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Racist Internet Trolls Attack 10-Year-Old Spurs National Anthem Singer

June 12, 2013

***Update Thursday June 13: Sebastien will once again sing the anthem at Game 4 of the NBA finals tonight. Go Sebastien Go!***

Screen shot 2013-06-12 at 12.35.23 PMLast night, minutes before the Spurs demolished the Heat in Game 3 of the NBA finals, San Antonio’s 10-year-old mariachi singer Sebastien De La Cruz offered a wonderful rendition of the National Anthem at AT&T Center. While he may be used to adoring audiences, as seen in last year’s America’s Got Talent, not everybody liked his performance — he was met with applause in the stadium and scorn on the internet. Apparently, other “Americans” were none too pleased that a “Mexican” was performing the national anthem, a privilege they only consider theirs.

See a few of the comments below.















Sebastien answered his critics today:

While these comments were made by a small group of ignorant individuals whose illiterate comments should simply be disregarded as bigotry and stupidity, as a Mexican-American myself I do find them absolutely mean and unwarranted, especially for a 10-year-old kid. Not only is he representative of the predominantly Mexican culture in San Antonio, but also representative of the boiling pot of cultures that America is. As fars as I’m concerned, Sebastien is as American as apple pie. So am I, and so are many of you reading this.

If you support Sebastien, show him some love and leave your comments below.

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  • Shamus

    Those people are a bunch of ignorant stupid racists. They do not realize that the American Southwest was part of New Spain, then Mexico, then the USA. The culture of Mexican Americans in the American Southwest is just as American as the Cajun French in Louisiana and the Cuban Americans in Miami.

  • Chris

    The greatness of our country is best shown by the patience and tolerance we have for the few idiots that ruin its image.

  • Melinda

    Sebastien, thank you for representing San Antonio, the United States, and our Mexican heritage with your excellent voice! We are so proud!!!

  • Brittany

    Keep your head up and keep singing, Sebastien! You performed beautifully last night and made all of SATX proud!

  • Jim Dalglish

    I can’t think of anything effective to say that doesn’t put me down as low as those morons. But, unfortunately, they represent a large segment of our society who have formalized bigotry into national and even international politics, often in the name of Christianity, family values or conservatism. Most of them have more sense than to display their hatred and stupidity openly, but they are all around us.

  • Alee Faye Saldana

    Way to go kiddo! You’ve got a great head on your shoulders, and I hope that more kids your age go on in life with the positive attitude you have. If it were possible for me to become more proud of being Hispanic, you did it for me buddy.



  • Elena

    So all these people posting racist tweets are Native Americans I’m guessing? Because if they’re not, their ancestors were once immigrants, too! They’re right, this is America, and I’m proud to be a Mexican American and more importantly a San Antonian!

  • Christina Medrano

    Talented and well spoken! Rise above it!

  • SNH

    People leaving these comments are just as minority as this little boy! You have Italians and African Americans…come on people! You are just as “minority” in America. Our country was built on diversity…built by slaves of all color. The SPANISH took this land from the Native Americans for goodness sake! So shame on you for being so ignorant! This is why we never move forward as a NATION! Do not call America your home unless you truly understand the meaning of “America, Land of the free and home of the brave!” Mexicans have fought for America along side the French, blacks, Cajuns, Irish, Italians and every other group of people! Why even support basketball? Players have the same ethnic backgrounds as the ones you are disrespecting! If this was your son, could you say these horrible things to his face? Stand tall Sebastian!! There is never a reason to feel ashamed of your background…it is not where you are from that matters…it is where you are going! And these haters are not going anywhere.

  • Ray

    I just listen to the wonderful presentation of our National Anthem by an extremely talented 11 year old. Frankly, I have heard adults not capable of singing this song nearly as well as Sebastien did. Thank-you for a truly marvelous rendition.

  • LizD

    You are awesome, Sebastian! Way to represent SA! We love you and look forward to seeing your rise to stardom!

  • grod

    The ancestors of native americans were immigrants as well you know

  • The Style Dossier

    We were lucky enough to be at the Spurs game last night & Sebastien did OUTSTANDING!! He gave me goosebumps. He represented SA well. I’m PROUD to be Mexican/Hispanic & I’m PROUD to say that Sebastien & I are from good ‘ol San Antonio.

  • brian

    go sebastien. go spurs.

  • Irene

    What a great voice this young man has. Maybe some of the persons who made those negative comments would like to do what he has. I doubt they would be able to stand in front of such a large crown and perform as well as Sebastian did.

  • Miller

    I am appalled that some of this racism was from an African/American! She should have known better!

  • Bell Solloa

    Viva la bam and don’t worry little buddy, there are more of us than there is of them…..them racists, that is!

  • axg

    Shame on everyone of you thats racist. God sees and hears all. Might be a good time to ask for forgiveness!!!

  • joanna

    you did an excellent job singing the national anthem….those saying those mean things are just ignorant…keep doing what u are doing cuz u have an excellent voice and know how to sing. you are very talented and the ignornat people have no talent and that is what makes them mad that a mexican american has the talent to what ever they dream of doing…

  • Irene Williams

    we could all respond in kind and throw derogatory and out dated terms around but then you relize they are all heat fans! they obviously cant hate on our team so they grasp at straws … but one thing needs to be clarified… he was NOT singing at a heat game…. HE WAS SINGING AT A SPURS GAME CUZ THIS IS OUR HOUSE YOU WHINEY LIL S$#TS!!!! :

  • Daniel Zurita Jr

    Amazing voice! Truly talented and no matter what these racists say about what you wore you represented the whole Latino culture here in San Antonio. Loved it and I am proud to have heard Sebastian sing the National Anthem. Thank you for not forgetting where you come from and you are one brave kid !

  • Danielle Lira

    I really hope we (San Antonio Spurs Sports & Entertainment) bring Sebastien back to sing the National Anthem again! Or at least sing God Bless America at halftime! Don’t let these mean, ignorant people get you down. You are a sweet, talented, respectful young boy, and as a fellow Mexican American from San Antonio, I couldn’t be more proud of what you did last night!! Go Sebastien Go!!

  • Judge Not

    This is what’s wrong with ignorant racists who live in America! Not only are these people showing their true colors but to be a bully to a little boy who happens to be a Mexican American shows how uneducated so many are in our own backyard. Just look at the uneducated comment made by TJ DA DJ. He can’t even write proper english so who is he to criticise? Oh and by the way it wasn’t a Heat game but the finals game where the San Antonio Spurs play! One thing for sure, these social medias are showing so many uneducated people that need to go back to school and learn how to read and write! All of these people should be completely ashamed of themselves for writing and judging this little boy who was proud to sing the National Anthem! They don’t even know him!

  • Anita

    They want to make comments about him singing the anthem. We hell what are you using to put your stupid comments on. It sure wasn’t made in America. It is ok he is way better than those who want to call an 11 yr old names. It just shows he is more mature than those who wish they could be where he was.

  • Veronica Arguello

    So very proud of you! You are a wonderful singer and an old soul.

  • Troy Lewis

    I’m a white male and I thought Sebastien’s performance was great! Also, I apologize for the racist whites on this page that are giving the white community a bad name. We aren’t all racist, nor should we be; especially if you aren’t educated enough to be able to see someone else’s perspective. How do I know they’re uneducated? Well, the ignorant/uneducated ones tend to have terrible grammar and spelling. #justsaying

    Keep it up Sebastien!

  • SirGaryColeman

    A lot of those people posting were black. That’s pretty ironic.
    I thank them, though, for exposing the stupidity of racism.

  • Phylle

    Sebastien you have an amazing talent! Be proud and don’t ever let those ignorant bigots get you down.

