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Top 10 New Restaurants of 2013

December 13, 2013

It’s been an exciting year for food: Italian, Asian, New American, French restaurants  have all graced our fair city. Whether the food added a bit of something new (Kimura’s ramen, Tuk Tuk’s Asian street fare meets brewpub concept) or more of the classics (Fratello’s)  or provided a twist on the norm (Beat Street, Barbaro), the food scene in SA continues to grow in more ways than just our stellar Tex-Mex. Let’s hope for scrumptious offerings in 2014.

Arcade Midtown Kitchen

P.E.I. mussels and chorizo, with orange-habanero broth

P.E.I. mussels and chorizo, with orange-habanero broth

303 Pearl Pkwy, (210) 369-9664

From our review:

And then the P.E.I. mussels with chorizo arrived. Cue the veiled dancing girls, the platters of dates dripping with honey. Though the mussels were tiny where voluptuous might have been welcome, the dish was a mind-blower. Ask for extra grilled bread when ordering, as the orange habanero broth is exquisite and begs to be sopped. A large, bendy straw wouldn’t even be out of order if you use it discreetly. “I’ve had orders for the sauce alone,” says Perez.

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    Did you seriously have to put each one on a different page? Crappy blog.

  • kathryn Sauceda

    This is the reason I don’t check out most of the Current “blog” posts. I’m interested in the content, but not enough to click through all of the pages.

  • Nope

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  • Angela Z.

    Anyone tried the Fork in the River food tour? I’ve heard great things. What say you that have taken it. I saw a lot of reviews from locals.