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10 Most Newsworthy Local Stories of 2013

December 26, 2013
Photo by Mary Tuma

Photo by Mary Tuma

10. CPS Feels The Heat After Proposing Rate Hike:

While top-level CPS energy executives enjoyed millions in bonus pay, the city-owned utility unabashedly asked customers to cough up extra cash for monthly electric bills—on top of the request, critics described the average $5.19/month as a low-ball estimate sure to strain the wallets of poor customers. Looking out for the middle class, social justice advocates called CPS out, forcing the company to lower the rate increase, restructure their bonus incentive program and invest in low-income customer outreach, reminding us sometimes pushback pays off.


Creative Commons

Creative Commons

9.  Texas Same-Sex Marriage Ban Challenged in SA Federal Court:

Two same-sex couples recently filed a federal lawsuit to overturn Texas’ 2005 ban on marriage equality. While the story is still developing and will likely make headlines come 2014, it’s worthy to note that the case has SA roots galore—the couples have all lived in San Antonio at some point, their lawyer is based in the city and the case itself is being heard in U.S. District Court in San Antonio. Stay tuned.


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  • Jeremy

    Gay rights in San Antonio? I’m appalled by this, is there a petition to unseat all who voted “Yes” for this BS ordinance? If so, please provide the information.

  • Tab Reynolds

    tisk tisk Jeremy. You know you are on the internet; Google it.

  • Tab Reynolds

    I’m more appalled that our city is filled with such close minded bigotry. Everyone has rights-everyone. The passing of the NDO was much over due and much needed. I am so proud of all the people that stood up for this ordinance to be passed and with stood all the hate that was thrown at them during this exhausting process. I have never been more proud of San Antonio until then, and still am. San Antonio has a movement in it!!