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Unite Here! targets city agreement with Hyatt

November 16, 2012

Local Unite Here! union organizers claim the Grand Hyatt is shirking responsibilities outlined in agreements the hotel signed with the City of San Antonio before it first opened in 2008. Given tax abatements, city financing, and built on prime city-owned land, the Hyatt signed a management agreement clearly stating “[a]ll employees of the Hotel shall be the employees of Hyatt.”

But organizers and hotel workers claim the Grand Hyatt has become increasingly reliant on temp workers, using hospitality outsourcing companies like Xclusive Xcel or Pro-Park. Hotel workers at a rally outside City Hall Thursday estimated between 70 and 80 percent of housekeeping staff at the hotel are temps. Hyatt reps could not be reached for comment.

In a letter sent to Mayor Julián Castro, City Council, and City Manager Sheryl Sculley, organizers claim outsourced workers get inferior benefits compared to permanent hotel workers, and that hotels like Hyatt use them as a way to cut costs to workers’ detriment. OSHA has cited the Grand Hyatt for failing to record nearly two dozen temp worker injuries between 2008 and 2010, records show. Hyatt has contested the OSHA citation.

The city was a third-party beneficiary of the Hyatt’s management agreement, said City Attorney Michael Bernard. While the city approved the agreement, “Legally speaking, we have no enforcement authority for it. … But since it is part of the agreement the city approved, the city certainly anticipates all parties of the agreement will abide by its terms.”  — Michael Barajas

  • airdale

    Union members are not getting $20.00 per hour so they are complaining/.

  • ahall94

    It takes $20 an hour to live. Why can’t workers get paid a living wage? Why does it take 2 adults working 3 jobs just to be poor?

  • chunkymyster

    union’s kill companies like the most recent hostess

  • Meek Mighty

    First it starts with a call. They need you to start immediately. Fill out all the paperwork. Read the manuals. Go through the normal training routine. Work harder than anyone else there to PROVE YOUR WORTH. Mind, “Life is changing for the better and I’m going to get my life together”. They keep you at a distance…At the end of the day…you are TOLD they are rotating with another Agency. You’re not needed tomorrow, but we’ll call you. Mislead to think that you had some chance at filling the position. The Corporations cut their cost buy not hiring full-time staff. While still holding the power to not hold their end of the Agreement with the city of San Antonio. The Mayor should stand with his working citizens. Consumers need to realize they have the buying power. To turn the tables and show no support for these unethical business practices. Boycott these greedy firms who enslave their labor and laugh in your face. Don’t buy their products with your hard earned money.

  • uDonkey

    You can thank Obamacare for the decrease in full-time jobs. Companies are not going to pay for healthcare and in compliance with the new regulations they will be getting rid of many full-time positions and increasing the part-time positions. If you Dems don’t like it.. well you should have voted differently. This will only get worse. You will have to work 2-3 part-time jobs now instead of one full-time job to support your family and pay the bills. Thanks America

  • tecolote1

    Cannibalism is not the most efficient or effective business model, but it is an easy one. This approach to making money has been around for a very long time. Try reading Studs Terkel’s American Dreams: Lost & Found for a little perspective.

  • Ray Kaimi

    Why is it that people believe that corporations have to provide everything?? People that is called the American dream for share holders who are invested in the company. As for the city agreement??? Well our elected city employees provided jobs with the agreement and jobs in other areas such as trash pick up, food service. Most people want more from corporations and the consumer pays for those cost with price increase, our economy is moving in a positive direction even though for some it is not moving fast enough. With so many Americans out of work having a job is great even if it isn’t the one you want and you can look for the job you really want while you collect a check.


    Very well MEEK I have had several meals downtown San Antonio River walk which by the way to those that do not Know, was where the resturaunts hotels and bars used years ago for dumping their fecal and Piss in from patrons that visited there establishments and that fee was passed on in the bill now used for intertainment. It just makes you wonder since they now have the pipping in the streets and under these businesses if they have that fee from the city known as Proteins in sewer upcharges? But to any avail here is where we need to clairify it.