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Embrace Death with my video review of Darksiders 2!

August 28, 2012

It’s that time fellow nerds and dorks! Now that I’ve gotten accustomed to using a capture device, the process of making video reviews is going much smoother (Adobe Premiere, however, is still a bit tricky). Submitted for your approval–or disdain–is my video review of Darksiders 2:



See you in the next level,


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  • BobSmith111

    After playing the demo and seeing this review over at a co-workers house from Dish, I decided I couldn’t go wrong by adding it to my queue using Blockbuster@Home. Can’t wait to play it myself! I don’t always have the option to buy all the great games out there I want due to lack of funds, so the most economical way for me to play games is by renting them. Equipping and finding new secondary weapons from vanquished foes is really sweet. It seems that there are only 2 types of basic secondary weapons. Heavy weapons with slow attack speed and powerful damage, and gauntlet type with a fast attack speed and lower damage. Can’t wait!