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5 Things You Have to Do This Week

October 28, 2013

Mon, Oct 28 – Thu, Oct 31


In a 1978 review of John Carpenter’s Halloween, film critic Pauline Kael wrote, “Halloween has a pitiful, amateurish script (by Carpenter and his producer, Debra Hill). An escaped lunatic wielding a kitchen knife stalks people in a small Midwestern town (Haddonfield, Illinois), and that’s about it. Maybe when a horror film is stripped of everything but dumb scariness—when it isn’t ashamed to revive the stalest device of the genre (the escaped lunatic)—it satisfies part of the audience in a more basic, childish way than sophisticated horror pictures do.” Rising to the occasion with a revival of the influential slasher flick, the folks at the Drafthouse remind, “Kael was right. But the elements that she hated over 30 years ago are the very same elements that we love today. Halloween might be dumb, but it’s an idiot-proof prototype for an entire genre.” $9.50-$10, 10pm Monday at Alamo Drafthouse Westlakes (1255 SW Loop 410); 10:30pm Wednesday at Alamo Drafthouse Park North (618 NW Loop 410); 7pm & 10pm Thursday at Alamo Drafthouse Stone Oak (22806 Hwy 281 N); (210) 677-8500,

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