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Kanye West to Project Video on the Alamo TONIGHT (Updated)

May 24, 2013

Updated 5/26/2013 10:46 to reflect new information

Sure to cause the Daughters of the Republic of Texas to collectively claw at their pearls in agony, rapper, producer, and Twitter screamer Kanye West will project … something onto the Alamo (11:30-12:30), the Guenther and Sons building (10:45-11:45), and North Star Mall (10-11) tonight, according to a mysterious map on his web site. The smart money is on the video for Yeezy’s “New Slaves” single, which he debuted in a similar manner last weekend on buildings in mega-metropolises like New York. Who knows how well Kanye’s team will pull this off, especially concerning the Alamo plan. Last night’s screenings in Houston were broken up by cops, suffered technical difficulties, and simply never happened according to TMZ. Check his web site often for updated information.

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  • Dave Mundy

    Just try it, Mr. West. We’ll meet you in the streets.

  • Regina Cowan

    Better not be on the Alamo!

  • Donna McClure

    This is the same kind of sleazy disrespect for our heroes that we typically see from the Westboro Baptist whackos. Note to Kanye’s sponsors: We will ensure that your lack of respect for Texans and our history will be heavily publicized. If you don’t have the common sense to be respectful of cultural hallowed ground, we will cost you dollars and cents.

  • GetOverIt

    Omg you all need to calm down. Im sure you all dont go the Alamo once a week or even month to pay respects for the dead. It is just a building. Imagine all the people that died around the Alamo. Do you tell those little punks that disrespet the buildings around the Alamo anything? I think not. Get over it. Its just a Video. Unless you plan on walking up to one of those punks….

  • Jose Moreno

    No you won’t.

  • Jose Moreno

    Hallowed ground? haha, nope.

  • Jose Moreno

    Or what?

  • Johnny Ripps’s easy to tell who the real Texans and the wannabes are……

  • Texxx

    It’s a Nation Shrine. That’s nothing to the typical bleeding heart socialist pig, I know. But it means a great deal to most of us Texans / Americans.

  • Trey Holcomb

    Yeah we will. That shit gets projected on the Alamo, I guarantee the projector gets smashed with a baseball bat. Maybe some heads too.

  • Texan

    I’d love to see him do that to a mosque…

  • Panther Smith

    Just remember we did ban Ozzy for defacing the Alamo. I guess Kanye will be next.

  • Criminalist

    The Westboro Baptist Church shows NO disrespect for our fallen. What they show is the TRUTH: Wihtout G*d in our Country, our Military, our Lives, we will continue to lose. Kenye West is just a despicable rapper with no intelligence or iota of knowledge. He must have been taught in New York schools because he has no modicum of history knowledge.

  • lolwut


  • Tim

    Hopefully so. It’s hard to find a bigger ignoramus than Kanye.

  • C Ken Davis Sr

    I think he should be shot. This is total disrespect. He deserves nothing less than death.

  • Ricardo

    Hey….si usted…pendejo. Su madre es un puta.

  • Shelly

    Complete BS! The Alamo is not to be disrespected like that.

  • Steve Douglass

    Keep that piece of garbage away from a sacred place! That loser obviously has no respect for fallen heroes! And take that bag Kardashian with him!

  • thedude

    so who is down to break the projectors?

  • Paul Vitale

    Couple of good spotlights and they won’t see squat.

  • Son of Texas

    A few hundred Texians with cordless spotlights shining lights all over the walls the Douche-bag wants to use to project his garbage onto should disrupt his orgy of self-glory.

  • Laurie


  • ADAM

    Speak ENGLISH fuck stick…. THIS IS AMERICA!!!

  • Patriot Shar

    & you are a PUNK butt homo !!

  • Patriot Shar

    how was your moma ??

  • Patriot Shar

    go back to mexico U welfare suckin idiot !!

  • Julie

    Hell no. Stay away from my Alamo. We don’t need crap like what West will bring, desecrating a sacred mission like the Alamo. He can rap his ass on back where he came from. Stay out of Texas. Buh-bye.

