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First Lady Michelle Obama To Stop In San Antonio

April 28, 2014
Image via Creative Commons

Image via Creative Commons

First Lady Michelle Obama is expected to make a stop in the Alamo City this week to help promote higher education.

On Friday, Obama will join Mayor Julián Castro for Destination College Week’sCollege Signing Day,’ an event that allows high school seniors to publicly display their college or university plans. The mid-morning event is expected to draw more than 2,100 attendees. The week-long (free) citywide program is geared toward empowering children to seek higher ed opportunities and reminds the public SA is a prime spot for collegiate education in Texas, with around 150,000 students enrolled at area colleges or universities. This marks College Week’s fourth annual event.

Obama will be speaking at The University of Texas at San Antonio and is slated to discuss the administration’s “North Star” education plan (as she’s been doing recently) which aims to make the U.S. once again, have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020. Today, the country ranks 16th in the world in terms of rate of college degree attainment for 25 to 34-year-olds, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

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  • auntbec

    I believe that is First Lady Obama, or Mrs. Obama, or Michelle Obama – not “Obama”. I’m so sick of the disrespect our first family has endured their entire time as the First Family. I’m proud that she will be in San Antonio, because we have some amazing things going on here with education.

  • crazedchef

    So you give respect to all Tea party members, Republicans, & George Bush? Riiiiight…..

    This rag is so liberal they frequently fall off the left side of the freeway.

  • Chip70

    Wow. You post a lot of angry posts. ;-). Some are funny, but only funny cause you seem so angry… Then there are these that are just angry.

  • crazedchef

    Yes Chip, I am angry I admit. I spend too damn much time on the computer instead of the real world. Probably skews my opinion of liberals when in fact they are just people…..

    I was injured in Baghdad after working there for three years as a contractor and live with immense pain. In fact I have not worked since coming home in 2008. To live I have been slowly draining all of my retirement savings. I was stabbed in the back by my own lawyer in my Defense Base Act case (worker’s comp for people working in danger zones for the DOD.)

    Yeah, I am angry, I wish I wasn’t.

    When Obama was elected again in 2012, I cried, literally cried because I knew the kind of draconian laws the man was going to pass. We literally know nothing about his or Michelle’s backgrounds as they have spent well over a million dollars hiding ALL of their college years. The amount and scope of his executive orders i.e. “I have a pen & a phone” orders is unprecedented. I honestly believe that all people, whatever color they may be on the outside want the same thing: “Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness.” The overreaching government is getting in the way of this.

    The media and education is overwhelmingly liberal in this country. Literally two generations have been indoctrinated to hate a free market economy and capitalism. (Neither of which we have because of draconian oversight from pencil necked bureaucrats whose only interest is increasing their power over their subjects; us.)

    Just recently I have been thinking a lot about the black & white experience in America living on subsistence money from the government. I am eligible for all of the programs: food stamps, medicaid, SSDI. I am disabled and want to work so badly, I also want surgeries which the slimy insurance company screwed me out of. It is a conundrum though, the benefits all come with a caveat: if you work you lose benefits. This Catch 22 of our programs to help those in need are so fucked. It has opened my eyes to the black experience, the feeling of helplessness and being trapped by the system. The priorities of the bureaucrats in charge of these systems meant to help people out of a temporary problems (and also permanent disabilities like mine) are insidiously perverse in penalizing anyone who tries to better their life through part time work or full time work that doesn’t pay anything barely above minimum. It sucks and I feel badly for these people. Reading a couple hundred pages while doing research for applying has made me angry and hopeless, which I imagine people in the disadvantaged poor neighborhoods feel virtually from birth.

    I spent three years over seas, seeing this country from outside of it taught me that a good proportion of the world has it better than us, and TRUE poverty exists that would make the worst ghettos in America seem like paradise.

    It is all so overwhelming so I rant, I scream at the world every once in a while. The hypocrisy of someone “fed up with the disrespect shown the first family” makes me want to shake them up and insert the hundreds, thousands of examples of “disrespect” shown conservatives, tea party members, & libertarians. George Bush was a focal point of immense hatred by the liberals. His likeness was even hung as a head in a episode of “Game of Thrones” years after his presidency. Can you IMAGINE the outrage if someone put a likeness of Obama on a stick in a popular TV show?

    That is all, I live alone with my dog and goats rarely see another human. You are right, I should take my time and explain my anger instead of just spouting off.

    Have a great day Chip.

  • auntbec

    Chef, I am so sorry you are in such awful “straights”. I would never wish ill on you or Libertarians, Tea Party members, or the Bush family for that matter. I admit, I had a bumper sticker that said, “I don’t have to like George Bush to love my country”. A father and son ran me off of the road between San Marcos and San Antonio…for a bumper sticker. So I completely understand how people can be in Texas…
    That being said, I still said President Bush or First Lady Laura Bush. I didn’t agree with any of his policies, including the Iraq debacle, but I did my very best not to be disrespectful – I’ll admit, at least not in public.
    President Obama has been called every name in the book and then some they made up. Those same kinds of words have targeted his wife and his daughters. We live in the U.S. and those kinds of words are permitted as free speech. That doesn’t mean I have to agree with it, nor that I shouldn’t speak out about it.
    You think SA Current is a rag and too liberal? Don’t make yourself more angry by reading it. That can’t be good for your health.
    Hope things get better for you….but that’s a liberal idea! ;-)

  • crazedchef

    It’s a habit from many years working in the hospitality industry. The Current used to not be so liberal and it used to have all sorts of good stuff in it like the Billy Bob movie reviews, News Of The Weird, & local articles that actually were a-political about stuff that native San Antonio residents cared about. Now, it has articles like this one which is a total opinion piece which has NOTHING to do with “Current” San Antonio events. I do not agree at all that The Obama’s have been called MORE names MORE times than the Bush’s were, it is an arbitrary number anywhere, comparing apples to corvettes. I agree the family members should be off limits, but I clearly remember reading many stories about the Bush daughters and quite a few liberal comedians making sexual references to them. If that were to happen today that comedian would be arrested and never work again! I do not believe your story about being run off of the road because of your bumper sticker. It is more likely you made some minor infraction in your driving and inadvertently pissed off the wrong asshole. Looking everywhere for slights is detrimental to your health, I agree with you there, you LOVE this prez so you are more aware of insults. THIS article IS a perfect example of the hypocrisy of the left, how often were the Bush haters called out in the press? How often were the black Bush haters called “Racists”? This article shows the complete hypocrisy, Bill Maher will say the MOST VILE CRAP about ALL of the Bush family and then years later say “I would never say that to his face.” as if that makes it alright:

  • Chip70

    I got curious and looked something up : as popular as our current First Lady is (66%)… Laura Bush was more …(77%). Facts don’t lie, but our cable 24 hour news stations – they do… and can… and will… So, I pick a topic and try to find some facts… Take for example I heard someone talk about Obama and the number of executive orders…. The average for a US President = 44… Obama’s at 39.