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5 Shows to See this Weekend

June 19, 2014
Mighty Mountain, Deer Vibes and Lonely Horse (Friday, June 20)

As a 2014 Austin Music Award winning group of Texas natives, Mighty Mountain is up and coming in the indie scene, a feat considering Austin’s over-saturated indie crowd. Sweeping violins, engaging live shows and all around good vibes make Mighty Mountain a band to watch out for. Once you are smacked with Mighty Mountain’s positive energy, having a negative outlook will be a difficult feat. The “too many, yet not enough” band members draw listeners into Deer Vibes’ dream world with their hypnotic orchestrated music much like the sand man coaxes children into peaceful slumbers. San Antonio natives Lonely Horse are no isolated incident. With lyrics so deep you could drown and cool waves of soul in every bluesy guitar riff, the dark folk rock duo knows just how to play with emotions, tugging at every heart string with their music’s potent intensity. Shannon Sweet

10pm, Limelight, 2718 N St Mary’s, 210-735-7775,

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