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5 Shows to See this Weekend

July 11, 2014

Backtrack (Friday, July 11)


Long Island’s Backtrack in action

In the midst of the post-hardcore wasteland, classic hardcore is trying to rise from the ashes like a punk rock phoenix. Backtrack is doing exactly what their name promises, going back in time to bring back what punk was in the good old days of Black Flag and the Circle Jerks, before the emo/screamo phase took over. So, you can mosh to your hearts content, or even do the pogo if you don’t want to get too rowdy. With Harm’s Way, Expire, Bitter End, SUBURBAN SCUM, DOWNPRESSER, Iron Mind and Will to Die. $20, 4pm, thekorova, 107 E Martin, (210) 226-5070 —Shannon Sweet

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