    I’m glad he’s not my son – I’d be ashamed.

  • Patriot Shar

    come see punk … U & your punk butt ILLEGALS !!

  • Patriot Shar

    he & jose moreno are probably muslim LOVERS … they like that pervert stuff ya know

  • Patriot Shar

    I got the guts … how bout U getoverit ???
    FYI: there are TRUE PATRIOTS that go to the ALAMO … every month IDIOT … IF U even knew where it was … U would know that ??!!

    ANY TEXAN that does not have a problem with this has NO INTEGRITY !!

  • Patriot Shar

    KENYA kanyae whatever >>> what do ya expect from an IDIOT with a name like that?? ROFL

  • Patriot Shar

    this IDIOT needs to go over to whitehouse in DC with his bro & do his trash !!!

  • liberal in city of hick idiots

    y’all are all literally fucking stupid as shit. kanye west’s musical genius is a blessing to hip hop and the music industry. projecting his music video on the alamo isn’t disrespectful; it’s good advertising. promoting his album on a tourist attraction ensures a huge amount of media saturation. thanks and get a life you old fucks.

  • Kayla

    Chingate Ricardo. Tu madre es puta y pendeja. Veta a jalar el pescuezo al pollo. Filthy beaner.

  • Kayla

    I’m hoping this is satire. Calling Kanye a “musical genius” is like calling Westly Snipes “a little dark”. Hip hop has many blessings, none of which came from that Kartrashian humping drunk beyotchazz punk.

  • threeceez

    he deserves nothing but death for putting his face from a projection? what a typical closed minded ignorant fool. people like you make me ashamed to live in this city

  • Liz Wojcik


  • Texas cholo

    Ok, so I’m a Texan, and proud of it. Don’t have a clue who this Kenya dude is, and have never listened to his music. My question is The Alamo is a state monument, and I would think that he would have to get permission from someone to use this site in a video. What are the lyrics. I would imagine he would have to get written approval from the governor. Now just because he has approval of the governor doesn’t make things all hunky dory. I believe we as texans need to know, if this productions intent is to show respect, or not. I believe until we have proof of his intentions, this production should be cancelled. And one more thing, those that have vulgarly disrespected this great monument, we have no use for you, move on to California where no one cares how retarded you act. This is Texas, and we don’t stand for that bullshit!!!

  • Jose Moreno

    There are no illegals in the land of broken treaties.

  • Jose Moreno

    Ozzie defaced the Cenotaph.

  • Texan

    Well Jose, I guess you are obviously one of those who live either here in Texas or somewhere in the United States yet your loyalty lies with Mexico? You probably think that Texas was stolen from Mexico and that Texas still rightfully belongs to Mexico? Well that’s like saying that Mexico still rightfully belongs to Spain! It’s just stupid! Men fought and died for Texas Independence! And it wasn’t all “whites” fighting for Texas Independence. There were immigrants from Mexico who fought and died for Texas. Some died right there on the grounds that YOU say aren’t hallowed. Unlike you their loyalty was with Texas, not Mexico. I’m sure you’ve heard of Seguin, TX? Well that was named for Juan Seguin, a true Texas Patriot. He was not “white”. My family immigrated here from Germany. I still have family there, but my loyalty is with the United States, not Germany. My grandfather, a second generation immigrant from Germany fought the Germans in WWII because he was an American citizen, not German. You should be thankful to those who fought and died in the Alamo for not just their freedom, but for future generations as well, and that includes freedom for you too Jose. Because of the sacrifice made by others, you have the freedom to say what you want on here. Even if that means that you are disrespecting those who payed the Ultimate Price for you. But, you should give thanks for those who fought and those who died to win independence for Texas from Mexico! If they hadn’t sacrificed for us way back then, we would be living in what is basically a third world country today……Mexico! And then people would be crossing the Red River for a better life instead of the Rio Grande!

  • Texan

    Hey Ricardo……. I don’t speak Spanish, but weren’t you calling Jose a dumbass or ass whole by what you said or did I miss something? Just wondering??