  • Ladyshawn

    He’s Mexican so he’s automatcally from Mexico and not Mexican/American? I cannot believe some if the coments. My husband is Mexican/American making both my girls half. They look Mexican and all these ignorant smucks would call my girls immigrants. My grandpa, being from Germany, makes me more of an immigrant than my husband and girls yet since I’m white, they’d have no problem with ME singing the anthem. So my girls who were born and raised in San Antonio (as was my husband, his dad & his grandpa) aren’t supposed to sing the anthem in school? I am just dumbfounded by this. I’m actually the minority in San Antonio. He represents the majority. I’m so angry and offended for my family. I’m also glad it’s getting so much coverage.

  • Ashley

    This “mexican” kid has accomplished more in his 11 years of life that any of these idiots will ever do in their lifetime. Keep it up Sebastian!

  • samadams72

    Who gives a Sh***T who sang the National Anthem…He got all the words right! #MichaelBolton,ChristinaAguilera#Fail

  • Okay and

    Fuck these people I’m Mexican and I take this very offensive and so what if my kind go up and sing that fucking song. It’s not your country you know!!!! It’s everyone’s and it’s a place where everyone can start a fresh new life and not have to worry about anyone judging them like these ASSWHOLES, dick heads. Fuck you who ever said that about use.

  • FPE

    Thank you Sebastian for your love for this country AND our SPURS.

  • Cynthia

    Oh My Gosh!! Sebastien, you totally nailed that beautiful song with so much heart and sincerity. And I am so proud of you showing up in full Mariachi regalia, you are an amazing talent. I’ve had to sing that song a hundred times myself, but not in front of such a sell out crowd or on national TV. WOW, what a fantastic opportunity. Hug your mom for me, I wish I could. She must be so proud. And blessings on your whole family cause I know it’s taken dedication on everyone’s part to drive you here and there and get you where you need to be. Thank you for such a beautiful way to represent the All American city of San Antonio. God bless you always Sir!

  • Raul Rudy Cantu

    they did not now that the spurs were from a predomintly mexican city soo the name says it all ( SAN ANTONIO ) NOT SAINT ANTHONY !

  • Iris Blackman

    Sebastien, you sang beautifully and were amazing! Keep singing and reject the discouraging ignorant words of others, they don’t matter. To everyone else…why do people need to be labeled? If you are born in America you are an American no matter what nationality you are. Skin color doesn’t matter.

  • pako

    The sad thing is that this people are talking of pure envy because most to them talk out of anger that they do ‘t even know the anthem. Why don’t they say anything when someone known is performing and they do a bad job or forget the lines. This kid is Mexican American and knows two languages thing that all this idiots dont and they can probably barely speak English. And please look up the definition of what a Mexican American is and where they are born before starting to judge.

  • Danny Brown

    Ah, the beauty of the Internet, social media and screen grabs – it makes it easier to spot ignorant assholes like the dicks in these tweets.

    Great job, Sebastien, and here’s to more people being like you than the idiots that abused you.

  • GM

    so then no one gets to sing the anthem according to their logic right?

  • GM

    I kind of thought it was funny some of the people calling him a beaner had the last name “Rodriguez” or “Garcia”

  • Stiff mister

    God dam bunch of crackers, red necks,kiss my jalapeño

  • David Briseño

    I want to know why this story is not on our national news stations! This goes to show that racism is still very much alive in our country. Why doesn’t someone go an interview some of the people that have made this racist comments, I really would like to hear what they have to say other then their racist remarks. Where do this people live, do they not know that we “America” is a melting pot of all colors. Sebastian, you keep doing what you are doing. Stay classy (like the Spurs) and you will go far. Unfortunately we live in a world of hate and ignorance! I hope that the Spurs organization lets you preform the National Anthem again, you did a great job representing America! Your pride for America shined very bright in your performance. Best of luck in your career whatever it is you decide to do.

  • David Briseño

    Troy, unfortunately racism comes in all colors! I saw remarks from white, black, brown,etc,etc…….Ignorance has no color.

  • Larry Ortiz

    Sebastian, sticks and stones may break your bones, but words get blown with the wind. You were just awesome… This great nation of ours is made up of immigrants, so what is the big deal. We have to remember that the only true Americans are the American Indians (Native Americans). If you go to Canada or Mexico you have to show some proof of citizenship on your way back as you apply for re-entry into the US, but the Native American (Am Indians) don’t have to show anything. Why, because they are the true Americans, All the rest of us DERIVE from immigrants from some where, and yes we are now citizens of this country simply because we were born here, And

    you know why, because that is the Law of the Land.!!!

  • David Briseño

    Stiff mister, it was more then crackers and red necks leaving messages. Sad to say but some of them had latino last names and some were black people! Unfortunately ignorance and stupidity comes in all colors!

  • Ninive

    Sebastian you are a very talented young boy and you have an amazing voice! Keep your head high, your heart full of Love and sing all the songs of the world because you can :-)

    I’m so disappointed on the close-minded indviduals with their ignorant comments. They all came from immigrants and America is the melting pot.

  • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

    Those people don’t know San Antonio…Sebastian was in Mariachi costume & that is about as San Antonio & TX as you get. We love a Fiesta. He sang a rousing rendition & he may not have been a cute little WHITE GIRL but we are proud to have this HANDSOME Hispanic American Boy in San Antonio. May he go forth to conquer the world & I hope someday his critics have to answer to him. Our Mayor is Latino, San Antonio born & raised. We have his brother in the US Congress & we have a great Hispanic State Rep in Mike Villarreal. All of them were born & raised here. I’d say we have a pretty good thing going!
    You keep singing Sebastian!

  • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

    I can guarantee you that what ever race those racists posting were; the begin sentences with “I’m not racist, but ……”

  • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

    PS That was one of the most beautiful renditions of the Star Spangled Banner that I have ever heard!

  • bob_o

    Good Job Sebastien.. let those haters hate because they are only making you famous!.. and may god bless all those ignorant people! Next time sing it in Spanish for them!

  • mteresa

    I wish all this ignorant people would come forward and honestly give us their family back ground (family tree) or at least their last name…lol Also I would like to know if any of them have a job or are high school grads. I am going to say one thing i’m sure all you learn in school, yes if you remember I hope you finished first grade….. If you cant say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

  • Cate

    *mouth dropped open in shock* It’s so terribly, terribly, TERRIBLY sad that people in this country still think and act this way!!! It’s almost too much for words. But here are some words for those bigoted hate-mongers anyway. Heinous, atrocious, disturbing, despicable, odious, reprehensible, abominable, ignorant, simple-minded, and just flat-out, an absolutely disgusting ANTI-American display of spewing & slinging venomous, hateful, uneducated sludge. Any of you who EVER speak this way to or about another human being and/or believes it’s right for you to do so, should be stabbed through the tongue with a white-hot knitting needle & exiled from the United States to a completely miserable existence. Of course, NO part of the world deserves YOUR kind but maybe in your suffering, you’ll finally get it. I wouldn’t count on it, based on the fact that you’re obviously ignorant to begin with but a little corporal punishment couldn’t hurt. I both abhor and loathe you all.

  • FTP

    class act by Sebastian, his parents raised him well, his father serving america and him educating Ignorant Americans who still to this day when an African American is President of the U.S still believe in segregation, on a day that African american brother and sisters are no longer public ally humiliated by the color of their skins, on a day when we as Americans should believe in moving forward, still ignorance has no color, ignorance has not memory, 5 years ago African Americans were proud to be Americans because of a historic day, now they judge a 10 year old boy please… We should really practice the “one nations under God” and stop being so ignorant.

