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Former KEDA DJ “Double E” launches his own online radio station

October 7, 2013
Eloy "Double E" Espinoza, happy for Los Tovares' win...

Eloy “Double E” Espinoza, happy for Los Tovares’ win…

On Wednesday, October 2, Eloy Espinoza (better known as DJ Double E for listeners of KEDA Radio Jalapeño), woke up with mixed feelings. On the one hand, he was happy for being the keyboardist of Los Tovares, who had just won Best Country/Americana Band at the Current’s SA Music Awards. So he came to our offices and, as he was taking a huge bundle of magazines from the display box, I recognized him and asked him in passing, “How’s the station?”

“Oh, I’m no longer there,” he said. “They let me go about two weeks ago.”

...and sad for leaving KEDA on bad terms. (iPhone photos by E.L.)

…and sad for leaving KEDA on bad terms. (iPhone photos by E.L.)

That explains it. If you’ve been listening to Radio Jalapeño lately, you will have noticed Double E’s morning slot (6 a.m.-10 a.m.) is now being hosted by DJ Express (Danny Casanova, a veteran of the old KEDA station). So, after 16 years at the old KEDA building and two in the new one, Espinoza finds himself without a job, not counting his new online radio station (, launching today between 5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.). Or is he?

“We had a little difference with [station owner Jerry Benavides], but I can’t get into details,” Espinoza said. “At any rate, I don’t know if I’m suspended, fired or what. He put me on suspension, had me turn in my keys and told me he’d call me if he wanted me to come back. But now that Danny [Casanova] is there, I guess I’m gone for good.”

The station sees it differently.

“[Espinoza] messed up the company van in an accident and hasn’t been to work ever since,” Jerry Benavides Jr. told the Current on the phone. “We’ve been trying to get in touch him but he hasn’t returned our calls.”

Asked again, Espinoza finally opened up. According to him, on September 15 he conducted a radio remote from Traders Village Flea Market. When he was returning the company van to the station, a tire blew up. He pulled over and there was no spare tire, so he unsuccessfully tried to fix the tire by himself. He left the van overnight at a Best Buy parking lot on Military. When he notified Benavides Sr. in the morning, the station’s owner (who had been out of town the day before), became “irate.”

“I got the van fixed and took it back to the station, but [Benavides] started telling me there were other things wrong with it. But the only thing wrong with it was the flat tire. They’re trying to get me for the other stuff. I’m not going to be a scapegoat for other stuff that is already wrong with it. And if they say they’ve tried to contact me, they’re lying. I have not received a call from the station, from Nelda [Sáenz, DJ and program director], not an email. Nothing. They’re just trying to cover their own asses.”

When contacted by the Current, Benavides sounded more hurt than “irate.”

“Have I called him?” Benavides asked. “He damaged my truck! Who owes who a call? He left my truck abandoned overnight and I want to know why. [Espinoza] has been one of my right-hand guys and I feel disappointed.”

Benavides said that it wasn’t one tire, but that Espinoza ran over a curb and bent the left side of the front and back rims and both tires came out. “He was a good boy, but I really don’t know what’s wrong with him. That’s why I wanted to talk to him, so he could explain.”

Any chance Espinoza could return to KEDA?

“I already hired someone,” Benavides said. “I can put [Espinoza] at 12 or 3 in the morning if he wants to come in, but I can’t wait for him. I have a business to run.”

Whatever happened on that day, Espinoza is not looking back—between 5 and 6 p.m. today, he and a “partner who wants to remain anonymous” will be launching Radio La Salvaje (The Wild One Radio at or, an online radio station “the way it should be.”

“KXTN is playing the oldies, Tejano from the ’90s and 2000s, and KEDA has gone conjunto and bringing more norteño,” Espinoza said. “I want it right in the middle, the way the original KEDA was, with 50/50 Tejano and conjunto, new and old, with doors open for everybody.”

With La Salvaje have room for, say, the legendary Güero Polkas (Ricky Dávila, who retired in 2012 after 48 years at the original Radio Jalapeño)?

“Oh, yes,” an enthusiastic Espinoza said. “He hasn’t said yes yet, but he’s going to be one of my DJs.”

However, Güero Polkas is clueless about this.

“Some stations want me to work for them… for free!” said Dávila. “Another one wanted me to ‘audition’ for a weekend spot and, if the ratings go well, he can offer me more. But I don’t audition for nobody. I have a well-established career. If you want me to work, show me the money. Otherwise, I’ll stay retired. And no, I didn’t speak with [Double E]. This is the first I hear about all this.”

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  • triple XXX

    I am happy that guero polkas feels this way. And we all know that guero polkas is worth big dollars. Even just boasting about your little web site and claiming that mr davila is going to work for you should bring guero some revenue. Which I will speak to him about. On this double e fellow i don’t wish bad to no one but if you stay sincere you may be believeable. By reading this column its a bunch of he said she said. Good luck to both parties.

  • Behind the Curtains

    Dudes a clown that can’t even pay for his wheels on that beat up trailblazer. If they were trying to cover up their asses why is there a police report? Why back in February did he ask a judge to be released to drive out of San Antonio?? Guy will hop to other once money runs of for that terrible website he and Ryan Ortiz from Texas heat built. One word of advice once that part time job runs out at party city beware Ryan he will run faster than when you saw him running from that station. Good luck Mr. E but luck will run out, just like how it ran out when your so called business partner/lover from la onda magazine cut you off. As for the station good luck, Danny is an old cat, the one who got this so called “double e” to where he is at. Keep on jamming, and we already know y’all aren’t the “newest” online radio station in San Antonio…….

