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5 iPhone Apps to use at the #SATX Beer Festival

October 10, 2011

Beer! Keep track of your beer tasting notes and ratings.

Beer Pong. Multi-player, in-game chat, and table selection.

DrinkFit knowing the carbohydrates and calories per beverage.

Blood Alcohol Calculator (B.A.C.) App. For entertainment purpose only.

BeerChooser. Personalized recommendations beers you’d like and don’t like.


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  • Sanchezicus

    God Damn beer nerds

  •’t-be-slider-phone-we-tell-why….html iPhone 5

    Wating to have beer and ‘ll click photo with my new iPhone 5

  •’t-be-slider-phone-we-tell-why….html iPhone 5

    The next generation phone would be called as iPhone 5………….