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White House responds to Texas secession petition

January 15, 2013

The White House has written a letter in response to a petition with over 125,000 signatures requesting for Texas to secede and create its own, new government.

The answer is no.

Our founding fathers established the Constitution of the United States “in order to form a more perfect union” through the hard and frustrating but necessary work of self-government. They enshrined in that document the right to change our national government through the power of the ballot — a right that generations of Americans have fought to secure for all. But they did not provide a right to walk away from it. As President Abraham Lincoln explained in his first inaugural address in 1861, “in contemplation of universal law and of the Constitution the Union of these States is perpetual.” In the years that followed, more than 600,000 Americans died in a long and bloody civil war that vindicated the principle that the Constitution establishes a permanent union between the States. And shortly after the Civil War ended, the Supreme Court confirmed that “[t]he Constitution, in all its provisions, looks to an indestructible Union composed of indestructible States.

Read the full response, entitled “Our States Remain United,” as well as the petition in contest on the White House website.

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  • Realist

    Mr. Oblama, stay the hell out of Texas’ business.

  • Illumenatum

    The War of Northern Agression affirmed the priciple that “might makes right”.

  • Tex

    Time for another revolution?

  • doejohn

    knew we should’ve done it in 1860….damn

  • Texas sucks

    Please, what do you think you’re going to eat? I don’t think you realise how much you need the UNITED STATES. Yall are so full of yourselfs, bunch of idiotic redneck doomsday preppers. PLEASE LEAVE.

  • Wendell Fountain

    I hope all 50 states secede! If Texas does secede, I hope they will let us reside in the Great State of Texas!

  • Wendell Fountain

    Texas sucks, you are a moron! If Texas did secede, they can do business with all the other 49 states in the union as well as countries all over the world! Leave Texas alone! I only hope they will allow me and my wife to live in that Great State!

  • Patriot1

    Who does the fed think they are? Smells like the early 1770’s again? No vote for Texas? No referendum? Just a simple NO?
    It smells like the People’s Republic of America or the Union of Soviet Socialist State of America???????? Do we have an “Obama” salute now???? Or do we have to register with the Dem’s party now to get a job???????? What next??? Who the
    HE$$ do they think they are???

  • Patriot1

    Just think, soon we’ll have one-party rule… People are not rednecks or idiots for questioning tyrannical rule, it’s called
    democracy! Or a republican form of government…… Read some
    history please………………….. please please, quit being sheep.
    Question your “ELECTED” officials!!!!!!!!!!!! Make them work for
    YOU and your neighbors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! War is, unfortunately necessary for freedom ——– especially when a tyrant takes over!

  • Patriot1

    I personally commend a Guardsman who protects his oath, not
    some damned politician!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Texas sucks

    In the real world, when you leave someone, you don’t get to keep enjoying the benefits of being with them. You, Wendy, are the moron.

  • Damn Yankee

    LOL @ Texans. Go ahead! Can’t wait to watch the stunned reaction when you lose your gov’t bene’s, funding, DOD and defense industry jobs, gov’t pensions, etc. Vets, say good bye to your cushy retirement and medical. See ya! :)

  • Damn Yankee

    LOL at “woah of no’then aggreshun”. The war ended 150 years ago, you were the perps, and your LOST.! LOL

  • Damn Yankee

    LOL @ secessionists who will lose all their gov’t handouts, federal funding, federal pensions/healthcare, DOD and federal jobs. You guys obviously haven’t thought this through. What a surprise.! LOL

  • Damn Yankee

    LOL. Just like teabaggers wanting the gov’t to stay out of their medicare. LOL

  • LHW

    Through recent Executive Orders the White House attempts to change/modify the rights of U.S. Citizens held sacred in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. We must unite against this! “United we stand. Divided we fall.” ~ LHW

  • Ramsey Spoon Proud Texan

    If you were smart but you sound like a dumbass yankee just like your name, you would know that Texas has the 7th largest economy in the WORLD that’s by itself without talking govt funding. And our Texas State Guard which yes is a federal division and not just solely for Texas but most all of them are Texans and would most likely stat Texans. So that being said it would be a sustainable country on its own since we don’t import any goods we create our own. Don’t ever come here yank we don’t want you.

  • well read

    Texas recieves more from the Federal government than it pays to it. That means that Texas is SUBSIDIZED by the rest of the country. Cut that off, and you will either have to raise taxes, or lower educational standards and let poor and/or elderly people starve or die from easily preventable illnesses. Given the Republican War on the Poor, I’m sure their starvation and quick death would probably be welcome by a sadly large percentage of the population.

  • well read

    Don’t forget the cost in setting up and maintaining a currency, border protection, customs, foreign embassies, etc. Economic union benefits Americans far more than most realize.

  • Albert J Longoria

    What will a Texas dollar bill look like? What will back it’s value? What will the exchange rate be to exchange US dollars for Texas dollars?

  • whiskeymed

    Amazing, when states want to have a sucession because our government is a piece of c#ap, they want to run to what the constitution says, any other day, they are trying their hardest to destroy and take away our rights and liberties that our constitution gives us. Talk about stupid political hypocrites.

  • whiskeymed

    Republican war on the poor?? Do you even know what you are talking about? The Republicans want Americans to earn what they get and have because a country that has nothing but citizens looking for and recieving handouts and depending on redistribution of wealth is called a socialist society, which by the way, if you werent to busy holding your hand out for everything that you didnt earn, you would be smart enough to look at history and realize that those governments have either failed or have the worst standard of living in the world. Stalin, Mao, Hitler (and Obama) all have one thing in common, they wanted BIG government to control everyone (with socialist views). Just Google it and you will see the results of thier work.

  • whiskeymed

    based on the way Obama is running this country, I dont expect the American dollar to be worth much more than a couple squares of toilet paper before much to longer.

  • jones

    Ha, what an idiot. I bet you do you whiskey as medication.

  • Doubleutf

    I thought the Mexicans took Texas back a few weeks ago…