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Spoiled Palate conducts tours for foodies, wine and beer lovers

October 11, 2013
Tours are booking now. (Courtesy)

Tours are booking now. (Courtesy)

Spoiled Palate is a new company aiming to spoil (get it?) your palates by conducting tours of the most celebrated restaurants and craft breweries. Tours, which will travel by van and can accommodate up to 10 attendees,  kick of in mid-November include several stops in some of the areas hottest restaurants. Tours are also in the works for New Braunfels, The Pearl and The Point Park & Eats.

Spoiled Palate will have its inaugural Southtown Tour  from 5:30 p.m. to about 9 p.m. on Nov. 12 and will meet at Hotel Valencia, 150 E Houston St.

The first trip is already mapped out, here’s what folks should expect:

The tour starts at Bliss, 926 S. Presa St, with charcuterie, oyster sliders, a wine pairing and attendees will be able to meet Bliss himself. The second stop will be at The Monterey, 1127 S. St. Mary’s St. where the chef will whip up a surprise for the guests and an optional drink pairing with the course. Then the night continues on to Le Frite Belgian Bistro, 728 S. Alamo St., San Antonio’s Belgian Bistro with a surprise item (which may includes mussels, tart or quail on a stick).  Bar 1919, 1420 S. Alamo St. Suite 001, will be the next stop for cocktail history and a demonstration. But if a house made Sangria is more your thing, wait ’til you hit up Barraca Paella Bar, 1420 S. Alamo St. Suite. 101. The bar will also offer croquette filled with  Serrano ham and goat cheese along with two other items. The last stop will be Liberty Bar, 1111 S. Alamo St. which will offer dessert to end the night, a geranium-infused custard with raspberry coulis.

To book the tour visit, it’s $139 per person.

Libation pairing and samplings  are great and all, but if you enjoy all things beer, Spoiled Palate is also holding another tour specifically for beer lovers from 1 p.m. to 5p.m. on Nov. 14.

Tour-goers will visit three local breweries recognized for their passion and dedication for crafting beer.

Recognized by for its use of local ingredients, Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling, 4834 Whirlwind St., will be the first stop of the tour. The brewery will offer two pint sized glasses of Texas beer tastings, and an optional Texas whiskey tasting. Tour-goers will also be able to go behind the scenes and see how the brewery makes such fine beer. The tour will head to Branchline Brewing Company, 363 Metro Parkway, where they use local ingredients like honey, to craft their product for a sample Flight of Texas beer and a chance to meet the brewer. The adventure will end at Busted Sandal Brewing Company, 7114 Oaklawn Drive, which recently established its facility in June. Busted Sandal will offer two pint glasses of Texas beer, and a quick tour of how the establishment.

To book the beer lovers tour visit, cost is $79 per person.

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  • Nick Vasquez

    I would spend that much at one restaurant. Now I can have someone drive me to 6 different places for the same price! : ) This is perfect for out of towers or to break the ice with a new team of coworkers! Awesome idea, can’t wait!

  • Brad H.

    Food tours are a great
    idea – if they’re done right. I’ve done some of the best in the US

    and a few foreign based,
    most we’ve enjoyed. So, we’ve always been on the search for one here.
    We’d found and took one with Historic Texas tours, who I understand,
    are no longer doing food tours. It was just OK.

    After looking at the one
    presented in this article, I have already eaten at all but one of the

    establishments. Some are
    good, but we’ve had not so good experiences at a couple of them. What
    really concerns me seeing the price? $139.00?

    So, that bring to a food
    tour we took just one week ago and highly recommended (raving) by
    fellow conventioneers visiting for our, fortunate enough, hometown

    The name of the tour is
    Fork in the River, given by Food Tours San Antonio. We checked out
    the website first and really loved the concept and we had also been
    to the restaurants listed. All of them we love. The only one we did
    not know of, and what a shame, was Gwendolyn, and now, love it also!
    In fact, we’ve gone back for the full treatment and it may have been
    the best meal I’ve had in San Antonio.

    To wrap up, we got to eat
    the best food I’ve experienced not just on the River Walk but

    anywhere in San Antonio.
    It is was a very well designed mix of River Walk features, city
    history, architecture and great food. We met 2 James Beard award
    chefs on this tour. This was all for $49.99! So, , that was
    another reason we did the tour. What a value!! We thought we’d
    better get to it before those prices, which I figure, will no doubt
    go up!

    What is really
    gratifying? The tour really held it’s own against the best we’d taken
    in all the places we’ve done food tours. It even bested out previous
    favorite which was a Pizza tour in Chicago.

    Because of this tour, we
    can say we now have a world class food tour in our fare city, which
    is nice, because we’d even been asked by food tour guides and
    participants whether we had a food tour in San Anonio. Regrettably,
    we would have to say no. Maybe, the Current has covered this tour,
    but we get each monthly issue and have not seen it mentioned?

  • Elidia & Roger

    Thanks Brad for the Fork in the River food tour tip. I did find them in the search under that name but it’s actually a company called Perhaps others coming?Anyhow, I never took a food tour before, unlike yourself. However, our friends from Seattle were in town and were raving about their city’s food tour “Savor Seattle”, and yeh, I checked their reviews and they were through the roof. Then, I remembered I had read this blog about the food tour, and thankfully, was able to find it again. They were interested in this one as the spoiled palate seemed a different mode from the the type they took in Seattle and way more expensive.Well, first things first, they thought the tour rivaled their highly touted Seattle tour! I thoroughly enjoyed it; although I had nothing to compare it to. In particular, I enjoyed meeting the Chefs; Bruce Auden and Michael Sohocki. Through they years, I’ve heard of Auden as he’s often been mentioned as the best of the best in San Antonio – various articles, etc. I never knew of Sohocki, but what an amazing and engaging chef he is as well! Getting to meet and converse with them was a major highlight of the tour. Every stop had great food and unique character. Our guide Gary was seriously knowledgeable about the River Walk, city history, etc. He sounds nothing like other tour guides we’ve experienced in San Antonio. Our friends from Seattle and I really enjoyed the connection of the food to the culture that inspired it. Thoughtful and gave the tour a uniquely San Antonio flavor.Like you, I’m really glad I can, with some pride, show off the best of our city in various ways through this one tour rather then the usually unimpressive boat and trolley tours, etc. This will be the first recommendation I will give and take them on. Thank you Food Tours San Antonio.