  • Carolyn

    I adore you Sebastien! My gratitude to your father for his service to our great country and to you for that marvelous rendition of our national anthem. Education and love will conquer hate in the end. (I keep telling myself that, anyway.) God Bless you, dear young man!

  • lorenzo compean jr

    These people do not know what they are saying, this land of ours is called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is made up of different cultures from different places around the world. Blindness is what makes you so Ignorant and speak foolishness, I suggest that before you speak racial comments, take a look at your family tree and find out where you are truly from!

  • Lupe Gaspar Carrier

    Sebastian , you were amazing and I am so very proud to be not only a fellow Texan but an American that shares the rich beautiful Mexican heritage with you. I am sure you realize the idiots posting these racial remarks are doing so out of their ignorance. Just because a person’s surname is Hispanic doesn’t mean they’re illegal immigrants. Many of us have been here for generations and not only deserve but have he right to sing the National Anthem because we are Americans first!!!

  • Desiree Garrett

    Have any of these geniuses ever been to San Antonio? The city is filled with HISPANIC AMERICANS! From all corners of Latin America. The Latin culture is ubiquitous in Texas, especially in San Antonio. As a Native Texan, Caucasian American, and Fanatic Spurs fan, I am more proud to call that young man my countryman than a single one of the ignorant bigots that spews such garbage.

  • Anna

    He did a great job!!! Why are this people so mad because a mexican boy had to show how its done. At least he is not lip singing. Lol to all you haters…. He showed everbody how its done and he is only 11 years old.

  • Jade Smith

    I just don’t know why if you all call your self “Americans” you don’t get all out of your fat assess and sing it your self. America was not base in race, color, or nationalities learn and educate your self…… Is so sad to hear all of you who don’t have nothing to do but comment Stupid racist things like this We Hispanic, Mexicans or how you want to call us are here to work and make our goals not like some of you who are just busy envyn others for there furtune. We had supported our president which by the way most of the Hispanic community made it happened so I would not been talking racist. Good luck for the little boy…

  • Lydia Ramirez

    Just go’s to show that there are still ignorant people out there. This little boy is exactly that a little boy. there is only one race. the Human race. Grow up !!!!

  • Guess

    This is ridiculous we are in the twenty-first century and we still have racist ignorant people. How is an American suppose to look like???? If most of us here in the U.S are immigrants. Good job Sebastian!

  • Susan Taylor

    That is one of the BEST renditions of the National Anthem I have ever
    heard! Not only that — but he didn’t mess up the words like some
    celebrities and others who have sung this very hard to sing anthem. Way
    to Go Sebastien — I, for one, am VERY proud of you and your song gave
    me goosebumps!

  • Laurie

    LOVE conquers hate. Great job, Sebastien! You have incredible talent and we were honored to hear to you singing the National Anthem!

    All the best,

  • Paul

    This story and the one about the recent Cheerios commercial are indicators that hate of “the other” is alive and thriving in our country. We can’t just have opponents anymore; we have to hate them. We are beginning to have our own kind of war against each other. We are being taught to hate by politicians and preachers. We are being divided by intolerance and ignorance. Unfortunately the internet gives people a great deal of anonymity which fosters such hateful and vicious remarks. I don’t hear people making such ignorant remarks when bagpipes are played at a nationally covered funeral. Shouldn’t we be saying, “How dare that Scottish (or probably the comment would say “scotch”) player perform at the death of an American. Why can’t we work for understanding, acceptance, and caring as our values? This country was built by the hands of people from all across the world. It continues to grow because of the work, vision, intelligence and life experience that every immigrant has the opportunity to bring to our nation. Each person has the right to be proud of his/her heritage and to share that with others, making us a truly free nation. Let’s be the best that we can be, not the worst that we can show.

  • Leslie Bolivar

    Great job, Sebastion, keep pushing forward.

  • Sam

    Everyone is an immigrant so to single out Mexicans as “Illegal Immigrants” is pathetic especially when Texas used to belong to Mexico. If people want to play the “this is AMERICA” card than we should all go back to where our ancestors came from. Oh wait this is TEXAS and us Mexicans are already home!! Another thing “HEAT GAME???” HAHA no way

  • Vanessa M. Quezada-Baeza

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if any of you people had any talent then you would be there singing it if you were lucky! But get use to it because Latinos are on the rise just like African Americans! And for you “African Americans” and your racists comments knowing what your ANCESTERS went trough for YOUR freedom and for YOUR rights you should be ashamed!!!! What did ANY OF YOU get out of your ignorant comments? Other than making yourselfs look like complete fools! He did an AMAZING JOB! GOD BLESS!

  • Guest

    Lol these are the people that pronounce their last names completely wrong just to hide the fact that they are of LATIN descendants. For example, Arredondo (a-rrrrree-thondo) <<proper pronunciation they turn it into (a-rah-dawn-do). Ridiculous!!! Don't be ashamed of your cultural background we are all unique, and it is a good thing!!

  • cristina

    It’s so sad this nation, our nation, attack a little boy with such talent, calling him all kinds of names. Wetback? Seriously? To an 11 year old? The term is used towards Mexicans who crossed over illegally by swimming across the river and getting ‘wet’ in the process; this little boy has NEVER crossed the Mexican border and is a San Antonio Texas native… how ignorant is that? How many celebrities have butchered and forgotten the lyrics to the national anthem? (Christina Aguilera among many others) or even lip sync the entire thing in front of the president of the United States?? (Beyonce). He did not forget the words nor did he lip sync and he sang beautifully, and may I remind everyone that spurs fans are about 80% Mexican. Jeez

  • RealSanta123

    Does anyone realize that the person who was going to sing the anthem backed out at the last minute, and this 10 yr old boy accepted the task and performed with the utmost American integrity. God bless you Sebastian and thank you

  • JoAnn McMinn

    It’s not just the racism and bigotry… It’s the ugliness directed at a young boy! Shame, shame! I hope this child does not suffer greatly from this and that he sees that many do NOT condone these hateful remarks. Often children are exposed to the bad too soon; I hope enough of the good comes forth to counterbalance it. My heart goes out to Sebastian and his family.

  • OMAD

    The irony is that Miami and San Antonio have large latino populations and many of them are are paying costumers at the games, buyers of merchandise, etc,etc,. Guess what, they are cheering to the next NBA champion.

  • Montezrpn

    I live in San Antonio and also a Mexican American. I took my hat of in the bar I run and was proud to hear him sing a song that represents all Americans white, black,and Hispanic and many more that we could name. I proud of you little brother you hold your head head up as an American and Mexican American.

  • Chris Billings

    Sebastien, you did San Antonio proud. Don’t let the remarks of the ignorant people get you down, young man. Stand tall and be proud of who you are.

  • cherrie

    I don’t understand why people are talking shit about a little kid.. this country was made up of multiple cultures and races.. the original people here were the Native Americans….if u don’t like it GO BACK TO WHERE U CAME FROM.. NO BODY ASKED U TO HOP THE MAYFLOWER AND LAND ON PLYMOTH ROCK AND CLAIM IT. This is just complete ignorance.. Plus San Antonio is MAINLY HISPANIC.. LEARN YOUR INFORMATION IF YOUR GOING TO OPEN UR BIG MOUTHS….TEXAS BELONGED TO MEXICO FIRST..

  • Paisa

    So proud of this kid he sounds better than all those fucken people that are FROM this Country And can not eve sing it hahahhah wtf here is the list just a few Steven Tyler
    R. Kelly
    Christina Aguilera
    Michael Bolton
    Zooey Deschanel
    Keri Hilson
    Carl Lewis
    Scott Stapp

  • ZACKTOM lennon

    This wasn’t about the performance. It was about Sebastians clothing.These racist are so stupid that that was the only thing they observed. It only goes to show the level of hate that exist in our society, in our workforce, and on our streets. These idiots that made those tweets are people full of hate. They are just STUPID.PERIOD. We shouldn’t even give these punks a minute of our day.

