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Castros predict a blue Texas

January 22, 2013

The Castro twins continue to play their role as national Democratic darlings, appearing Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation” with Bob Schieffer.

After a couple minutes of light banter with Schieffer about being twins (like, did they try to deceive the 2005 River Parade crowd when Joaquin quietly filled in for Julian?), the Castros talked about Texas’ shifting demographics, predicting our deep red state will soon turn blue.

“In a couple of presidential cycles, on election night you’ll be announcing that we’re calling the 38 electoral votes of Texas for the Democratic nominee for president,” Julian Castro told Schieffer. “It’s changing. It’s going to become a purple state then a blue state because of the demographics, because of the population growth of folks from outside of Texas, and because, unfortunately, the Republican Party has gone so far to the right that they’re losing the business community, they’re losing the middle.”

Joaquin added, “it’s not gonna happen on its own. The demographics are changing, but it’s gonna take a lot of work from Democrats to lay the infrastructure for change. So we’re very busy working on that now.” Watch the exchange below.  – Michael Barajas



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  • TexGal

    Democratic wishful thinking. Texas has always had a strong core and always will. DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!

  • g gentry

    Texas will eventually return to it’s Democratic roots. If people like Perry keep destroying Texas and making us look like bigoted fools it won’t take long.

  • bill

    Blue is just as pretty as brown!

  • mrniceguy

    And so will begin Texas’s long economic decline, just look
    to places like Michigan and California for examples of how democratic
    leadership leads to financial and economic ruin. I find it interesting that
    people, whether they be out of state individuals or foreign nationals from
    south of the border, move to Texas because of its economic opportunities and
    then want to implement the same policies that destroyed the places they fled
    from. It makes no sense; you’d think they’d learn.



  • DaHeat

    The Castro twins, what POS they are!!! They enacted a tax so that low life, non-productives can get free day care at taxpayer expense! Typical Democrud fraud, waste and abuse!!!…

  • Don Sutton

    About five years ago a group of leaders met with the former demographer for the State of Texas. He is has been absolutely correct thus far. Basically he said, as San Antonio is today, so the State of Texas will be in 2030. And as the State of Texas is today, so the United States will be in 2030. He also told us that right now the United States has one of the most educated work forces in it’s history…that by the year 2030 we will have one the LEAST educated work forces in American history due to the extremely high drop out rates, mainly among hispanic males. He said,” If you think nursing home care is bad now…you won’t want to be in one then”. What will San Antonio look like…Laredo, would be my guess. Folks illegal immigration IS NOT helping our nation. We are not getting the brightest, but the most uneducated, the most skilled, illegally walking over the border.The school next to where I work…over a 60 percent drop out rate among hispanic males and a national leader in teen pregnancy. Wake up before it is too late. When we asked him if these number could change. He basically said, the trend was not reversable. Wow! Castro knows these numbers…and he is proud of that?

  • pdsatx

    free day care without citizenship verification

  • John Foddrill Sr

    I predict an Orange Castro – as in orange jumpsuit.

    Texas Public Radio reports that city “leaders” are at the center of a federal civil rights
    lawsuit being filed by the Texas Civil Rights Project of Austin TX. A second lawsuit – SA13CV0051XR- has been filed naming City defendants (Mayor Castro, CM Sculley, City Attorney Bernard, Council members (past and present), Chief McManus, etc) in their official AND individual capacities for Constitutional violations including the act of banning a law –abiding citizen from City Hall/Council meetings for reporting long-term, widespread
    public /police corruption and the theft/misuse of tens of millions of tax/grant dollars.

  • TexDem

    Texas was a blue state not too long ago, you are probably just too young to remember. It won’t take much for us to get back there.

  • Stahlen

    We should have a Marxist state, we would be better off than this Democratic or Republican crap which is the same shit.

  • Stahlen

    And who is this Demographer you speak of? Most educated work forces in it’s history? sure because of all the Foreigners that come to this country, look at the IT technicians mostly from indian desend, look at the Technicians or Motor mechanics mostly Hispanic, factory workers in places like Auto manufacturers lots of African americans and hispanics, calm down with your racist remarks, Foreigners are here to stay, has been happening for years already since the first pilgrims came to this country.

  • well read

    That would be a lot more believable if California didn’t have a balanced budget and more educated workforce.

  • Incitatus

    California’s supposed balanced budget is nothing but smoke
    and mirrors, for but one example the Los Angeles Times reported that California
    currently “owes Wall Street more per resident than almost every other
    state. And it has accumulated a crushing load of debt for retiree pensions and
    health care, now totaling more than taxpayers spend each year on all state
    programs combined.” Those are serious structural problems that can’t be
    ignored, and regardless of what you might believe California isn’t one massive
    tax hike away from long term fiscal solvency. In short I’ll believe California
    has a balanced budget when I see it and they maintain it for an extended period
    of time. As for a “more educated workforce” perhaps, but only for the
    time being, what with people of means and ability fleeing that state like rats
    from a sinking ship all the while being replaced by people more dependent on an
    already overburdened social welfare system.