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Man arrested for beating dog to death with machete

January 9, 2013

What is it that so riled Juan Mendiola that he allegedly beat his dog to death with a machete last night? According to a police report, Mendiola, 29, was “trying to discipline it for chewing up a set of earphones.”

Police were called out to OakStone Apartments when neighbors saw medium sized boxer-pit bull mix named Tiger lingering around the complex, covered in blood. According to the report, officers found the dog “covered in blood with a large gash on its front left shoulder.” They also noticed a “substantial amount of blood on the sidewalk.”

Mendiola told officers he disciplined the dog by beating it with a sheathed, black “Zombie Survival” machete. Sometime during the beating, the blade became exposed and Mendiola started to cut into the animal, said Animal Care Services spokeswoman Lisa Norwood. When Mendiola saw the dog was seriously hurt, he let the dog outside and tossed a blade in a nearby dumpster, according to the police report.

Norwood said officers took the dog to an animal ER off Fredricksburg Road. The dog died Wednesday morning.

Police arrested Mendiola last night on a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge. Norwood said police may upgrade his charge to a felony. – Michael Barajas

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  • Dennis Raez

    That to me is life in prison do that son of a $@&”#%

  • milky

    Misdemeanor? Are you freakin’ serious? Animal cruelty is an established precursor to serial murder! This guy needs to go to jail for life and I won’t lose a wink of sleep about it!

  • Gator

    A F’n misdemeanor???!?!!?!? WFT are they thinking? Upgrade that charge to a Felony and send that @$$hole to prison where he can get a taste of his medicine

  • RK

    Beating a poor dog over a set of crappy headphones…he deserves to spend some time in prison. Too much anger…next time it will be a person or a child.

  • a dog lover

    Somebody needs to beat him with a machete and then put his useless, worthless ass in prison and throw away the key.

    He should not have left the earphones out where the dog could get at them. The dog didn’t understand why this asshole was beating him. A dog is the best friend anyone can ever hope to have.

  • Rock Grisamer

    Prison is too good for this character. I wouldnt risk damaging a machete on this piece of chit.

  • MarieMaries

    Hi Dennis, a facebook page has been created in Tiger’s memory. Please take the time to “like” and share. We have to spread the word and take action through educating people on proper animal care & also the implementation of tougher animal welfare laws.

  • MarieMaries

    Please “like” in honor of Tiger’s Memory

  • MarieMaries
  • MarieMaries

    This is unacceptable. I am hoping that the judge decides to charge him with a felony. What a disgusting act.

    God Bless Tiger; he is in a better place.

  • Kim

    misdemeasnor??!!! what the Fuck. they should put his stupid as in prison for 10 years in solitary confinement. Fuckhead

  • terry

    Please put this disturbed person in jail for at least five years and let his cell mates know he likes to beat helpless people and animals

  • Craig

    If he would do this to a dog what would he do to a human?
    “Dog Murderer” should be tattooed to his fore head

  • JamesD

    Puro S.A. The neutering and spaying here needs to begin with the people.

  • NurseSue

    Hey they listed his name,,,,., someone has to know that loser. Wait for him and give him what he deserves,

  • NurseSue

    Ok thats real nice to give that dog a FB page, but what is that going to do? You need to beat the living crap out of the guy and have everyone watch and make him a lesson to the next loser who tries to do that. People that kill and maim animals dont care about education and proper care, they do what they do because they are bottom feeders. Find his address and post it on here if you want results.

  • NurseSue

    Yes They sure do need to neuter and spay some of the people in SA who live here. If it isnt their kids running wild and getting knocked up, its their pets.

  • jolierocks07

    They should beat his A$$ to death!

  • Gina