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Spain’s Beatriz Talegón lambasts Socialist International

February 18, 2013

Twenty-nine year-old attorney Beatriz Talegón is the Secretary General of the International Youth Socialist Union, but she became a viral sensation on February 5, when she lambasted the Socialist International in Portugal for driving expensive cars and meeting in five-star hotels. She went on criticizing the party for claiming to care about the youth, when in reality the party won’t even listen to young activists within its ranks. Among other things, she demanded the party to choose its members (and that includes the young ones as well) democratically and denounced the fact that even her had to basically get on her knees to be able to speak at the Congress.

Her speech turned her into an instant revolutionary heroine, but hers was as polarizing a speech as it could be: critics from the left and the right claim she’s full of it (she criticizes Spain’s Socialist PSOE party, yet she went to a PSOE-sponsored march, from which she was almost lynched), but her supporters thanked her for openly saying what many in the disillusioned left have been thinking for years: that the world’s left has given up and is now, at best, a moderate form of right-wing, pragmatic ideology.

Of course, the critics won’t say anything to her face and are unable to point out any lies or mistakes in her words and actions. When they do, she’s an expert debater who exposes her critic’s stupidity and debunks each and every attack against her. This clip will give you an idea why you better not mess with Beatriz Talegón on a live debate (no, you don’t need to speak Spanish to see my point):

Beautiful, smart, articulate, and fearless: if someone like Beatriz Talegón doesn’t save the real left, no one will.
Enrique Lopetegui

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  • GeorgeLC

    Una joven muy inteligente que se defiende muy bien y que lleva criticas a los gordos del moviemiento socialista para que sean coerentes con su ideologia proclamada. She is a very intelligent young woman who defends herself very well and brings forth criticisms against the “big guys” of the Socialist movement calling on them to be coherent with their stated ideology. The announcer seems irritated with her having the courage to criticize constructively. Parece que el lider de la discusion se irrita que ella tenga el valor de criticar constructivamente. Brava. Se necesitan mas como ella! Good for her. We need more like her, and I would add, in all political and ideological movements: coherent people with critical thinking abililty.