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Prostitution sting nabs EMT, sheriff’s employee and school teacher

January 23, 2013


A local prostitution sting earlier this month caught 46 suspects, mostly men trying to buy sex, including a local teacher, a Bexar County Sheriff’s Office employee and an on-duty EMT who sought out sex with a 15 year old.

Salvador Ortiz

Douglas Allen Grant

Christopher Bednarz

Authorities have dubbed the multi-agency operation “Blue Ice,” saying local federal, sheriff’s, and police officials were involved.On January 11 Bexar County sheriff’s deputies spent hours posing as prostitutes somewhere on the South Side trying to catch johns, officials said. They also used websites like and, sometimes posing as underage girls to arrange faux encounters with unsuspecting sex-seekers. Officials also used the websites to pose as johns looking for a hookup. Warrants were issued for five women who are accused of posting sex ads.

Salvador Ortiz, 36, was among those arrested trying to buy sex from an undercover deputy. Up until his arrest, Ortiz worked the front desk at the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, officials said. Stinson Middle School social studies teacher Douglas Allen Grant, 47, was also arrested and charged with soliciting prostitution.

Officials also issued one arrest warrant for criminal solicitation of a minor and another for attempted trafficking of a minor. They charge that EMT Christopher Bednarz, 32, specifically tried to buy sex with a 15-year-old girl from an undercover officer while he was on the clock. – Michael Barajas

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  • DaHeat

    Is Deputy Ortiz related to the former Bexar County Sheriff?!…

  • Shmin

    Lol hard to think Mr. Grant was my 6th grade social studies teacher.

  • CruzValderrama

    Doesn’t the new Bexar County sheriff have something better to do / expend resources? Sting operations are low-hanging fruit that always yield arrests. Thanks for clogging up the local courts. Well, at least it’s something to brief at the funding table knife fights.
    Come Sheriff P! You can do better than this — we expect you to take county law enforcement to the next level.
    Did this sting campaign provide an actionable intelligence picture of crime trends, causes, etc?

  • samadams72

    Legalize prostitution, tax the hell out of the industry (Pay to Play Tricks – PPT ~ I made that up..) and enjoy. Of course, cut out the underage crap, but that’s pretty much it as far as solutions go…Texas Republicans are constraining this profitable industry…

  • Why these thing


  • Alibis

    He was mine nobody expected this it’s crazy will he get out soon ?

  • Justsaying

    This has been going on for yrs., but, I have to admit it has gotten out of control sense the mayor says more and more people are moving to the Texas state. If that is true more people more disease’s and much more high crimes. That’s what the Texas state is attracting.

  • right or wrong

    ruining a bunch of careers and lives just because they liked what they saw out there and were willing to pay for it.

  • Chris

    What a waste of resources. How about we spend money on the real issues & crimes our city is facing?

  • Jeffrey

    What is really stunning about this story is that it was billed as an operation targeting human sex traffickers, and it involved the federal ICE agency. So it was a three-agency operation, federal, county, and city, and yielded nothing other than the arrest of a few dozen johns and five sex workers.

  • g gentry

    You are right. Our state leaders have put out the word if you like to play around with assault weapons and kill come to Texas. We welcome you. We will be getting more and more scum.

  • concern

    this operation is a joke busting a few johns….why don’t they go after bad guys like the mexican mafia and the ceta’s organized crime, that are trying to extort bussiness around town

  • Stopping crime

    Take 90% of that department and move it to one that performs auto and foot patrols in high crime areas.

  • Debo Adejobi

    Much ado about nothing!

  • Michael Beatty

    how sad, lives ruined just so you might have gotten a little nookie. It wasn’t worth it, was it guys. I’d love to “get some” but not at a “price” and certainly not the price these guys paid.

  • sad

    A friend of mine a few years ago got aids from a local prostitute
    no one ever expected a guy like him to be so irresponsible
    His wife now has the disease. He tried having the prostitute charged but died before he could accomplish that.
    so maybe these officers may actually be doing someone a favor by attesting them.

  • Molly Santucci

    “Get out soon”? Man, the dude was never “in” to begin with! Its just a minor misdemeanor with no jail time. You pay and fine and go home, assuming u plead guilty.

  • Doubleutf

    Pussy will make men do some stupid shit…

  • samadams72

    I don’t see anything wrong in paying for sex. This doesn’t harm is good for the soul…the women are adults and so are the men.

    The problem is taxes. These women can potentially make between 15K to 20K a month and they don’t pay taxes…that’s the real reason why law enforcement is involved. It’s always going to be about money, peeps.

  • Briana

    Grant Allen is my middle school teacher…

  • jackie

    that was my teacher .__.

  • Deborah Barlow

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  • Smitty!