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The Megas deliver VG music that rocks on ‘Get Equipped’

April 1, 2011

I love music. I love video games. What do you get when you put the two together? If your first thought was music-based video games, yes, but that’s not the focus of this review. You also, sometimes, get video-game music. From the Super Mario overworld theme to Guile’s fight theme, video game music can be more than just chip tunes and a mixture of beeps and pops. These beeps and pops can inspire musicians to write their own songs and lyrics, raising the level of those originals soundbites. Today I want to share with you an example of a band taking their love of a certain video game character and their passion for music and creating something awesome. That band is called The Megas and their CD is titled Get Equipped.

For those who don’t know, The Megas are a part of a sub-genre of rock/metal music call Nintendo metal, where groups cover music from Nintendo video games. Their name derives from the Capcom game and character, Mega Man, and they cover music from those games. Their first album, which I’ll be taking a look at, is Get Equipped and comes from the end of boss screen when Mega Man defeats a robot master, takes their power which causes the screen to flash the word “get equipped.” The album consists of 13 tracks, the best of which are…

I Want To Be The One/Dr. Wily stage 1-2

After hearing the first few guitar riffs, any gamer, young or old, can immediately recognize this song. Taken from the second level of Dr. Wily’s stage, “I Want to Be the One” tells the story of how Mega Man was created to defeat Dr. Wily and now has to stop him again. Then the song kicks it into gear and speeds up, as if to say you have to hurry and stop Wily and his robot masters. During the song, two sections to be exact, the lead singer starts to name off the eight robot masters. What most don’t catch on to is that he is giving you the order of what robot master to face to make the game  easier, which is a really cool Easter egg. Another fun fact about this song is that it was one of three tracks to be featured in the fan-made Mega Man movie.

The Message from Dr. Light/Level Select Screen

This is the second song to be featured in the fan-made Mega Man movie. Now the story here is that in Dr. Light’s old age he became a lonely man with no son to call his own. He decided to build himself a son, who he named Rock. As word gets out that Dr. Light’s former partner, Dr. Wily, is starting to destroy everything using the technology he stole from Light, Dr. Light feels guilty about what he has created. That’s when Rock asks to go out and fight Wily and his robot masters. Dr. Light is unsure if Rock should go, but gives in to his son’s strong sense of justice, turning Rock into Mega Man. This is the story of a father’s concern that the sins of past might hurt the son he has come to love as his own flesh and blood.

The Annihilation of Monsteropolis/Air Man Stage

Now this song is about robot master Air Man and the issues he has about being built as a giant fan. Even though people try to come up and visit them, he can’t help but push them away, literally. He gets bitter because that’s all he can do with his powers. He’s jealous of others who can be close to people. So in his anger and bitterness he resolves to destroy everything since he can’t be among regular people. His song is a lamentation about how he was made, about not choosing to become a monster.

Promise Of Redemption/Bubble Man

Everyone knows that Bubble Man is the weakest robot master; even Bubble Man himself knows that others make fun of him. In this song, he tells about wanting to take down Mega Man and prove he’s not as weak as everyone says he is.

Lamentation of a War Machine/End Screen

Level Up! Level 2! The Megas – Lamentations of a War Machine / The Message from Dr. Light from Game Music 4 All on Vimeo.

To me, “Lamentation of a War Machine” is the saddest song in the album. After fighting and defeating the robot masters, you would think Mega Man would be happy that he saved the world from being enslaved. But in the song he questions why he had to fight. He himself is part robot designed for battle, so what make him different from the rest of the robot masters? He wonders if there was another way to help his robot brothers, wonders if he really did win.

The rest of the album is full of memorable tracks inspired from different robot masters from Mega Man 2. If you love music, metal, and Nintendo then pick up this album, available on iTunes. I’ve seen these guys live before and they are really great. So if you want to see them play at venues like, oh, I don’t know, the White Rabbit? Sam’s Burger Joint? or at a con like San Japan? then let the people who run these places know you want ‘em.

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  • Adam Coronado

    It was only a matter of time before video game music covers would be gotten ahold of by a bunch of dead-panning hipsters. That’s not to say this is bad. It’s actually pretty cool.