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A Short History of the Newest Spur Damion James

April 14, 2014

Damion James taking a free-throw against Texas A&M on Februay 18, 2008. Photo by Aaron Vazquez

The San Antonio Spurs announced yesterday that Damion James has joined us for the year. But what do we really know about Damion James? Does he understand the rules of basketball? Could he explain them to me?

I scoured the Internet to see what I could dig up on Damion James and exactly how he got here. By the looks of it, James had his own set of struggles he faced before coming to us.

  •  Damion Marquez William James was born on October 7, 1987 to Katrina Williams, when she was 16 years-old.
  • Early in his first season, James broke his foot in December of 2010.
  • After a surgery, it healed.  Unfortunately, he suffered even more injuries in 2011, including a concussion, and a sprained ankle.  He had to get a second foot surgery in 2012, and that took him out of the season.  The Nets did not renew his contract.
  • In July 2013, James said he felt “100 percent, and ready to go,” with his foot fully healed.
  • After joining the Spurs on a 10-day contract, he’s signed on for a full-year with.
  • His salary for this year is a respectable $68,902.

Life and injuries haven’t always been kind to  James. We feel for the guy.  And we’re happy to have him. Welcome to the Spurs, James!


  • ItsMe

    Damian James is a total enigma and a hometown boy. I am far more interested in what Austin Daye can bring to the table though. He has the length and athleticism we are going to need against a team like Golden State.