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Tim Duncan’s Top 5 Geeky Tendencies

June 20, 2013

Many Spurs fans know Tim Duncan for his game on the basketball court, but what many people don’t know about Duncan are his geeky tendencies and nerdy games off the court. Don’t get me wrong, Tim Duncan is an amazing basketball player, but who would have thought he’d be into the fantasy role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons?  Which brings me to my first point of discussion.

1. He plays D&D.
Tim duncan 1
According to the “Biggest Geeks in Sports” article by Amber Lee, “There may be no better defining geek activity than the notoriously nerdy fantasy role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons.” Duncan, an avid gamer, hasn’t admitted which class he prefers, but I can only assume wizard because of his tattoo.

2. He has a Merlin tattoo.
TD 2
If you haven’t already heard, Duncan sports a pretty geeky Merlin tattoo on his chest. Sorry Duncan, doesn’t get much geekier than that. He also sports a skeleton jester on his right shoulder.

3. He collects swords and knives.
Duncan also enjoys collecting swords and knives. He owns several valuable old knives, as well as an authentic Japanese samurai sword. This probably complements his enjoyment of renaissance festivals really well!

4. He attends Renaissance fairs.
TD 4
That’s right. Tim Duncan frequents renaissance fairs. So all you Texas RenFest fans keep your eyes peeled this fall for 6’11 Tim Duncan wandering the grounds.

5. He has geeky nicknames.
If everything else wasn’t enough to convince you, Tim Duncan was nicknamed “Mr. Spock” in college, but this name hasn’t lived long or prospered because now Duncan prefers to be called Merlin (hence the tattoo).

It’s very rare to find a geeky athlete thriving in professional sports, but Tim Duncan surprised me with his love for video games, collecting swords and knives and attending renaissance fairs. There’s absolutely no question as to the geek status of Spurs player Tim Duncan, but who cares, he’s freaking Tim Duncan and he can do this:

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  • tho thweet

    All Tim Duncan does is roll natural twenties and collect triple-doubles like like they are going out of style. Bow down

  • MystiKasT

    what video games does he play? Rare to find a negro that has interests besides eating, fucking, and spending money.

  • fivexfast

    Cool racism, bro.

  • Jupiter2

    What the actual fuck? I see by your profile of (trolling) comments that you really, really hate people that have more pigment than you. What’s hilarious is that you will never have as much class, respect, and reverence (not to mention money!) as Mr. Duncan. Jealous much? Enjoy loserdom!