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Fox anchor Karen Martinez dies of cancer at age 37

February 19, 2013

Popular KABB Fox anchor Karen Martinez died Tuesday after battling breast cancer since 2010. She was 37.

Laurel Portié, a News Promo Producer at Fox and guitarist for Mrs. Howl (where she is known as “Laurel Dagger”), described Martínez as a sweet, caring co-worker loved by all who met her.

“We were glad to know you,” read the post on Mrs. Howl Facebook page. “You went out of your way to attend shows even though you were in pain.”

Even those who didn’t know her felt touched by the overwhelming showering of love for Martínez seen on the social networks.

“Condolences, respeto, compassion & blessed love out to her familia and all who knew and appreciated her,” wrote Jai Roots on Facebook. “May your strength and love light shine through your little ones for generations to come.”

Martinez joined Fox in 1999 after graduating from UTSA with a bachelor’s degree in communication. “I love news and I love San Antonio,” she said at Fox’s website. “I feel blessed to have my dream job here in my hometown.”

Fox’s website states that Martinez “was recognized by the Marrow Donor Program at the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center for her commitment to raising awareness about the need for blood and bone marrow donors … particularly the need for minority donors. She has also been recognized by the Silver Stars and Spurs Sports and Entertainment as an inspiring woman for professional and personal accomplishments in the community.” Martinez was also a member of the Breast Health Awareness Committee (a branch of the American Cancer Society) and mentored young aspiring journalists.

“This is the first time I’ve ever lost anyone in this way,” Portié wrote on Facebook. “I always told myself it would be easier if you had time to prepare yourself when you know it’s coming. I was wrong. It’s not any easier. As journalists we can’t take the day off. Please pray for all of us to get through this day and especially for her children and family.”

Martinez is survived by her husband Joseph, and children Josh, Miranda, and Mitchell. Funeral services are pending.
— Enrique Lopetegui

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  • george

    Goodbye, Karen, you will be missed.

  • Chris the Roofer

    God bless you Karen. We all will miss you.

  • Joe Gonzales

    This city that you loved so much will missed you.

  • pastor roche

    goodby we all will miss you and thank you.

  • Sarah Muniz

    May your beautiful soul rest in peace & now you are heal. Gona miss seeing u,you were a wonderful role model for those who are fighting this horrible disease!

  • cas

    Very sad to see such a young person die. God be with her.

  • Jessica

    Your a angel now. It brings solace to many Your husband and children are in my prayers as they are for so many

  • Helen R.

    My heart is very sad. God bless her husband, kids, family, close friends, colleagues & those of us who admired her. Absent in this body, present with the Lord.

  • Sandra Garcia

    Karen may you be pain free! I will Miss You! Now your our Guardian Angel!

  • Raquelle Wright

    Wow,I’ve never met her in person but she has such a strong impact on me. I’m literally crying,I’m really going to miss you

  • Melissa C.

    I will miss seeing your face! You will be greatly missed!! I am a breast cancer survivor and my condolences to the family!!!! :( Very sad day!!!!

  • Melinda

    A very sad day it brought tear to my eyes when I heard the news of the passing of Karen Martinez. God bless her husband and her three kids.

  • Tony

    My condolences to the Martinez family. Karen will be greatly missed by all San Antonians.

  • gina

    Karen was a true inspiration to all. I was one of her chemo nurses, She will be greatly missed!

  • Monica Ruiz

    My condolences go out to the Martinez family. May she rest in peace!



  • pattysmiles

    May God bless the Martinez family. Karen touched so many people and her love of San Antonio was evident in her unforgettable smile. She is now a beautiful angel and she will always be remembered. Rest in peace Karen.

  • Helen Morrow

    My husband was battling leukemia at Methodist, directly across from the Start Center where Karen was also in the fight of her life. I prayed for her often but God gave them both the ultimate healing and took them home. She really touched my heart and I will miss her.

  • barb

    My condolences to the Martinez family, karen will b truly missed. Heaven has a wonderful Angel.

  • david

    Very sad to hear Karen passed away. She’s a wonderful role model for young people. Wife, mother of three, hard worker, dedicated to charity; well done Karen! A great Texan and American. You’ll be missed. Rest in peace.

  • Maria

    To see how brave, beautiful and smart she was just pass away breaks my heart. Everyday I watched her, she seemed like nothing was wrong. The beautiful thing is, she didn’t let this cancer beat her down. She still was a wife and a mother, and she never forgot that. Karen may you rest in peace and may god be with your family.

  • mariachimusicdotcom

    So sad to loose such a young, talented talented and beautiful Latina journalist. My deepest sympathy to her family.

  • david

    A person like you with so much motivation gives other people much hope and isparation to see ta better future , rest in peace!

  • mike

    I did not know she passed away until Fox was promoting a blood drive in her honor. I enjoyed her broadcasts and I am sorry that she left us. I know she is in heaven, at the right hand of the Father, without pain, watching over her children. God Bless you Karen, we hardly knew you.

  • orlando

    I was not aware that, Karen
    had passed away … I really enjoyed her broadcasting the news , condolences to her beloved family . You are surely an angel.