearly every write-up of Sleepy Sun mentions that the five-piece band (Jack Allen, Bret Constantino, Matthew Holliman, Evan Reiss and Brian Tice) hails from San Francisco and has toured with the Black Angels. That’s typically critic-speak for “best enjoyed with one or more items listed under schedule one of Uncle Sam’s Good Time Cocktail Menu™.” Fortunately for the Current—which would never, ever suggest any of its readers do anything illegal (or imply that any of its writers ever have)—Sleepy Sun’s blown-out, black-lit basement trips don’t require performance enhancement. Boomers through Gen Xers can get a flashback high from the band’s sunburnt West Coast harmonies and effects-pedal necromancy. The only drug recommended for you damn kids nowadays is your ADHD medication if you can’t make it through a five-minute guitar solo without reaching for your iPhone. $13, 9pm, Limelight, 2718 N St. Mary’s, (210) 995-7229, —Jeremy Martin

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