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Castro to appoint downtown task force, lauds street car plan

July 10, 2014
The Future of Downtown

The Future of Downtown

During a Centro San Antonio luncheon San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro addressed the future of downtown before he prepares to pack his bags and head to Washington D.C.

And he used the opportunity to announce that he’ll form a mayoral task force that will look at how to keep San Antonio’s urban core lively and affordable.

Castro said he’ll make the formal announcement, including all the details, early next week, but did say that District 1 Councilman Diego M. Bernal will chair the task force.

“I’m confident they’ll come up with a good policy to guide it,” Castro said, after announcing that there were four points needed to ensure San Antonio, and its downtown, are economically independent in a 21st century global economy.

Listing off those points Castro said the city must continue to incentivize downtown housing, attract tech entrepreneurs to downtown and revive storefront retailers.

But it was his last point that was met with a resounding applause.

“It is in the entire city’s best interest that we pay to invest infrastructure dollars in downtown and that means for streets, for drainage, and that means for the VIA Street Car as well,” Castro said.

The Senate overwhelmingly voted Wednesday to confirm Castro’s nomination as secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which means city council will have to choose an interim mayor from among themselves to hold the post until a new mayor is elected next May.


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  • Cassie Help save the local artisans and culture of downtown!!

  • whatsit2

    Castro only cares about himself and who will support him in his future ambitions. He completely abandoned the West Side and then cozied up to developers and big business. He really isn’t a Democrat at all and if anyone was actually paying attention, they would realize that. Too much corporate welfare, too little caring for others. And Diego Bernal is an egomaniac to the extreme without any of the brains Castro has. He’s going to really be a disaster. SAVE SAN ANTONIO and its culture! STOP THE BLANDNESS and mass shoddy overpriced apartments.