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Topless Rally Planned For Sunday

August 20, 2014

Image courtesy of GoTopless.

This Sunday, the girls are coming out. August 24 marks the 7th annual GoTopless Day, and 60 cities around the world will bear witness to a wave of demonstrations in the name of female equality as women march in protest for the right to air out their areolas.

For those who are unaware, women have a pair of things on their upper torsos called breasts. They are often used as tools for seduction or as nourishment for infants, but most of the time they are just there. Breasts come in a variety of sizes, are often unwieldy, and society dictates that, while in public, they remain caged in these uncomfortable contraptions called bras, also known as the shackles of the patriarchy.

But the women’s rights organization GoTopless believes that if men can peel off their shirts in public without inciting puritanical shock, women should be able to walk around with their breasts unencumbered by the confines of clothing. The group is staging topless protests worldwide to raise awareness about the issue. This year marks the first time a GoTopless demonstration will be held in San Antonio.

Local organizers are planning a march downtown at the corner of St. Mary’s and Navarro Streets this Sunday at 1 p.m. Women are encouraged to come out and celebrate their bodies and femininity in solidarity for what GoTopless claims is the constitutional right to bear breasts.

“Equal topless rights for women is a constitutional right,” said a New York GoTopless organizer in a press release. “The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution specifies equal rights for everyone. That includes the right to expose body parts common to both genders, including the chest and nipples.”

Here in Texas, the topless movement is exposing what they claim is a constitutional hypocrisy by setting their sites on the Second Amendment. An image promoting upcoming rallies in Austin and San Antonio on Facebook points out the disparity that the right to bear arms is necessary to protect families but that breasts are seen as a threat to children. Last month in Austin, two bare-chested women staged a counter-protest during a demonstration by the open carry advocacy group Come and Take It Texas. To say that it didn’t go over well is putting it mildly.

GoTopless rallies have been held in Austin for the past five years and have attracted anywhere between fifty to seventy demonstrators, according to a local organizer. It remains to be seen how many will show up to support topless equal rights here in San Antonio and whether they will be confronted by law enforcement.

The organization’s website claims women are allowed to publicly expose their breasts in the State of Texas. Indeed, the Texas Penal Code does not expressly prohibit breasts in its public nudity and indecent exposure laws, but women who walk around as God intended could be arrested for public lewdness, indecent exposure or disorderly conduct if the public considers the very sight of breasts offensive. And while GoTopless considers Austin a “topless tested” city, a little thing called the San Antonio Municipal Code is an obstacle toward giving this city that honored distinction. The public nudity portion of the code expressly forbids exposure of “any portion of the female breast that is situated below a point immediately above the top of the areola.”

These types of laws are what GoTopless aims to strike from the books, but until they’re repealed, potential protesters may find themselves in legal trouble.

  • quietlycool

    “Bear” breasts … Seriously? They are just so hairy.

  • Sarah

    You have it all wrong. The women’s body is so beautiful that God intends for us to learn to respect it as sacred and to be kept a mystery from the world apart from our significant other. Women, love your body, embrace it and most of all respect the gift that your entire body is. People observing this demonstration are undoubtedly there to objectify you. They could care less who you are and what you stand for, they just want to drool over your beasts. Let’s fight an actual battle like equal pay for women.

  • Nancy Taylor

    So, women are improving upon showing their breasts to get attention by… showing their breasts to get attention? This is so discouraging. Women, please get a clue… For those of us who actually want equality and actually want things to change, we have to demand to be seen beyond our breasts. The objectification of women’s bodies starts with WOMEN. This is a joke.

  • Philip Thomas

    I am not sure that going topless will make them more equal. I am not saying this in a disapproving manner, as I am gay, and could care less. Just saying, I don’t get the correlation.

  • Philip Thomas

    This is sacrilegious on its face. God created us in his image saying that covering Gods work and what he created is like saying that he somehow made a mistake. Is that how you see God, fallible, faulty, flawed, errant, cumbersome? If so then your thoughts above are spot on, however if you think that God is infallible, perfect, non-flawed and inerrant then you have to say that the way we enter the world, naked, cold and afraid is the way he intended us to be. IN HIS OWN IMAGE. Nakedness is not a sin, nakedness in front of others is not a sin. God makes a clear statement that the nakedness that Adam and Eve felt was due to vulnerability, like a child caught with his hands in the cookie jar, the nakedness, was not wrong until they THOUGHT it was wrong, God sees us naked and afraid and never sees more than that. Let go of the burden of sin, is that not what you are told?

  • cmblake6

    I agree. If we men can, why can’t women? What are we, muslims? Were this more common, it would cease to be a distraction.

  • Jason D

    It’s not feminism to want to be able to go topless in public. It’s stupidity for wanting to have men no longer feeling aroused when they see naked breasts. What are we expecting to happen here? Should men no longer feel sexually attracted to women? Is this really for the betterment of humanity? Will the world be a better place if men have to use medication or watch porn to get sexually aroused?

    Breasts are erotic and erogenous. Is it worth damaging that for some false sense of equality?

    Has anyone really thought this through?

  • Jaclyn Gamboa

    This article does not highlight the point of the movement. Women’s profiles in social media are being shut down because of pictures of themselves in sheer tops where a nipple can be seen under fabric or for pictures of themselves breast feeding their child. One of the major points of the movement is women (and men) can expose their breasts in public with no consequence (in some states), but are not free to post semi or non-nude, non-sexual pictures on personal profiles. This is an exaggerated way to bring to light the normalcy of a woman’s body that should not be shamed or deemed inappropriate. While I won’t be going topless in the streets and I don’t agree that this is the best approach to awareness, I get the point. Unfortunately, the point of THIS article is “there will be naked women downtown at 1pm if you wanna see.”

  • ninsianna

    I think that’s actually a huge part of their point. When a woman’s nipples are no different than a man’s we’ll be that much closer to being seen as equals.

  • Vicky

    I agree.. This is ludicrous… I would prefer not to have my 8 year old son see breasts every time we go out in public… I would not want my teenage daughters to feel uncomfortable while walking downtown bc they are surrounded by bare breasts.
    Also.. No need to raise crime… There will begin to be plenty situations where men will become aggressive with these women barring their breasts and take it to an extreme.. Causing there to be rape victims.. San Antonio does not need that in this city… To all the LEADERS of the city of San Antonio.. Let us to continue to be known for home of the NBA Champions…. Not the city with the highest sexual assault cases… Due to barring breast !!

  • Melissa

    It’s enough that we have to look at men going topless with fat bellys and moobs, what will make it worse is going to the store and having to barf seeing a woman’s disgusting breasts flopping around. How classy.

  • Reginald GodsChild Stevenson
  • Reginald GodsChild Stevenson

    and at lot closer to gender-neutrality which is not a good thing at all.

  • Reginald GodsChild Stevenson

    God cared enough to make Adam and Eve clothing to wear so does your theory make him cumbersome because he clothed them?