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Beware flying buses

October 4, 2012

We here at the Current don’t typically get bogged down in the afternoon traffic report. But when short buses start dropping from the sky, we take notice.

This afternoon a student and two SAISD staffers were injured when their bus crashed through the I-37 guardrail downtown, taking a 15 foot nosedive onto the sidewalk outside of the Comfort Inn Hotel & Suites (no, seriously). According to authorities at the scene, the passengers suffered non-life threatening injuries. The E-N has more details over here.

The crash marks the (hopeful) end of what’s been a rough week for SAISD. Monday morning an SAISD driver died when her bus collided with a Judson ISD bus on the far East Side. Officials are hoping pending autopsy results will help them determine whether the driver had a medical emergency or died because of injuries suffered in the crash. None of the students in either bus were seriously hurt. — Michael Barajas


  • Clayton Dunn

    Who gives two sh**s whether or not you we’re stuck in traffic? The obvious priority is that children were in danger..

  • Cathy Hollis

    really flying buses wow you really hit below the belt….this was an accident that 3 people were hurt not to mention could of died….and your worried about traffic being backed up….just thank god it wasnt you or a loved one….