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Top 5 Moments From Fun Fun Fun Fest: Day Three

November 11, 2013

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Photo by Kasia Pilat

5. Slayer

Turning around from photographing Slayer and seeing a dude in a wheelchair crowd surfing all the way up to the stage was easily a festival high point. This was hands down one of the most epic things I’ve ever witnessed at any fest or concert in my entire life.

I was in awe of A.) This guy and B.) The jubilant metalheads smiling ear to ear as they passed him forward while violently headbanging to the positively lethal “Die By The Sword.” Never did I think I’d get such feels from a heavy metal show.

Also, I want to go on the record as saying that if I ever go deaf, my hearing loss can be traced back to this fateful Slayer set.

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  • Brandon Stone


  • Spaztrick

    You surfed at Slayer too? I thought it was great when I saw you during the Descendants. Congrats on doing it twice!

  • Jeff Krigel

    I know the gentleman surfing on this crowd and he is a bad ass.