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Late Night, Great Bite

November 28, 2010

Evil Olive occupies the former site of Jack's Patio Bar.

Thanksgiving weekend was the perfect time to check out Evil Olive Elixir Lounge, the new bar/diner that just opened on Thousand Oaks and Jones Maltsberger. Although Evil Olive occupies the former site of Jack’s Patio Bar, the interior has been completely redone and is markedly spacious. Doors officially opened on the ever-popular bar night of Thanksgiving Eve, and word had gotten around by the time we dropped in on Friday.

A quick glance at the nightly specials revealed that drinks are cheap. A different liquor is on special each night of the week, while beer in the $2-$2.50 range is more than reasonable. The smoke-free environs are sleek without being pretentious, and the laid-back vibe beckons to a mixed crowd. Owner Rick Mueller said he hopes to add live music to the mix sometime down the road.

And then there’s the food. Located inside Evil Olive is Phil’s Texas Diner, which serves true Texas BBQ, a variety of diner food, and several desserts made from scratch (including fried bananas!). The diner stays open until the drinks stop flowing, so boozehounds can order food until 2 a.m.

If Phil’s Texas Diner sounds a bit familiar, it’s probably because it is. Have a hazy memory of eating kick-ass brisket tacos and fried mac and cheese outside Oasis Lounge? In preparation of Evil Olive’s launch, Phil’s was serving BBQ staples from a mobile food trailer in the Bitters strip center to get the word out.

The BBQ Sandwich is nicknamed the Phil — I can personally sing its praises — and BBQ Tacos are a steal at 2 for $3.50. Either can be made with brisket, chicken, pulled pork, or sausage. BBQ Nachos have also been a top seller, as have the hot wings, which are smoked and then fried.

The menus will probably be tweaked as both bar and diner settle into their new digs, but I want to let people know they’re open for business! Address is 2950 Thousand Oaks #5. Look for their distinct sign, photographed above.

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  • EvilOlive Fan

    The bar is amazing… as is the food! I’ve tried several items on the menu and have been very happy with it all :) I would definitely say this is going to be my hangout. Very cool environment and great people. The games should be there this week sometime hopefully (dart boards, pool table, Foosball table, shuffleboard). And I think the stage is going to be built in the next couple weeks!! This place is awesome, come on in and see for yourself :)

  • Justus2181

    Sweet. I love Phils bbq. I would go to bitters just for that stuff!

  • Mark Trevino

    The Evil Olive Sucks!

    We went last night like the loyal customers we always have been. Needless to say were very disappointed to find out the owner reserved all the tables for his friends with complete disregard for his regular customers. I have been a great advocate of this establishment since it opened. To be treated with such disrespect and disregard was disgusting. I will never return and never refer a friend to Evil Olive again.