  • John Homman

    Jose, in case you missed history, there was a whole division of Hispanics under Col Juan Seguin that fought for Texas independence. They fought so the same reason we did – tyranny cannot win,

  • Mimi

    Pretty darned tacky. Perfectly glad that I don’t listen to your rot. I hope it cost you a bundle to attempt this, and that you’re pouring your scuzzy lay earned dollars into our economy.

  • Regina Cowan

    I’ll have you know that WE DO go there once a month to pay our respect for the our fallen hero’s! The Texas Nationalist Movement places a wreath in front of the Alamo so

  • JanetMermaid

    Who the h#ll is allowing this? NO ONE should be allowed to disrespect the Alamo like that, especially not some Yankee rapper. No! No! No!

  • davrob1

    Just a building? Only the most holy site in Texas…

  • ErickG

    I love how people treat the alamo like its a god…or something holy….its a building…a historical piece of brick…because someone is giving a free show…on a piece of brick…they respond with these stupid comments. Stop looking for reasons to hate, you may live longer.

  • Donna McClure

    ErickG, The Alamo is the place where brave men died for freedom. It is not to be used for the publicity stunts of self-aggrandizing, obscenity-spewing, culturally ignorant and insensitive low-lifes. The Alamo is more than “a piece of brick” in the same way that a gravestone is not just a piece of granite. Maybe you would be ok with putting graffiti on the headstones of your ancestors. Maybe you would be ok with digging up Native American burial grounds for your new porn theater. I would not, and I am not ok with putting any kind of publicity stunt on the Alamo. You are probably not aware of the contributions of Texians of all races and ethnicities in the Alamo. You are probably not aware of the culture of Texas patriotism that values the sacrifices made by our founders. Feel free to take this pseudo-“art” elsewhere and make all the money Kanye can blow on hookers and dope. Just respect the culture of others even if you don’t share it.

  • Donna McClure

    Jose is welcome to his beliefs and his loyalties. However, he is not welcome to belittle the beliefs that I and most Texans hold. He is not welcome to disrespect the sacrifice made by Texas’ heroes and he is not welcome to desecrate the Alamo any more than he would be welcome to put graffiti on the headstones of his own family.

  • Donna McClure

    and they fought for religious freedom and the rights of individuals to speak freely. If Jose does not know Texas history he should at least respect the beliefs and culture of those who love and honor it.

  • Tito Bradshaw

    Wow I can’t believe the attitude of some of these “True Texans” Please be logical for just a second. During Luminaria two years back we projected images and lights on to the west facing exterior wall of the missions outer facade. Where you out raged? did you threaten someone bodily damage? Did you come smash our personal property? NO. You didn’t know so you didn’t care. If we all thought your way people would be disrespecting your “cultural hallowed ground” every time a tourist of a different religion stepped a foot inside. Any of you guys wanna “meet in the street” or “smash a head with baseball bats” i would love to talk to you face to face about it. I’ll be at the Alamo tonight just ask any one to point you in the direction of Tito.

  • Dave Mundy

    Guys, bring spotlights. We don’t condone violence.

  • Dave Mundy

    I’ll be there, bubba. As always, with my camera.

  • Dave Mundy

    He’s already shot the video. The plan is to screen it in a place he knows will be offensive to as many people as possible.

  • Dave Mundy

    Ken, I hope you’re NOT out there with us tonight.

  • davrob1

    It is holy. It’s a church. It’s a historical shrine. Has nothing to do with hate. Hate is when you desecrate a place of worship or desecrate the Alamo.

  • davrob1

    I have no idea what was projected at Luminaria, but if I’d known about that I would have disagreed also. The Alamo is not for advertising purposes or pop culture entertainment.

