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Bonehead Quote of the Week: U.S. Senate Candidate Kesha Rogers On President Obama

May 16, 2014

As candidates gear up for the upcoming runoff election, there’s bound to be a few verbal slip-ups under the pressure of campaigning. But for U.S. Senate candidate Kesha Rogers, her perceived verbal blunders are anything but unintentional.

Screen shot via Kesha Rogers for U.S. Senate

Screen shot via Kesha Rogers for U.S. Senate

Rogers, running in the Democratic primary runoff against well-financed Dallas dentist David Alameel for a spot to eventually challenge GOP incumbent Sen. John Cornyn, has made lambasting President Obama a hallmark of her campaign. A disciple of the LaRouche Movement, a political fringe group, Rogers has called for the president’s impeachment and has drawn several comparisons between the Obama administration and the Nazi Party.

And during a recent campaign stop in the Rio Grande Valley, Rogers loaded on the Obama bashing. The McAllen Monitor reports:

“The president has earned his Hitler mustache,” she said […] adding that the comparison stems from supposed similarities between Obama’s signature domestic legislation, the Affordable Care Act, and a Nazi euthanasia program.

LaWhat? Healthy criticism of Obama’s financial and healthcare policies from within in this own party should be accepted, but Rogers takes it to a new, absurd and insulting level— flaunting her abhorrence toward the President on her website, Rogers features an image of Obama with a Hitler mustache.

The Democrat’s controversial remarks have alienated her own party’s leadership. The Texas Democratic Party denounced Rogers as, “not a real Democrat” and chastised her for holding an impeach-Obama platform.

Now, if there were only a party where ardently anti-Obama candidates would feel welcome…

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  • vitasackvillewesttexas

    Interestingly enough, I met her here during the 2006 midterms. She was staying with an employer/friend who was funneling money to LaRouche. She and some of the cult members stayed at my house while I was working on a project. And I do say cult. The communication style was so weird. It was easy to recognize the hierarchical dominance. Some of the kids would talk, but it was easy to tell when a senior member came in the room, they would get very quiet. All of them knew the classics, could sing and play violin. And discuss fascinating, scattered topics. I think of them as Tea Party on Steroids. They are anything but Democrats, in any traditional definition.

  • Happy

    She’s an idiot.