  • Sandy

    Just shows that we have made very little progress since the 60’s. These people
    are so stuck in their narrow little minds they have no idea what America is. If
    someone doesn’t look & sound like them, then that person is the enemy. I was
    so proud of Sebastian on America’s Got Talent and for the way he is handling all
    of this. A true credit to his family, San Antonio, Texas & the United
    States. Guess they were not aware that the little girl singing the National
    Anthem in Miami was Cuban-American.

  • Bea

    Every American is not 100%. We all have another Culture to be proud of.
    WE ALL MIGRATED HERE by our Ancestors. But if there are German American’s, Irish American’s, Euro American, Asian American’s,
    or African American’s who forgot where you came from and don’t have
    pride in your culture, it doesn’t give you a right to attack a little
    boy with a Dream, just makes you look IGNORANT!!

    **I Stand corrected, we do have Native American Indians, OUR Ancestors took their land.

  • Dr. C

    Mijo, beautifully done!!!

  • American Tejano/Texan

    Ladies and Gentlemen, This American Kid is the son of an American veteran. He is a Tejano/Texan living and going to school in San Antonio, Texas, USA. I have personally experienced Irish Americans singing at Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park and it was OK with me on the bag pipes. So is violins, guitars and trumpets. Go Spurs Go!

  • deb


  • Blondie

    Who said all you ignorant, stupid, no brainers, that are uneducated; that can’t do anything for themselves have any room to open your big fat mouths. That little boy sang the anthem with great respect and pride. which is more than can be said for a dumbf–ks like you. Go back to school asswipes and learn your damn HISTORY, STUPID. AMERICA = THE MELTING POT OF THE WORLD!!!!! Maybe you all should go online and see if you can answer any of the questions from the immigration citizen test!!!

  • John Silvertab

    I think allot of people here confused National identity with racism, holding our National Anthem high in esteem is good to see however some of the comments are mean spirited.

    The Mariachi costume represent Mexico which is another political country and basketball is an American Sport. I don’t think in Mexico at soccer games people would dress like Uncle Sam in Red, White and Blue then sing their national Anthem in Hip hop, it would offend them too.

    Maybe his parents should of suggested just wore some SPURS colors or jersey to avoid projecting that image which is not considered so politically American mariachi on TV while singing a song we hold in High esteem as Americans.

    Its actually good to see Americans holding our Anthem in High Esteem, The reaction seemed to be like someone presenting an Image of the Muslim holy prophet Mohammed which outraged proud Muslims.

    So next time lets think of our image before the song is sung because Americans obviously hold it in High esteem and that’s our right and our National Anthem, it holds power and Pride,

    Hey it could of turned out worse,At least he sung it in ENGLISH not Spanish.

  • Cynthia

    Great Job….wish I had is talent! I thought his mariachi outfit was perfect! Way to go Sebastien!!

  • bontiveros

    Sebastien thank you for singing so beautiful.. and please ignore all these comments on Twitter from such ignorant people… You obviously my child have more brain cells than all of those people put together..

  • dgarcia

    Before you comment use proper grammar and know where he was actually born because when you assume you make an ass out of you and me. If a black and white person can do it why cant he and you dam right this is America why he did it and guess who let him the white man hah

  • Leigh Michelle

    Racism is the biggest lie that exists within our human emotions. There is only one race of human, and each and every one of us is a part of it. The only things that distinguish our cultures are the physical characteristics that make us unique and different. Man’s appearance has changed to adapt to his physical surroundings and that is the one and only way we have “evolved”. Shame on all of you for degrading a child especially when most of you are considered non-Americans as well. As adults we should be thankful our youth still take pride in our patriotism and symbolism that once made this country great. Tell me, what have any of you done for your country and what makes you better than this innocent child who has already fulfilled a life dream before he even learned how to drive? God have mercy on all of you and all of us who have to share this beautiful world with you. And yes I am of a multicultural background with a beautiful family of loving, compassionate, intelligent, successful people with many colors and dialects. May you all someday be so lucky. Peace.

  • blujeenlady

    Geeez he is a wonderful LITTLE BOY…stop with this stuff….Americans are all nationalities…wow! To be able to get up and sing this song at his age….congrats Sebastien…you ROCK

  • TexMex

    Sebastian I’m from Texas couple hours away from Sa u did awesome representing Texas and culture of Mexican-American !! Great job young sir do not let this stop you this world is cold you see that already the best thing to do is think who gives a f@$& what a hater gotta say your doing something they can’t u have talent all they got is hate …what will a hater do???what they do best talk Sh!@ so stand tall jus like your doing … Take this words .. Imagine me being afraid of a person breathing the same air as me think that and your gold good luck yo le vin diga

  • Carol Bolte

    We’re all immigrants from one century or another, from many countries, many nationalities, many cultures. Uh, did any of these uneducated, bigoted people notice that so are the basketball players they were tuned in to watch? Or the fans in the stand, Or their neighbors, coworkers, doctors, politicians, and on and on.
    Sebastian de la Cruz, you did an absolutely amazing job singing and representing our great team, our great city and our great country!!! Oh yeah, did I mention my “white” grandson plays trumpet and his favorite music to play is Mariachi. If there was a Mariachi in his school he’d be in it, like he was the district we lived in before this one. My ancestry: German, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Dutch, French and possible Swedish. My nationality United States citizen.

  • Fd Castro

    Sebastian did an awesome job!! It’s amazing how stupid uneducated people have no shame to exhibit their stupidity in public like they did.

  • Shirley

    That little boy has a beautiful voice. He’s also very intelligent. I am an African American and I am ashamed that anyone black white or otherwise would say such nasty things about anyone no less a child!

    I did not see a little Mexican kid singing the anthem, I saw an adorable proud American kid singing a song that most singers will tell you is difficult to sing. Yet he handled it like a pro!

    I’m sick of the hate…enough! We can ALL do better!

    Si se puede!

  • Terri

    WTF this is AMERICA he is a SAN ANTONIO NATIVE!! AMERICAN Sharing the AMERICAN dream!! He knew the words!! How many of you know the wards and can sing it as well? HE WAS FABULOUS!!!

  • Terri

    oops words…..some of these posts made me type too fast!!

  • sammie 9343

    I just love how stupid they are to automatically think he is an illegal alien. He was born as were his parents I’m sure. That makes him pretty American if you ask me. Plus this is the UNITED STATES of America. Technically Mexico is a North AMERICAN country.

  • sammie 9343

    Born here^

  • Amanda Guillen

    I had the pleasure of meeting Sebastien at a spurs/golden state game!He is one of the rnicest and most humble persons I know! Amazing heart to match an AMAZING voice!!Keep it up Sebastien!I know you will do big things in the future, and DO NOT let these ignorant people keep you down!As a fellow Mexican-American I find it horrible that this kind of racism still exists!Keep your head held high and never change who you are just to fit what others think is right!Best Wishes!!!!!


  • Pure One

    If the people who commented were illiterate how did they type it?

  • Maria Gonzalez

    Sebastien, You are a wonderful singer and certainly have more class and heart than these ignorant people who obviously are misguided and miserable. As a proud American of Mexican heritage that has seen bigotry abound, I urge you to hold your head up high and do not let these racists bother you. They are losers. God Bless you and Guide you always. San Antonio is so proud of you.

  • George

    Half of these dumb a**es have ancestors that were immigrants at one point too

  • Brittany

    Sebastien, your performance was awesome! My friends and I all send our love from Chicago. It is wonderful to see that you can overcome such cruel remarks. I hope that you continue to be yourself and embrace all that you are. You are a very talented individual!