  • Matt

    This is San Antonio bitch City of Hispanics

  • Donna McClure

    Never heard of luminaria but that does not make that right either. There are lots of places suitable for publicity stunts and light shows. The Alamo is not one of them. You would not disrespect your own ancestors graves, would you? Even if you are so insensitive and intolerant, don’t disrespect mine. Especially with this being Memorial Day, we should honor those that fought for freedom, not project despicable obscenity laden trash on. their monument.

  • Angela Dahlia Garcia

    Your intelligence is blinding, sir.


  • BigOrejon

    San Anto won’t be having it this is going a green light SOS

  • BigOrejon

    I put money that someone is getting stabbed tonight!

  • Anita Syne

    I think everyone needs to take a chill pill. All they’re doing is projecting a video for a few minutes. No one is defacing anything. The Alamo is not being vandalized and none of this is permanent. I understand the frustration of some of you, but who’s really the vandal when you guys are talking about smashing the projectors “and some heads too”?

  • erickg

    Im in s.a. and im downtown now….guess what i see… a building…u want to make it holy cuz ppl died there…u can be blashphemous about that…do u…..i see brick and mortar…. i guess youd bow down to a statue as well if the government said it was important…book of Daniel…bible…read it…learn something

  • erickg

    Its nothing to someone that studies the bible more then military and governmental laws….read daniel and see how shadrach mishach and abednego treated a shrine made by the government and now see what your doing… ur just misguided…seriously take it jn and re-evealuate yourself before calling people pigs. Smh…..proving my point for me

  • SArocks San Antonio

    Stay away from The Spurs Callie, you’ve already done such a … fine job

  • fart eyes

    remember, san antonio tx is 200 miles south of tijuana, mexico

  • SArocks San Antonio

    Seriously, TMZ?

  • Ricardo

    You got it. Called Jose a dumbass and said that his mother was a whore. Jose needs to be a Texan to live in Texas and that includes standing against scum like Kanye West who would desecrate a monument like the Alamo. I was introduced to the Alamo at less than 1 year old and told the great stories of how our Texas Republic patriots died defending it. Top the rest of you that made negative comments to me……look at who my comment was directed to…..Jose Moreno.

  • Tito Bradshaw

    Luminaria is a night time art event hosted by the city. Google it Donna, a little art is good for everyone and an event its size brings much needed commerce to downtown. The people from the Daughters of the republic and a whole bunch of “real texans” made comments and praised how interesting it was to see the art on the Alamo. There is a 6 foot arch thats all thats left of the original alamo. The facade of the building we see is fake. it’s looks like the Alamo should have. Seems like people are honoring a false image here. Ripleys and all the “business” there on houston st are now once where piles of dead bodies were. Are they no respecting this holy ground?

  • MandyMcMoySkogebo

    Ummm, I think they DID. Next…

  • MandyMcMoySkogebo

    I live in San Antonio. I’m not Hispanic. Where does that leave me? Thanks for excluding other races from your definition of what our beautiful City is.

  • MikeyV

    I’ll be there.. to watch! ;D

  • Joaquin Murrietta

    I’ve pissed on the Alamo several times there is nothing sacred about that place them losers who died there were criminals,theives,murders and drunks..The
    real heros of the Alamo were the Mexican soldiers,the Tejanos , The
    Indians who died there fighting the gringo infestation of Tejas….Seguin
    new not to long after the Alamo that he made a big mistake after they
    kicked him out of SA…Sure wish i could have seen Davy Crockett wearing
    a womans dress shitting in his pants when they executed him by firing

  • Tap

    It’s been disrespected for decades leading up to this, and yet people in San Antonio were so upset that this might happen. If any of you have actually been to the Alamo —
    it’s just a gift shop now….

    What happened there was special. What became of it is not…

  • ZPerez

    Ashamed to live around so many ignorant Texans, and I am Texan.

  • ruthslater

    Texas Nationalist Movement quietly but very successfully won a culture
    “battle” this weeknd with rap star Kanye West. Out of deference to the
    sacred shrine of Texas independence, TNM fought to prevent Kanye from
    airing his newest video projected onto the walls of the Alamo in San
    Antonio. Just thought ya’ll should know TNM is making a difference.