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Snowverblown 2014: How San Antonio Weathered The Winter Storm

January 24, 2014

accuweather-mapWelcome to Snowverblown 2014, where San Antonio freaks out because water falls from the sky in a different state of matter than we’re typically used to.

Much of the Lone Star State was brought to a standstill by a frigid arctic front that brought a multiplicity of winter precipitation. Areas to the north were dusted with bona fide snow. San Antonio, on the other hand, got a smattering of sleet and frozen precipitation and an icy coating on our streets and vehicles.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, so naturally there was colossal panic over an overnight blast of winter weather. Basically, most of San Antonio abandoned all hope and called it a day before the day even began, despite the fact that most of the ice will melt by mid-to-late morning.

So how did San Antonio weather the winter storm? By collectively rushing to various social media outlets to express wonder and frustration and every emotion in between (or to post pictures of their ice covered cars). Here’s how the night unfolded.

The Hashtags

Some took on the noble task of uniting the city under a clever hashtag, so that we would feel less alone in this frozen wasteland. TPR reporter Joey Palacios (@Joeycules) suggested #raspageddon because get it? San Antonio has a lot of Mexicans, and Mexicans eat raspas, and raspas are made of ice, and the city was covered in ice? It’s clever wordplay as a coping mechanism.

There was also #aydiosfrio, which, while hilarious, didn’t have the influence of the local media behind it. Also floating around was #snowmageddon, but it lacked local color and, let’s be honest, creativity.

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