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The True, SA-Based Story Behind IceJJFish’s Viral “On the Floor” Video

February 12, 2014

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Welp, in case you didn’t already know, we live in a truly exciting (depressing?) time. It’s a time when someone can get just as famous, if not more so, with a confident and terrible voice as they can with a good voice. It’s a time when our society’s ridiculous sense of humor is writ large in the form of three million-plus views on But don’t worry—this is no thinkpiece … some things are just better left unanalyzed.

When Chicago area singer IceJJFish’s video for his awful emo R&B song “On the Floor” first started circulating, and when Current Editor Callie Enlow blogged about its connection to Saytown three days ago, people were equal parts amused, perplexed and angry. Where did this kid come from? Is that his real voice? Does he really think he can sing? OMG, who’s that girl? Who would make a video like this? Doesn’t this make San Antonio look bad? Why is he famous instead of me? OMG, who is that girl?

The question of who made it is answered easily enough. As was reported, the video is produced and promoted by San Antonio-based multimedia entertainment company I caught up with owner Ricky Ortiz over the phone yesterday to try and get some answers to the other important (not really) questions concerning the overnight viral video.


First things first, I wanted to know how Ortiz and his team came to work with IceJJFish. “We had seen him on Youtube doing various things (especially his cover of Robin Thicke’s “Lost Without You”), and thought he was hilarious. We knew he hadn’t nearly reached his peak in views, so we reached out to him, flew him in from Illinois, showed him a good time and he agreed to let us make three videos for him,” Ortiz tells the Current. The first of these three videos, the decidedly less LOL-worthy “No Topping You,” was released on January 7 and, of course, the second is “On the Floor.” One can’t help both anticipating and dreading video number three.

The next most pressing matter of concern (not at all pressing or concerning), is Mr. Fish’s limp, quaking and excruciating vocal delivery, which most resembles a wounded sea bass flopping haphazardly around the deck. When I ask Ortiz, who clearly sees The Fishy One as a humorous artist and not a talented singer, what gives with the guy’s voice, the tone of his reply suggests he wants to be careful. “He’s got a unique voice. It’s not good, but when I listen to his album [Joy] I don’t get annoyed, I just think it’s funny and entertaining.”

Far from making the Alamo City look bad, Ortiz contends that it’s no slight to a city to have a hilarious viral video produced there and that, furthermore, people need to “lighten up and recognize comedy for comedy, it’s not like we’re saying he’s the next great singer.” But it is video vixen (and promotional model) Karen Vi who has the most perfect response to anyone worried about our city’s reputation. “I mean we get bad press for teenage pregnancy and for obesity,” she notes, “this is just a fun video for entertainment, I don’t see how it would make the city look bad.” Touché Vi, touché.

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  • kornbread

    Forget the Rock-n-Roll marathon, San Antonio should start a get fit with fish dance across the Hays street bridge. Not only is walking/fish flopping healthy, but so is laughing and having some fun.

    Can you imagine filming the school of fish dancers jumping up the fish ladder or pouring off the bridge? No where else but San Antonio.

  • dsad


  • Junior Ducatel

    haha yea that “On the Floor” joint was hilarious!

  • Zach

    Daniel is obviously a downlow gay male. He’s making youtube videos and trying to gain fame by hiding who he really is. If you’re a gay fish be a gay fish, Daniel. Stop singing about girls when you and I both know that’s not what you desire and dream about.

  • That Nigga Niko Bellic

    This song is pretty catchy to be honest

  • rokklee

    i dnt see y anyones making a fuss out off his song its supposed to be funny just cuz he cant sing dont mean shit you guys probaly sound a like a cat coughin up a hair ball

  • ralphthelonewolfdupree

    I think thatraw and jj and Karen VI have the right idea. Now they actually have eyes on them especially miss vi.

  • NotYourTypicalNegro .

    Why are gay people always trying to out other people? Mind your business and let other people tell their own truth. smh…

  • Nickey

    Call me Crazy. But I like the song. Very catchy ..

  • Ray Sinbran

    I agree. Wait, did you just out Zach?

  • Shelly Aggrey

    Fish Nation!!

  • LLCJ

    Haha, well played!

  • precious

    Does he have any mental disorder and I’m not trying to be rude or anything just wondering

  • Toy

    Can i just say wtff!! dat dude voice is fucking horrible but i agree i def lmao

  • Noah Roalson

    I agree, he could totally remake it but seriously R&B style, instant hit.

  • Donald Sterling AKA ‘Massa’

    Senor Fishy Fish… lol

  • sothisiswhattheworldhascometo

    why people are worried about the video making San Antonio look bad is lost to me. I’ve been to San Antonio too many times to count,I live in Texas even and I couldn’t tell where it was. I didn’t know or really care where it was filmed who does? When you have him singing (if that’s what you want to call it) and that girl doing whatever she was doing how do you have the time to notice ?

  • Gwen

    I’m more concerned that everyone might be laughing at a kid with significant intellectual disabilities who thinks he can sing and everyone’s too “nice”/entertained to say otherwise. Something about him seems “off,” and not just his singing voice.

    It’s one thing to make or laugh at a music video for someone who’s terrible and doesn’t care or is in on the joke. It’s another thing to make and popularize a video for someone who really doesn’t understand that everyone is laughing at them

  • Blob blob


  • Jermaine TheApology Washington

    I don’t know this whole scenario seems too fishy to me….lol

  • quarmica colley

    They can say its all for fun and comedy but I really think dat he thinks he really can sing and dats da sad part. What if he thinks he is about to blow up overnight for his supposed to b good talent for singing and he doesn’t know dat the record label is just using him for money and making fun of him so they can blow up overnight. Dat is going to b terrible for him once he realizes dat he can’t sing and da record label is using him for their own benefits, I promise u dat will hurt him more than anything. They should tell him their agenda and tell him he can’t really sing plus he can’t dance either. It might b comedy to us but what is it to him.. think about it ppl..

  • The Chachi

    Don’t hate people, he has a really hot girl , different kinda voice, and a plan. I bet he makes a million dollars, don’t be jealous he thought of it first.

  • Amado Tuffour

    This guy has simply come up with a gimmick. I watched a few of the videos from the following link below and listened to him talk before singing. He is NOT taking himself seriously at all. And he must have known it would get him a huge following. If anything, he used the whole tone deaf/horrible singing thing to his advantage.

  • Megan

    Amen. You stole the words right out of my mouth, Gwen.

  • Pomagranite16

    Bro. Stay in school. If you are out, pick up an English course. And maybe you wanna bring back those spelling tests from elementary school.

  • A. Nuran

    OK. You’re crazy

  • Apul_MadeeqAoud

    I have to try hard not to get wrapped up in that song. It would be worse than “Its a Small World”.

  • Fay

    well he probably made a lot of money and has positive attention. Judging by his previous videos I don’t think he took himself that serioisly. Looking at the comments, I think he already knew he wasn’t, nor ever will be, a great singer. Even if he wasn’t trying to be funny, maybe he just started out to entertain himself. Either way, he is mostly getting positive attention and earns some extra money, trust me, if he felt bad about people’s opinions, he would have stopped before he got “signed”.

  • Trina Alix

    If he could sing, his songs would be great

  • Trina Alix

    Well, he’s been told he can’t sing. I have told him. He claims we’re hating on him. He really believes he has haters.

  • Lily

    ~The Truth of Life in 3 pages~
    Go to Truthcontest,com and Click on “The Present”.()

  • Peter S Burg

    Not crazy, just retarded