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The End of an Era: Tony Parker Retires…From Music

August 29, 2013

Tony-Parker-CD-MusicMED You know the saying: all actors want to be rock stars, and all rock stars want to be actors. Well, you can add that all athletes want to be rappers. I shouldn’t be surprised to hear that San Antonio Spur Tony Parker has a music career, or I should say had a music career. After all, he was tangentially involved in a legitimate hip-hop brawl between Chris Brown and Drake at a nightclub in NYC in 2012 that left Parker with a scratched eyeball (that’s major street cred). But just like Tony’s endeavors in nightclub ownership, his music career is now over as well.

French site confirmed Tony’s retirement, “Je suis en retraite musicale.” That’s right, our boy Tony has retired from the rough and tumble rap game.

The NBA All-Star released his debut album TP in 2007. If his album cover is any indication, he meant business! I know most music is consumed digitally and kids these days don’t care about album artwork, but let’s take a moment and examine the cover for TP. Tony Parker trying to look tough in a wife beater and slightly off-tilt backwards baseball cap–check. He’s holding a basketball, because we like rappers who can ball and Tony can certainly ball and he doesn’t want us to forget that. Then there’s Paris in the background with the Eiffel Tower, homage to his home country, sure why not, adds a bit of class. The lack of any firearms suggests that we shouldn’t be expecting any gangsta rap–kudos for keeping it clean, TP. Honestly, it looks like he’s a former boy-bander trying to make a go of a solo career.

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