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Bexar County GOP Judge Switches To Democratic Party

October 21, 2013

Serving as a Republican since 2010, Bexar County Judge Carlo Key is making the switch.

Republican Judge Carlos Key bids the GOP farewell, joins the Democratic Party. Photo by Mary Tuma

Republican Judge Carlo Key bids the GOP farewell, joins the Democratic Party. Photo by Mary Tuma

Key announced today he will run as a Democrat in his upcoming re-election campaign. A divergence of principles from the GOP led Key to make the transition. Key referenced the Republican stand-off over Obamacare, which led to a partial government shutdown, as one of the reasons for his diminishing faith in the party.

“I cannot tolerate a political party in which hate speech elevates a candidate to higher office rather than disqualifies them,” said Key. “I cannot be a member of a party that is proud to ruin the financial lives of hundreds of thousands of federal employees in a vain attempt to repeal a law which provides healthcare to millions of Americans across the country. And I cannot condone a party that values ideological purity over devotion to rule of law. Make no mistake, I did not leave the Republican Party– it left me.”

In an announcement video, Key points to “ideological character assassination” “pettiness” and “bigotry,” as attributes that have come to define the Republican Party.

On the steps of the old Bexar County Courthouse, Key was joined by San Antonio Democratic U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro, state Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, state Sen. Leticia Van de Putte and Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa, who welcomed their new political colleague.

“Texans are looking for principled leaders to move their state forward. For far too long, the smallest minds have been making the loudest noise in the Republican Party. I welcome anyone to the Democratic tent that stands for justice and fairness,” said Martinez Fischer. “We all know that actions speak louder than words, today a Hispanic leader joins the Democratic Party, because when the fanfare around Hispanic Republican outreach is reconciled with the reality of the party’s dogma, pettiness, and bigotry, the choice of which party to support is clear.”

Speakers made note of Key’s impoverished upbringing and his rise to success. Key previously served as the Bexar County Assistant District Attorney before going into private practice. At the time of his election, Key was the youngest judge sitting on a county or district bench in the Texas.

Earlier this year, veteran Bexar County Judge Karen Crouch similarly switched parties– but the other way around. The Democrat, stepped over to the GOP saying she’d always been conservative and that, as Key quipped, she did not necessarily leave the party, rather the party had deserted her: “I really don’t feel like I have left the Democratic Party, so much as it has left me,” she told WOAI in June.

Other recent party switchers? Republican state Reps. Aaron Peña and Allan Ritter made the jump in 2010, angering Democrats as the move granted the House GOP a two-thirds supermajority, allowing Republicans to override vetoes and pass constitutional amendments without input from the Democrats.

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  • John Tyler

    Judge Key, the Democrats, not the Republicans, wrote the PPACA, refused to allow the republicans to see it and passed it into law without allowing any Americans left or right to see it. Then, when it became clear this law could not be implemented successfully, because it was written so poorly, a Democratic President, instead of following the law, decided to ignore the law and delay the PPACA without congressional approval. If someone in your court, say a court clerk, was taking the law into their own hands and delaying judgment dates while also using court funds to carelessly write checks that were bouncing, without your approval, would you shut down the account and fire the court clerk? Of course you would. That is the responsible thing to do. That is the right thing to do. However, Republicans did NOT shut down the government and you know it. Republicans simply tried to get the checkbook out of the hands of the irresponsible and careless spenders and tried to get the President to respect the law and our Constitution. The President shut down the government and even said he wanted “All Americans to suffer…” until the Republicans bowed to his wishes. So I guess what you are saying is you have zero respect for Our Constitution and total respect for getting elected and keeping your job. Our Country doesn’t matter, our Laws don’t matter, our budget and our future doesn’t matter, but you getting re-elected does. Okay. Got it. But, in the future, could you please learn how to read a tele-prompter and cue cards the next time you go on camera to talk from the heart? Seriously, the slow reading and eye bobbing is embarrassing.

  • Elle Bee

    This judge is easier than a 2$ whore

  • Riely

    Republicans did NOT shut the Government down? You are living in a parallel universe!