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Police say man murdered mother’s abusive boyfriend

December 13, 2012

Police are searching for Jonathan Jose Guillen, saying he shot and killed his mother’s abusive ex-boyfriend just after midnight.

Guillen caught his mother arguing with the 44-year-old victim just after midnight at an Oak Manor apartment off Austin Highway, according to a police report. The victim grew angry, accusing Guillen’s mother of cheating on him. According to a police report, the victim punched Guillen’s mother in the face after he noticed a hickie on her neck.

Guillen, 23, heard the noise, came out to see the two fighting and pulled a handgun, the report states. After firing, he told his mother, “That’s what that bitch gets. Call the fucking cops,” the report says. Police have yet to identify the victim.

Police say Guillen may be armed, and fled the area with an 11-month-old boy, though they didn’t disclose Guillen’s relationship to the child.


  • Marcelo

    It’s unfortunate somone died. However I can see how a son can become enraged after seeing his mother being assaulted. I personally would have chosen to beat him so he’d be alive for another beating, another day. I like how of all the things in the report they decided to quote what he said about the cops.