  • John Wamdi Tanka

    fuckin haters, the punk who wrote the national anthem was a slave owner, the song sucks anyway, so who cares who sings it, if you aint native american or a descandent of native american you are an immigrant your dam self, ha ha, what goes round comes round, the europeans came here raping, pillaging, murdering, and stealing, so what my native brothers and sisters come up here from the south, they have more of a right to be here than the people who are hatin, :)

  • David Hinojosa

    First of all, Sebastian that was awesome! Your performance of our National Anthem was spot on. Not only did you sing well but your passion and enthusiasm could be felt and that’s the way it should be done. Con puro corazon! You made San Antonio and our country proud.
    Secondly, please realize that you can never please everyone all of the time and there are many ignorant and hateful people out there. As many hurtful and negative responses that you received I am sure you received a lot more positive ones and that goes to show there are more decent folks out there.
    Always stay true to yourself and you will be able to hold your head up high. I doubt those ignorant people can do the same. They need prayers and hopefully they will change their thinking.
    Sebastian, you have a bright future ahead of you. Keep the faith and do your thing. God Bless you and your family.

  • laura

    This country I tell you is sooooo…bad at acknowledging talent. This kid was great mariachi suit or not. America face it… we Mexican Americans are just as American as any other that consider themselves American….African Am., Asian American….it is just that people in the “norm”have made us feel like we can not be good at anything or feel proud of where our ancestors are from. Just like an Asian Am. for example singing the anthem would be very obvious had Asianin them. A few months back a lady singing the anthem at a hockey game in Canada sang the anthem with the lyrics all wrong. It is so wrong that the Majority of the minority is always picked on in a negative way even when it is a good being done. Now he is not even Mexican he is a US CITIZEN. As a teacher it is easy to see that that is exactly why we have so many of our kids( Mexican. Am.) dropping out of school or not pursuing higher than highschool education…because people letting them down or not believeing in themselves and because of people like them.Sebastian if you read this ignore these ignorant people especially those with a Spanish last name lol you were great mijo….those people obviously need to get a life if they think they can pick on a 10 year old in the first place.

  • Guest


  • Just Me!

    lol…your right…and let’s not for get roseann barr singing of the National Anthem at the opening of a baseball game some years ago…God Bless America!

  • Chris

    I saw you sing the National Anthem live and it brought a tear to my eye. It was terrific. Thank you.

  • Just Me!

    God Bless You Sebastien. You did a wonderful job. You have a beautiful voice, keep up the good work. Don’t let these bad remarks get to you…if anything, learn from them…to keep your chin up, to be the person that God intended you to be…Jesus Love’s You!

  • Just Me!


  • Just Me!

    . Let’s petition to have Sebastien sing the National Anthem at game 4 on Thursday! Come on Fans!! GO SEBASTIEN GO!!

  • Just Me!


  • Just Me!

    Aaaahahaha…lol… that’s a good one bob_o…too funny. Great Idea!

  • Just Me!

    Just wondering can Sebastien sue those people for slander?

  • cordobatim

    Sebastien made San Antonio proud and made Texas proud. He is a native Texan, and I hope every Texan will rise up in his defense. He has great talent, and I hope he goes far.

  • the german girl

    some of those posts are so uneducated!!!! for example WHO DAT LIL….. so called proud americans can’t even write their own language. What is more texmex than san antonio! i am not a racist person but those people need to look in the mirror and ask them selfs am i an american and what is america? america is a multi culti country mixed with all different heritages after steeling the land from the natives.

  • Laslo

    Why did this story even get any attention. There are literally hundreds of thousands, if not, more, idiots tweeting stupid comments all the time. Ignore them and move on.

  • Nyna

    I’m Vietnamese by heritage but my family has been in America for the past 4 generations… I still get people asking me where I’m from, and when I answer “Atlanta”, they say “no, no… where are you FROM from?” What the hell kind of question is that? My parents were born here, my grandparents were born here, my GREAT-grandparents were born here, for pete’s sake. Hello, what rock have you been living under? THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, where different cultures and heritages have lived together for centuries, albeit not always peacefully… I thought we were getting more mature as a country. Let’s get over ourselves, shall we? America is not YOURS, it is OURS.



  • P S Castillo

    You rocked it lil’ man. you are more than all those grow ups combined will ever be. You are blessed.

  • Dee

    I was so proud of Sebastian, Yes you keep holding your head up high. You sang great and did us proud. I hope you are brought back to sing again. Go Sebastian!!!

  • Haleigh Domitz

    What I know is that blacks and whites came from different parts of the world….Mexicans didn’t,they were here ,,,specially Mexicans from the USA southern states…they are Americans cuz they were born here and some ppl has the nerve to say “they have to go back to Mexico” question these ignorant racists should go back to Europe or Africa as well?…what I’ve noticed is that most of these racist ppl is ignorant ppl,uneducated ppl…so its when I understand their opinion…just saying

  • Sandra

    It’s funny that you have American born adults forget the words to the National Anthem but you have this outstanding child individual outshine all that have done F’ed the National Anthem up…. These ignorate people should learn how to appreciate the National Anthem sung with heart and love by this outstanding child. WELL DONE SEBASTIEN!!!! Keep it up you will go places and show these ignorate indiviuals that your nationality doesn’t present your stand in the world but what you can do and for this world….GO TEAM DE LA CRUZ POWER!!!!!

  • renee

    Wtf he is only 10 years old y’all can go to hell and to BLAKE JACKSON AND TO THE MAYOR wtf are y’all get the fuck out of here y’all Mexican ur damn self or white

    itit don’t fuckin matter he gro

  • Tina Gray

    we were here first…hence First americans=Native americans!

  • Bryan

    Dear Ms. Ramirez, why would you even write this article? You’ve just given the above 14 people their 15 minutes of fame by pointing out the obvious – yes, there are racists among us. Do you think you’re shaming them by posting their tweets? They TWEETED them. If you wrote an article every time someone said something stupid, well, I guess you’d have a very nice career. Why not write about how brilliant this kid is and how he came to his amazing gift, rather than mar something beautiful by giving a voice to people who don’t matter?

  • Cindi Lee

    looove it boo =)

  • Jack Ezel

    Sebastien, I think you are an awesome kid. I wouldn’t even care if you WERE undocumented. We all descend from immigrants, and I didn’t see the Native Americans inviting the Europeans to come on over and set up shop. Don’t let the bastages get you down.

  • DLB

    Wow. I am appalled that grown adults can be so cruel. This young man, sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, it was pure and sweet. That is the beauty of our country, we are diversified. It is what makes AMERICA so different from any where else in the world. Did they say those words when Christina Aguilera actually missed an entire verse at super bowl? Or hey how about when Whitney Houston sang the song, she must not be American either because the color of her skin is not white.. Give me a break people, get your head out of your ass. If you are going to make comments such as these, look in the mirror and if your blood line is not Native American, shut the hell up!

  • Luis Ruiz Arreola

    way to go Troy

  • Jordan Scarano

    Great performance

  • Luis Ruiz Arreola

    It shows how many low-lifes we have living in the greatest country of ours.

  • MaryPieper

    Sebastian, you were and are amazing. You sang beautifully and represented the youth of America well. You have been graceful in midst of a storm you did not create. Stand tall. Stand strong. There will always be those who desire to pull you down. The key is to not let them win. Hold onto who you are and focus on the truth.

  • cas

    Can’t believe the ignorance of some people. This young man is a proud American with American values and much more mature than the racist leaving nasty comments. One day, he may put on an American military uniform to defend the same sorry axxes that are leaving nasty comments.

