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7 Other Retail Products We Need From Whataburger

August 18, 2014
Let's ponder what they'll release next

What will they release next

Let’s get the newsy bit out of the way first–Whataburger and HEB announced the release of the SA-based burger chain’s sauces and mayo, bottled and available for sale at your local ‘B. You can pour on the peppercorn ranch, jalapeño ranch, honey mustard and creamy pepper, and don’t forget Whataburger’s signature mayo in the comfort of your own home, which is great, ’cause we hate waiting in line at the drive-thru.

The sauces are just some of the latest products released by the burger chain. If memory serves, the pancake mix, fancy and spicy ketchup, mustard, honey butter and spicy premium sausage have all been unleashed to Whataburger fanatics across the state.

Dino Del Nano, VP of Whataburger retail also hinted at more goodies on the way via press release, “We’ve enjoyed a fantastic partnership with H-E-B and look forward to introducing more products in the coming months.”

Here’s a few crazy guesses as to what those might be:

  • Jarred white gravy (I can’t be the only one that dips my fries into this, can I?)
  • Biscuit mix
  • Microwaveable Breakfast on a Bun (because Jimmy Dean needs a run for his money)
  • Honey butter chicken tenders
  • Whataburger Barbie, complete with drive-thru headset, register and apron
  • Whataburger Texas Toast
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Orange and white cookware (a griddle would come in handy for the sausage)
  • Yellow wrapping paper so you can wrap your own burgers at home and wow your guests.

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  • lou g

    As one that likes the HEB/Whataburger fries, mustard and spicy catchup, I look forward to trying these new items. My father, who lives in NE NM and doesn’t have a Whataburger there, much less HEB and their products, really enjoys the items when I send him some. So when the other goodies come to my HEB store, I’ll try them, then send to my father. Life is good!

  • Karom

    The TX Toast used at Whataburger is made by Butter Krust and already available.

  • ThePowerElite

    Keep SA Fat