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Listen/read: “Multi_Viral,” a Collaboration of Calle 13 and WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

November 13, 2013

Calle 13

This morning, Calle 13 released the lyrics video of “Multi_Viral,” the collaboration between the Puerto Rican duo and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The song features Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello on guitar and Palestinian vocalist and musician Kamilya Jubran.

Below the video you can read the English translation of the lyrics, which are based on tweets sent by fans to @Calle13Oficial with the hasthtag #JulianAssangeCalle13, and a bilingual videochat between Residente (rapper, lyricist for Calle 13) and Assange that took place this morning.

It all begins with a blaze
when we release flames from our gazes

they want to stop the fire that spreads

but there are some fires that water cannot put out
and the police line gets closer
muscles get tense and heartbeats grow

testosterone levels rise
and that moment when people come face to face, begins
when we become friends of bravery
when yelling becomes our only language.

I take my orders from the truth/reason
you take your orders from a colonel.
If our fight is made of cardboard, yours is made of paper
and they don’t stop us
because a powerful message
turns any lieutenant
into a toothless shark.

We are feared by the State
because at the same time we are 132 and 15M.
If the press doesn’t speak, we give the details
painting the walls with aerosol in the streets
I raise my banner and spread it
where only one person to read it, the world begins to change.
The one who controls, who dominates
wants to make you sick to sell you medicine
and they drug us, make us dumb
they anesthetize any question we may have
those are the reheated lies
they feed us with processed meat
and people remain misinformed
a news wrongly told is like an assault with a weapon.

We infiltrate, we duplicate
like cells, we multiply
to the one who doesn’t want broth, you give two cups
we are the yeast that rise the dough
our ideas are free and are awake
because we think with doors open
we’re seeing what cannot be seen
we were born without knowing how to speak
but we will die saying.

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