  • No One Special

    Sebastian, you rocked the national anthem and you proudly represented the City of San Antonio!

  • Bob Hoey

    I hope that the entire chicano population of Texas takes this as a challenge to register and vote. #TexasAzul Viva Tejano!

  • Rezz909

    People who are clueless say ignorant things. This kid was amazing.

  • Ashley Nichole Rodriguez

    Hes an AMERICAN…how can ppl hate him becuz he respects his heritage…how bout we send the damn KKK on TIA HERMANA JORDAN and MATT CYRUS…It sux right jst cuz of ur skin or ur background ur hated…go back to africa….im not racist but giving them a taste of their own medicine

  • Texano_Confundidouuu

    you’re right Tina=when the first wave a immigrants came to the Americans there was no one here to slaughter and exterminate like when the second wave of immigrants from Europe came=the so called “Americans”…and practically exterminated the Native populations=worst than the Nazzzzzi…greetings-saludos


    How many times we have heard the “Star Mangled Banner.” Not so long ago a CANADIAN singer vomited the AMERICAN national anthem in a hockey game.

    And no racist comments there?
    Ignorant bigots. I bet if Sebastian had been wearing flip flops and an AB&F shirt with a baseball cap backwards and pants all the way to the knees showing his trousers (The current American Folk Suit) you would still have crap to say because he is brown…

  • Anonymous

    Sebastian was born and raised in San Antonio, which makes him American before anything. His father was in the Navy and served this country. Sebastian and his family symbolize much of us Texans and the United Stares for that matter as the diverse country that we are. Just because you are of Mexican descent does not mean that you were born in that country, and I believe that these critical individuals are not aware of that which is very sad. This just goes to show you that as a country we must continue to educate ourselves on the diversity of our country or at least not be so critical of others, especially a child.

  • Monica

    First of all, the only part these racists idiots got right was the fact that THIS IS AMERICA! The land of many different races, religions, culture, ethnicity, COLOR! etc…etc…The last time I checked, you can wear whatever you want to wear and if he wanted to wear his Mariachi uniform then so be it! He was born here and is being raised here. As a matter of fact, his father fought and served for this country called AMERICA. All you ignorant fools who said those cruel racist comments need to get a life and stop worrying about what someone is wearing and where they come from. That boy has more guts, heart and pride than any of you poor excuses of so called Americans. It was not just “white” (anglos) saying stupid remarks they are of different cultures because if I am not mistaking some of you where Italian, African American and shamefully Latino. Like all cowards they deleted their accounts to avoid the furry of this country called AMERICA!

  • Amanda Totsch

    Omg it is so sad to see so many people be so cruel an arrogant to an 11 year old boy who was born in San Antonio! And not In Mexico or have to cross the border as a lot of people say with such humour! For those making harsh comments you all should be ashamed of your self simply for being so disrespectful to a child! As an adult or parent you all should no better ! America is not all about white people only or blacks only its about every race ! And for the fact this little boys father served in navy defending arrogance and people go don’t understand the true meaning of being an American an appreciating there freedom is even sadder! I don’t know how anyone who thinks they have right to be cruel to a child can look at them self I the mirror an be proud of them self! The main thing this world is loosing is RESPECT for others regardless of race! I’m married to white guy an it’s shame our boys have face arrogance like this as well for being white/ Hispanic an born I’m U.People need grow up all your doing us making it okay for other countries to disrespect us because we don’t know how to respect a simple little boy singing national anthem with pride

  • jpd72

    For real not only they disgust me of saying hateful things, but attacking a 10 year-old child. That is so disturbing. Especially coming from adults who should set examples.

  • Ray Riedy

    first off my grandfather RIP was a mexican american who fought in the battle of the bulge oh for u racist white trash lames thats ww2 ok it seems its only a problem when its a chicano doing big thangs not no other nationality hey i would hate 2 were goodlooking and we take all the fine white woman well isnt that wht anglos say lmao

  • Sandra Alvarez

    ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!!! No matter color or creed. Thank you Sebastian, you did an awsome job and hopefully you get to do it again. May the Lord Bless you and your family and my you always be a true representative of San Antonio. GO SPURS GO!!!!!

  • irome

    Wow, white and black Americans showing their personal hate for Mexican Americans. Hind sight was always 20/20. I new it all along. Ha ha, Keep your head up little piaza, I was in the military for 23 years and I am steal treated like an criminal illegal. They just don’t like us.

  • Veronica Vierling

    These adults with those DISGUSTING comments against a CHILD. What is this world coming too? This child lives in San Antonio, Tx like me. He was born here and goes to school in our area. He has an amazing voice and why is it because he was dressed in his costume he performs in makes him an illegal immagrant. Those people are IGNORANT. They should have gotten there facts straight first before lashing out against this little boy.

    On another note….The little girl that sang the National Anthem in Miami in Game 2 was NOT a WHITE Child as one of those haters tweeted. You could clearly see that she was hispanic.

  • george leyva

    for your information he is american. and to ALL the dumbasses out there, you are the minorities now!!!

  • Alex

    FLY: This message is for all of you bunch of racist ignorants, Mr. De La Cruz is more American than many of you guys……..He was born and sang the American in San Antonio, not Saint Anthony. Did you Get it or do you want me to cook an egg.

  • negra


  • Tammy Mechelle Meehan

    God Bless You Sebastian There will always be ignorant people Posting dumb remarks

  • Maria Luisa Cerritos

    This country is made up of multiple nationalities, so I don’t know why people are so offended by a 10 year old Mexican-American child that sang the National Anthem better then most other people do. Sebastian you should be proud of yourself.

  • Sam

    I just moved to San Antonio, and the Mexican influence in the community is what I love most. Someone with Latin heritage SHOULD be singing the National anthem here. It represents the city far more accurately than anything else. They could even do it in spanish for all I care. There is no official language in this country, we are all immigrants.

    All the SA haters out there just need to calm down and have a breakfast taco. They’ll convert.

    -A white guy

  • Rory O’Toolle – Irish/Mexican


  • Samantha Sukey Jurado

    those white bitches are just mad cause A MEXICAN sang it better and WITHOUT any mistakes than any “American” EVER DID they need to stop fucking hating on him and just let him be and he should sing it again just to throw it in these stupid ignorant white peoples face im proud to be Mexican and I hate when stupid people make there stupid ass remarks there just ignorant and jealous they can all go to hell he did an AWESOME job!!!!!!!
    PROUD TO BE A MEXICAN<3!!!! fuck all u fucking haters.l.

  • anna

    yeah I noticed that, and thought the same ….some people r just plain stupid

  • gobackhometoyourcountry

    people keepin it real and there right this is america im in the army and even the army is filled with foreigners. this is america not mexico wear thtpat shit in mexico

  • RightAsAlways

    If this is the feelings that people have, that a Mexican kid can’t sing the National Anthem, then every BLACK person who commented get your ass back on a boat to AFRICA, and every WHITE person should go back to Europe or whatever piece of crap crap country your ancestors are from, we don’t want your genetics here anymore!

  • Charlene Simmons

    You where amazing and your outfit said San Antonio all over it. I cannot wait until tonight’s game to see you. Go Spurs GO!!!!!!

  • Disgusted!

    This creates a new low for redneck trailer trash.

  • rataezo

    When the city paper started using facebook for the comment section, the trolls with their racist comments went away. Damn trolls! Unfortunatley this happens all the time, they get computer brave.

  • rataezo

    Well said. Trolls looking to get a rise out of people. Maybe they should use facebook, I bet they would stop making those racist comments and to attack a kid, classless!

