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250 New Emojis Released, Including the Middle Finger

June 19, 2014

The Unicode Consortium has released some newly encoded emojis, and you can say some pretty offensively weird things with them.

Make no mistake, the Unicode Consortium did not invent these emojis. According to Ellen Mastros, one of Unicode’s administrators, Unicode merely sets the standard for how symbols and emojis will be encoded in various software. For example, they insure the emoji “happy face” displays the same way between an Apple and Android device.

Some of the more curious looking new emojis released include the middle finger (reversed hand with middle finger), a Vulcan hand signal (raised hand with part between middle and ring fingers) and lips.

The dagger knife looks like a pretty threatening new emoji, while the mantelpiece clock, an eye ball, a chipmunk, and a chili pepper appear much more benign.

With these new emojis, I’ve already begun creating some new messages I can’t wait to text:


Image by Marshall Naylor

Early adopters will have to wait some time before they can officially use these emojis, however. According to Emojipedia, implementation all depends on the software updates by the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft.

You can use this full list of new emojis as a reference. If you’ve got a clever combination of new emojis in mind, feel free to share them in the comments section.


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