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First Look: Barbaro’s soft opening

August 6, 2013

Residents of Monte Vista and Olmos Park (and anyone who keeps up with Industry News, obvi) were savvy to Barbaro’s impending opening. The neighborhood pizza place, formerly known as The Foundry, quietly opened its doors Monday and already seems like an industry favorite.

Chad Carey, co-owner of Barbaro and The Monterey, says they’re hoping to slowly gain traction over the course of the week and really hit the ground running on Friday. So, give it a few days folks. You can’t rush a good thing.

Photos by Lauren Madrid.


Sign went up last week.

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  • johnbanks

    lets hope he can run a kitchen better this time. knowing him half the pizza will show up 30 min before the other half.

  • Johnbanksisapussy

    DANM, your quick! You are Professional HATER!

  • johnbanks

    shut up or put up.. debunk me, instead of insulting me

  • johnbanks

    also maybe if the current would review places worth visiting i would have something nice to say. this is sa currrent

    not southtown current or maybe it should be

  • vatoloco

    A fresh delicious slice of hot pepperoni pizza in your mouth should shut you up!

  • johnbanks

    at $3 a topping ill pass. this is why all hipsters are poor

  • Jesse

    You know this isn’t in Southtown, right?

  • Jesse

    But what if the pepperoni came in the shape of Bud Light bottles and little Spurs jerseys? Would that change your mind?

  • Johnbankslovesdominos

    You were winning until you mentioned the Spurs.

  • pss1

    I’ve eaten there, and both halves of the pizza arrived at the same time. Looking at the tables around me, no one else seemed to have a problem with half the pizza showing up before the other half. We did get our salads first, as requested.

    So, does that debunk you?

    I know you had issues with the small plate style at the Monterey, and that’s ok. There are plenty of places where they will put your whole table’s food under a heat lamp while they wait for the last plate to be ready, and then bring them out together. That’s an ok way of doing things too, if that’s what you are looking for.

  • pss1

    individual pizzas (with toppings) were $9. larger pizzas for two were $15.

  • Chad Carey

    @ Johnbanksisapussy: You have officially earned a free pizza at Barbaro. Get at me, and I’ll make it rain.

    @johnbanks:disqus If you need to borrow $3 so you can afford pepperoni, get at me and I’ll make it rain.

  • johnbanks

    i guess you have never been on a date or eatin with manners.
    when you are waiting 30 min between dishes, it makes your food cold while you are waiting for your guest to get his/her food.

    add shitty parking and it equals an owner who is just a stuck up Austin transplant who couldn’t make it in austin with a restaurant

  • johnbanks

    well if it was a bud light then it would be $5 at this place

  • johnbanks

    hey the slow baked dominoes isn’t half bad

  • johnbanks
  • pss1

    I stand corrected. Some are $10 / $14 and some are $11 / $15.

  • Cjbaby

    Had a good pizza there. Loved the atmosphere. Hated the diet coke in a can…really? And $9 for dessert is ridiculous.

  • SA Skyline

    Oh overpriced desserts are the WORST! Just make Gelato and keep it cheap…that’ll always make people happy.