  • Brenda Kaye Lester

    Troy, I too apologize to Sebastian and his family for the hurtful and crude remarks by ignorant people. Sebastian, your performance is absolutely wonderful. You are gifted and will go far. And in all things, vaya con Dios.

  • Brenda Kaye Lester

    How do you know this?

  • Lisa

    He’s a child! What type of people attack children? He did a beautiful job. He sang the anthem with honor, poise and grace. The haters missed a wonderful moment again!

  • Brenda Kaye Lester

    You are so right, JoAnn. I cried when I read the horrible remarks. I hope Sebastian is strong and will continue his singing career.

  • Brenda Kaye Lester

    Oh yeah!

  • sfgiant

    American sports teams in MLB, MLS, and even the NBA have a great number of foreign players and i don’t see anyone complaining about their races. true example of Hypocrisy


    For those who hate this kid, you can go to hell. I’m a Mexican who is serving in the Army and proud that he sang the national anthem. He didn’t mess up like everyone would of. I don’t see any of you fighting for America, so you have no right to say who can sing the national anthem. My brothers and sister in the arm forces can you can’t you sorry people who live off the government and wonder why we hate you because you can’t get of your fat ass to help our nation. You just want to put in your two cents. By the way I am from San Antonio and proud of kid who represented my people and my great country that I have and will defend. I am a Soldier, American, Mexican, and a defender of the USA.

  • Josue MARTINEZ!!!!!

    To the worthless *#ucks who want to talk shit about this kid singing the national anthem you can shut your dam mouth your not any better than them !!!!

  • SuSanchez

    Animo, Sebastien! Debes ignorar los comentarios ignorantes de las racistas del pais. Sigue siendo tu tal como eres, y sea orgulloso de tu cultura Mexicana. Los que quejan son los que estan perdiendo unos momentos lindos, experimentando una cultura y musica nueva. Abrazos de esta gringa con mi alma latina. :)

  • Heather Cruz

    for the stupid people, our national anthem is about the land of the free…..thousands of nations came here seeking freedom which includes your anscestors and they themselves struggled for the dream of freedom which your dumbass now enjoys…allowing you to run your stupid mouth and spit on what this country stands for…..secondly…..sabastien de la cruz stared on america s got talent…… get your ignorant head out your pathetic ass and educate yourself or go back to where ever you came from cause this is the land of the free and we celebrate all cultures and if you can t do that you ain t welcomed

  • american

    you sang wonderful and hope you keep on singing that beautiful and you put real meaning to it to be so young keep up the good work don’t listen to people who don’t have anything nice to say they are just jealous

  • Miss gomez

    How racists, besides the commentator clearly said “San Antonio native” and yes is America and Mexico is part of the continent America.
    Good job Sebastien as mariachi singer myself you are great and i hope you get to be as great as Vicente Fernandez. #proudtobemexican

  • MissTraditionalist

    I am appalled by how these people would say such mean things about a cute little American boy. Shame on them! I’m glad that some of these “Americans’ ” Twitter accounts were removed. If they’re going to say those things they don’t deserve to be on Twitter or any other site where they can comment like that.

  • MissTraditionalist

    Perhaps the pictures on the twitter accounts would give them away?

  • Alondra Giron

    Half of the people that made those rude comments can’t even spell I think they should be embarrassed

  • J. Flores

    Just saw Sebastian sing the National Anthem again after being introduced by the mayor of San Antonio and his lovely wife. Great job by this young American boy. Makes me very proud to be an American of Mexican decent. Too bad that in the 21st century, there are still people in this country who don’t understand that it is our diversity that makes The USA such a great country. Especially disappointed that many of the people who tweeted racist comments were African American. Despite the color of our skin, we are all the same on the inside.

  • Kay Hall

    This is a 10 yr old young child who deserves the reapect of evry human being regardless of race. It is sad how minorities feed into this negativity when whites try too controlt his enviornment when white are not originaly from here to begin with it is so sad what THIS WORLD HAS COME TO. I guess this is what we are taching our future MINORITIES OF AMERICAMERICA…. So sad.

  • Brenda Kaye Lester

    So, they are not hiding behind a screen name the way they usually do.



  • Sandy Hickey

    Thank you, Sebastien, for a beautiful performance. As one American to another, you did a great job!

  • Monique D. Bolduc

    In the United States and Canada, both our countries are made up of various cultures. Shame on those ignorant and uneducated people who boo a child for singing so beautifully.

  • Allyson

    I saw Sebastian for the first time tonight and he was amazing! I will say though, the mariachi outfit really threw me. There is not a racist bone in my body, it was just a gut response to seeing a costume that is associated with another nation. All racist tweets were absolutely wrong, but perhaps the outfit, for many Americans, is a symbol of Mexican nationalism. I think that if Sebastian had been dressed differently, he likely would not have incurred the wrath of many (white and black) fellow countrymen.



  • gully_sound

    its also funny/sad that many dont realize that its not like there were no mexicans in america until recently…like parts of the US used to be mexico. also many “hispanic” ppl consider themselves white (tho there is some mestizo self-denialism or whatever u wanna call it). but i digress…sometimes i wonder if this type of journalism helps or hurts things. i have no qualms really about internet-shaming twitter racists but i also dont like it when ppl get attention for it, cuz you know at least some of them relish that. but whatever not tryna diss this article or anything just spewing my worthless thoughts/postin on internet

  • Melissa Martinez

    I LOVE that Sebastien wore his mariachi outfit to sing OUR national anthem. I say be proud to be Mexican American.


    I am a MEXICAN-AMERICAN, and this negative feed back that Sebastian, getting is very very idiotic. All this White (skin) Racist that are commenting possibly have not search on their family tree, because possibly their ancestors, came on the MAY FLOWER. If any Sabastian shows more maturity. as history states : Texas was lost during the Texas Revolution (1835-1836). Territory
    of Texas at the time included present-day Texas, as well as those parts
    of Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming. During the Mexican-American War (1846-1848) Mexico lost
    all the remaining territories, including present-day California, Nevada,
    Utah and the rest of Colorado as well as most of northern New Mexico
    and Arizona. Also at the end of the war Mexico was forced to cease any
    attempt on reclaiming Texas. This is also known as the Mexican Cession (1848). Finally, during the Gadsden Purchase (1853), Mexico sold parts of
    southern Arizona and New Mexico to the United States. This was the only
    peaceful purchase of land made from Mexico. So learn your history first. Because there is nothing wrong with representing you Ethnicity, AN BEING PROUD OF BEING MEXICAN – AMERICAN. Sebastian you have the power to show that you see no color, creed or religion. And your parent taught you right. Judge a person by what they are inside. Dios Te Bendiga, Hijo. And, you have the support of the right kind of people. the positive kind. Leave all the the negative people, out of your life.
    If you really want to be happy, then don’t be afraid to be yourself. Stop thinking about what others will think about. Do what your heart thinks is right.
    Love for Sebastian <3

  • Chuckle

    This just plain stupid this country wasn’t just founded by one race. What happen to the land of the free and the brave. And they say we’re illegals correct word is immigrants hint hint pilgrims.

  • Dumb Ass

    Nothing worse than an ignorant redneck or a dumb-ass niger. One has no idea how he got here and the other speaks English because of his massa instead of speaking swahili or some other African language.

  • PTZ

    of course that first wave slaughtered all the other large mammals on the continent

  • mbj

    phenomenal talent. For those who do not know what “mariachi” is… put down the remote and learn about your fellow Americans. 100 years ago Irish immigrants could not “apply for jobs”, Italian immigrants were accused of cultish behavior (midnight mass on xmas eve). The tweets I read above were seriously appalling… Well, the national anthem doesn’t belong to “you”, it belongs to “we” … as in “the people”. Digital media has impacted our nation in that it has revealed just how far we have NOT come.