  • Cray cray


  • SatisfiedOne

    This Eloy character does nothing but lie.Dont know how many times he uses the death of his father to get away without paying his debts, sad thing about it all is that his dad is alive and well.He uses woman and new bands to his advantage telling them he has connections here and there but guess what,it’s all lies.He claims to have been with the radio station for 16 years?Another lie!He was only a fill in.Ive listen for years and never heard that he had his own air time just when he filled in for someone!Just read the part about guero polkas being a DJ for him,gueros reply was he knows nothing about it and hasn’t even spoken to Mr Eloy.Word of advice to anyone associated with this ELOY ESPINOZA,he’ll take your money any run and use any excuse to get away!Eloy not being on air is the best thing the radio station has done,now I don’t have to listen to another wanna be JONNY RAMIREZ!

  • Squeeze box man

    Now that Danny is back KEDA is a welcome relief, Eloy was a joke, yes, he was trying to be another Jonny Ramirez. Eloy is nothing but a liar, likes to exploit woman, especially fat ones, I think he has thing for big women. Now I can listen to KEDA again. I quit listening after Guero and Danny left, those were the only two I would listen to. Thank God and thank you to the new management at KEDA for bringing Danny back, best decision you all ever made. Can’t wait till KEDA goes FM.

  • TexMexFunk

    Eloy is so stupid, he can’t even keep his lies straight. He didn’t even
    Learn everything from Danny Casanova, on the air, Danny sounds so professional, Eloy sounds dumb. He couldn’t even say the time right. He also got fired from WOAI TV. For being stupid. He is always in trouble with the law, he has spent many nights in Jail, I don’t think he is a Virgen anymore. Eloy, your radio is the dumbest thing I have heard on the Internet. You should call it Go back and work at HEB, maybe they will take you back. They always need package boys.

  • Daniel Casanova

    Lol Eloy does love them big girls! Dumb ass thinks he is better than my dad, yeah right!!!! You got something to say eloy call me my number didn’t change.
    Famine bitch

  • tejanoluv

    Why must people be so crule..Everyone has a right to there opinion. It is of no ones business as to what Mr. Espinosa has done or not done. I’m not saying he’s a saint I’m sure you all aren’t either, but who are we to judge? No one is perfect. Let God handel what or who he has done wrong. You all are just as bad as he is by saying such harsh things. If it’s true well let it be.. You do you and let God do the rest. Stay professional . If he likes big , small, short woman that’s none of your business. Sometimes its not the size of the person or the looks its what’s inside that matters! This is why tejano is in such a terrible state because us as tejanos are always against each other instead of for each other. Stop slandering Mr. Espinoza he has moved on you all have to obviously move on too! Talking bad about someone only makes you look just as bad. Let God make right where there has been done wrong!!!!!!

  • Beto Sr

    It resly desn’t mater, but I trully nelieve that a diffrent format of music shoild be played. Kxtn has gone gabacho. Keda plays to much of the Mexican music. If dj double E, can play more conjunto gteat. As fsr as Tejano, cool, but more Conjunto. If you can get wero, well that would be the best.
    PS. how about puro Conjunto!

    Roberto Luna Hernamdez C/S

  • Chale

    I guess you haven’t been listening to KEDA lately, mainly Danny, he’s playing the old Conjunto like they used to play in the old days, way to go Mr. Casanova. And he is answering the phone.

  • Behind the curtains II

    I’m sorry, Ms tejanoluv, you must be one of his girlfriends, (you know he’s married), you don’t know the full story that Eloy Espinoza has done. He has ripped off hard working musicians for his own personal gain, he has made promises he can’t keep, when people find out his lies, he makes up the fact that his dad died, (his dad is alive and well), when this guy meets his keeper, he had a lot of explaining to do. He is a thief, he is a compulsive lier, borrows equipment and never returns it. You must understand our anger with him. Eloy being let go from KEDA is a small victory for us. Mr. Espinoza, there is something called karma, and it’s coming after you with the power of a earthquake. You won’t know what hit you. I tried to listen when Eloy took over, but after a week, just couldn’t do it. Now I listen every morning, KEDA sounds so good with Danny Casanova, he is playing the old school Conjunto along with the new, not too much norteno and not too much clowning around with corney jokes like Eloy was doing. Danny is a class act, I hope they are paying Danny well, if not, he needs to. kuddos to KEDA for bringing Danny back, maybe he can give Raulito some pointers.

  • TejanoMaster

    Dudes a joke…..he was also fired from Cricket for stealing phones and hooking up all his chicks with free phones.

  • Hit the road jack

    This dude is a clown making up events saying they are for battered women in shelters in when asked what shelter he cant even reply which one last year did the same thing took left over toys home to his kids this yr took them all to his kids sad thing is he is so good and using the bands n manipulating them into beleving they are going to a worthy cause shame on you Eloy you will sow what you reap sad thing is his poor wife is the one who has to sink her head in shame because of his stupidity I would of dumped his dumb ass along time ago no man is worth that much embrassement