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Where to Fill Your Growler During Drink Beer Day

September 27, 2013


Freetail Brewing Co., 4035 North Loop 1604 W #105. The staff will fill any 64-ounce growler no matter its origin. Prices ranges, but you can get a growler refill for most of their beers for around $11. Or stop by on Sunday for $2 any refill.

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  • fulano de tal

    thx for the right up. freetails. sunday growler refills offer a good value… whole foods has a one a month event. but discount applies on their growler. thx current!!! does granary only fill their own???

  • roy

    That would be $2 off any growler fill at Freetail

  • Greg

    Just drove 22 miles downtown in the rain, got 4 growlers for the “$5 Granary growler purchase and fill” based on this post, and the total was $108. They’re $25 each. Once they pour it, they can’t exactly dump it back in the vat. Caused a lot of anxiety and yelling and furious texting for a few of us. Kind of royally screwed up what would have been a nice Saturday night. So anyway, maybe check your info before you post it. Btw, I called and asked them to let you know that your info was wrong and to take it down. Not sure if they did.

  • Callie Enlow

    We truly regret the error, and the long drive in the rain! One of the Granary’s co-owners did alert us to this mix-up and we immediately corrected the wording on the Granary’s entry to reflect the true growler special (still a pretty sweet deal). But, man, I too would have driven 22 miles in the rain for a $5 growler of Granary beer!