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How Texans Deal With Ice, Snow and “Cold”

January 24, 2014



Irish comedian John Bowman, who opened for Lewis Black at the Majestic in 2012, likes to make fun of Texans and cold weather. “You guys don’t understand viscosity,” he said during his Majestic routine, and we all know he’s absolutely right—Texans and slippery roads don’t mix well.

Today was one of those “cold” days that cause school closures in Texas while kids are walking to school in Minnesota, and social media was filled with allusions to what a bunch of wimps we are.

“When whole city shuts down because of one small ice storm. #texansterrifiedofcold,” wrote artist/musician Shan Blam.

“I’m gonna slap the first person that says ‘it’s too hot’ once summer comes,” wrote La Prensa editor/actress Nina Durán on Facebook. But my personal favorite is this King of the Hill clip posted on Facebook by Ada Mariela Ortega, Regional Press Secretary and Latino Media Coordinator at the Texas Democratic Party (and a former Current intern).

Thanks, Adita. You made our day a little warmer with laughter.

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  • Madame*Pink

    I call “bullshit’ on the wimps comment. In Minnesota (and Pennsylvania, where I grew up) they’re accustomed to driving on snow, packed snow, and ice continuously for several months of the year. It’s a skill which is developed of necessity. Here in San Antonio, where it snows once every few years, very few people have ever had to drive on it. Do we =really= want thousands of drivers on the roads in unfamiliar and hazardous conditions?
    Additionally, northern states have grit trucks and salt trucks and plows to deal with ice and snow on the roads. We are not equipped for that here… nor would it make sense for us to be. And since when do Texans care what dumbasses up north think?

  • Proud to be from UP NORTH

    Maybe you should lighten up and learn to laugh about things……You consider yourself a Texan because you move to Texas……lots of luck with that one….. I have a friend who is currently working in Chicago after being born and raised and living in Texas for maybe 45 years and still owns a house in Texas, who works for United Airlines……..She loves the cold and the snow and can drive in it and does just fine. Maybe you should remember your roots…….”Dumbasses up North” SMH! You are a Texan want to be!

  • Madame*Pink

    What is it that makes you think that I care what you think? You certainly have an inflated opinion of your own opinion — typical northern mindset.
    Enjoy your weekend! :-)

  • Bernard

    Your are right, however then again it fun to make fun of us in Texas because we are so lucky not to have to deal the cold and snow but once or twice in a decade.
    The cartoon should have shown trucks in the parking lot and why was there no one with a cowboy hat as there usually is here in San Antonio.