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Phillip Luna Reveals Song From Please Help!’s Upcoming Album

January 14, 2014
Phillip Luna (photo by Blanca Luna)

Phillip Luna (photo by Blanca Luna)

As mentioned in the January 7 edition of SA Sound, Phillip Luna is getting ready to release an album with his new band, Please Help! Here’s the one-take Noah Peterson-directed video for the unmastered version of “What I’m Hoping,” the self-titled album’s opening track.

He’s still planning a CD release party (no date yet), but in the meantime the record is being mastered by Chris Kline.

“I am working with Vincent Valdez on the artwork,” Luna told the Current. “After mastering, in February I will have a listening party.”

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  • Noah Peterson

    To be fair, I was the cinematographer. The artistic conception was all Mr. Luna’s idea. He wanted to get the grit of San Antonio. Real life on the street. Cars, people, downtown; life. The funny part for me was bumping Mr. Luna’s friends and fans, all who were very cool and loved to see him out and about.

    Danielle Cunningham was shooting 2nd camera.

    We did some alternate takes, but ultimately went for the one-take because, well…let’s face it, Mr. Luna rocks.

    Watch the video and see. And I’m probably not supposed to say anything, but I’ve heard the record and I’m VERY excited about it.