  • MightyCash Gerente

    Law enforcement should trace all these IP addresses behind these cyber bully’s racist comments and arrest them all. In fact, I feel that this is what’s coming next.

  • Al

    My bien Sebastian not very many Americans get to sing the American Anthem at the Spurs game.

  • Troy Lewis

    De nada :)

  • jimmy medrano

    Fuck all you white piece of fucking trash hill Billy looking mother fuckers y’all just mad cause we rule the fucking world trying to pick on my little homie right here that’s actually getting a chance in life. Y’all are lucky I don’t know any of y’all saying racist comments about us Mexicans. Y’all fucking Nigger runnin your mouth like if y’all belong hear fucking monkeys now y’all know why life’s so hard grow in up bein mexican cuz trailer trash white people and niggers that think there bad duck what people think lil bro live your dream don’t let these white people bring u down BROWN PRIDE WORLD WIDE

  • millie g

    That’s it….Sebastien Superbowl 2014!

  • Linda

    Stop saying America…we are all from the American continent ….many ppl have sang the anthem and even managed to mess it up. All the comments are more funny than anything…plain ignorance.

  • linda

    I’m actually glad they are making him famous. He is a very educated kid. I saw him on America’s got talent.

  • jimmy medrano

    Fuck all you white piece of fucking trash hill Billy looking mother fuckers y’all just mad cause we rule the fucking world trying to pick on my little homie right here that’s actually getting a chance in life. Y’all are lucky I don’t know any of y’all saying racist comments about us Mexicans. Y’all fucking Nigger runnin your mouth like if y’all belong hear fucking monkeys now y’all know why life’s so hard grow in up bein mexican cuz trailer trash white people and niggers that think there bad duck what people think lil bro live your dream don’t let these white people bring u down BROWN PRIDE WORLD WIDE

  • LoriieC

    Btw most of the white people being racist, didn’t know the facts when they started talking smack. I am Mexican American too,& I have not seen Mexican Americans or pure Mexicans ask for money on the street.they are mainly white people. I have respect for people of different races and colors, but don’t come at us saying that we need to gtfo of here Kus if we do, America will rot without us.I know Mexicans who look white, blacks that look Mexican,and vice’s not where you’re from, or what you look like,it’s what you do& how yhu do it. My respects to those white folks that appreciate what this boy did.they know the facts. And a big fyi to you racist people, open your eyes and look around. I live in a place where Mexicans outnumber whites and blacks in the work area. Everywhere I go, it looks & seems to be that way as well.

  • LoriieC

    That’s what I said!! :D ..what a shame for them to forget where they’re from right

  • guest

    You go Desiree. My respects to you. You sure do know your facts not like most of these bigots.

  • Tony Michaels

    Judge others on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

  • jx

    I’m proud of Sebastian, he is truly blessed and God gave him a beautiful talent, he is blessed to be born in a free country, representing our Hispanic Traditions, such a young men singing Mariachi. I’m so proud!! our younger generation today are not very rotted to their culture and do not know who they are any more. Sebastian at his young age he know who he is “AMERICAN” and he is preserving our Hispanic TRADITIONS>> what kids does that at his age?? What about the African American singing country?? or the Anglos who sing Rap or try to sing Spanish?? Society is willing to accept that and not a 10 year old singing the national anthem? All power to this young men, who was able to sing, pronounced and interpret a beautiful song in tribute to all those who served and really died for this country.

  • jx

    Yes well said, i think they need to go to college a take American History again.

  • mr lahey

    his performance was terrible tell that mother fucker to stop disgracing the national anthem and get back to cutting my grass its not going to cut itself

  • Jamy Blake

    I am surprised tia ermana jordan still has a facebook page:

  • Thomas

    Why are you trying to confusing the folks who posted the racist comments. Your question if way above their level of intelligence.

    I also bet that most of them don’t realize that Texas was seized by the US from Mexico (even the “independence Republic of Texas” was a creation of immigrants from the US).

  • An American

    I was born in Germany because my Father Fought for MY Country. This Boy was BORN here. So cut your Ignorant Shit and start acting like Human Beings! This country is Screwed because people like YOU want WAR! Awesome singing Kiddo!!

  • Wilchbla

    Freedom of speech whether you like it or not.

  • Wilchbla

    I’m totally against amnesty for illegals but I don’t see the problem here. He did a great job with the National Anthem.

  • steve


  • MightyCash Gerente

    Freedom of speech in risking emotionally damaging an innocent boy? Freedom of speech in risking causing this boy to potentially commit suicide in the future because he couldn’t tolerate all the cyber bullies done in the name of “freedom of speech”. THAT’S NOT freedom of speech, that’s embarrassments, that’s plain and simple bully – cyber bully. What kind of hearts do these cyber bullies have? Freedom of Speech is NOT freedom to cyber bully pre-teens [like this kid] (or anyone for the matter)

  • Alec

    I absolutely enjoyed Sabstien performance! He was such an adorable little kid and very amazing. Don’t listen to those ignorant people. They are just to stupid to understand us and those who do different! Keep going dude and don’t be afraid :)

  • abc123

    If they got a japanese kid, no one would complain. -,-

  • leo71

    Right,David.Until we stop looking at things through a racial/ethnic prism,we cannot deal with the issues facing America–such as immigration– in an honest,sensible way…be it Mexican,African,Anglo or whatever.This factionalism is going to be the end of us.

  • Christopher Bare

    Lest we forget Texas was once part of Mexico. We waged war against them to take it.

  • silverthefox

    Just write it off to a bunch of redneck racists who probably never even graduated from kindergarten. The majority of Americans are not that ignorant when it relates to everyone coming from the same bloodline back to day one!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for posting that. I couldn’t have typed what you typed better myself, my fellow hater of trolls. It’s so pathetic that there are people who have nothing better to do than dump on people who are innocent. What’s just as bad as is that there are people who support those antagonists.

    May all those jerks die painfully.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad that you’re against those nutcases as I am. Keep up the good work on being against them.

  • Anonymous

    If you want trolls to stop antagonizing, then don’t give them any ideas. Besides, trolling’s for losers with no life.

  • Bryan Graf

    Bet half these people complaining don’t even know the full national anthem

  • Maria

    Tthank you desiree i sometimes find myself hating white people but then when a white person stand up and says thats wrong then i realized is not all white people

  • Maria

    Lollol thank you sadly white people like you that stand up against racism are the minority

  • Ryan Pfeil

    Allof yall are stupid and racist it doent matter what color you we have freedom for a reason

  • G

    Hi Sebastien, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Forget about the negative comments. Forward ever- backward never.

  • Pancho Villa

    This is proof that it’s ok and accepted to be racist and hateful towards Mexicans in this country. It is promoted by the media who are controlled by a few people that see Hispanics as a great threat to this country because we will soon be the majority. All this ignorant hate directed at a 10 year old boy who speaks “extremely” proper English, he is well mannered, and charming. None of these Rednecks even know a kid this smart and proper. Funny thing is we can walk back to our native land. These Rednecks would have to swim across an entire ocean. Dont forget the American Indian is a distant cousin of ours. Karma Bitches !!

  • Pancho Villa

    “I thought this was America?” That comment was so stupid its funny. Our ancestors are all from America, unlike yourself, you idiot. Mexico is in America moron. If you dont like it go back to Europe.

  • Alfredo Briseño

    It’s racists like these who are just plain ignorant. Yeah Sebastien is clearly an American and has free right of speech as an American to sing the national anthem! Plus, Caucasian people are immigrants towards this country too. Mexican were pretty much the first people to come and explore the Americas, Heck some even mated with the Indians I do believe. Anyways, flame on Sebastien flame on!